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    29 Effective Problem-Solving Products With Gasp-Worthy Review Photos

    Got a problem? Solve it with shocking efficiency.

    1. A shoe-shining kit to make your boots sparkle as bright as the day they caught your eye in the store.

    2. A pet brush with thin, long teeth capable of getting to the undercoat. A good brushing means a silkier coat — and best of all, less shedding.

    before: dog looking shaggy after: dog looking well brushed

    3. Liquid plant food that's pretty much a multi-vitamin for your houseplant. If your green little buddy isn't growing as much as you'd like, consider a couple of drops of this elixir!

    4. A Jacuzzi jet cleaner to help deal with all the grime you can't even see hiding inside the pipes.

    dirty green foam in tub

    5. A giant leaf bag designed to hook onto a tractor or ride-own lawnmower so you can easily remove leaves without just blowing them on your neighbor's lawn.

    ride on lawnmower with large bag full of leaves behind it

    6. A rust-removing gel spray – you may be tempted to say "abracadabra" as you use it. It's that magical!

    left: super orange shower middle: streaks of white from where it was sprayed right: completely white shower

    7. An itty-bitty toenail brace set capable of fixing your painful ingrown toenail problem.

    left: bent, u-shaped nail in september right: normal looking nail by november

    8. Bar Keepers Friend's all-purpose cleaner and polish to zap away every speck of rust, grime, and general grossness.

    9. A privacy window film that's easy to install and fills your home with lots of rainbows when the sun hits it just right. Now you can sing "somewheeeere over the rainbow" as you step over your dog.

    10. A nontoxic disposable hanging fly trap you can hang anywhere in your garden that is plagued by buzzing pests. Simply throw away when full!

    Reviewer photo of the bag, which is filled with flies

    11. Two pairs of baby feet masks for getting the peeling snake feet of your dreams. JK! After the peeling stops, you get nice, soft tootsies.

    before: feet in bags during: peeling feet after: nice and smooth feet

    12. A John Frieda hot air brush better at giving you a glam blow out than your usual salon.

    reviewer with half curly hair and half straight hair

    13. A jar of O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream to give you the baby soft hands you haven't seen since you were, well, a baby.

    14. A toilet scrubbing wand (the magic kind, maybe?) that'll turn your yuckiest toilet into something usable again.

    left: brown caked dirty toilet right: clean toilet with no brown left

    15. A set of drill brushes so effective, you'll be shocked how clean your home used to be.

    a glass shower door half foggy and half clean with a drill and brush attachment in front of it

    16. A collagen coating hair protein treatment that takes your dry, tired hair and turns it into the silky soft locks you've always wanted.

    before: my hair looking dry and hay-like after two uses: my hair looking much silkier

    17. A hanger organizer to solve your horrible hanger-nest problem you've been suffering through in silence all these years.

    18. An ink and stain remover ready to pick a fight with even the toughest of marks. Permanent marker? We'll see about that.

    before: blanket that says evan in permanent marker after: marker is completely gone

    19. A wood polish that can miraculously erase water stains and scratches. Everyone will be asking where you got your brand-new coffee table.

    20. A suction tool to help relieve the itchy agony of bug bites by sucking out insect venom, saliva, and other irritants under your skin. Finally, you can go outside after dark again!

    left: a raised mosquito bite middle: the plunger like device right: flat bite with a light ring around it from the suction

    21. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets that'll do all the hard work cleaning your gross bottles. No scrubbing needed!

    before: dark brown bottle during: foaming liquid in bottle after: clean bottle

    22. Medicated, waterproof bandages that will make your wart erupt from the depths of your skin like a gross butterfly.

    four images of a reviewer's wart breaking through the skin and erupting outward

    23. A wildly popular hair serum packed with vitamin E, aloe vera, and argan oil to ensure your mane stays silky soft and frizz-free, no matter how humid it gets (Florida bbs, this one is for you).

    Reviewer's hair looking frizzy, and then smooth and shinier after using the serum

    24. A blessedly effective carpet cleaner capable of turning your brown carpet into whatever color it was when you bought it.

    vacuum cleans a light stripe into dark, dirty tan carpet

    25. A jewelry cleaning pen to bring that brilliant shine back to your cloudy gems.

    left: foggy ring right: clear sparkly ring

    26. A hair finishing stick that works like a plant oil-covered mascara wand to flatten those annoying flyaway hairs on the back of your neck or around your hairline.

    27. A set of OXO's amazing pop containers so you can keep your dry food and ingredients fresh and pest-free longer.

    28. A leather cleaner to bring your furniture, car seats, bags, shoes, and more back to useable condition.

    couch that is faded and cracked on one side and looking new and fresh on the other where the product was used

    29. A tote organizer that has two vital functions: 1. brings order to your chaotic bag that weirdly has no pockets and 2. lets you transport all your stuff with one fluid motion.

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