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    52 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts Of 2018

    Become the favorite child with one of these awesome presents.

    1. A sturdy duffel bag perfect for gym, work trips, or weekend getaways.

    2. A BottleKeeper — a stainless steel container that keeps your pop's beer bottle ice cold and protected from falls.

    3. A scratch-off poster to encourage your dad to try new things. Each poster has 100 essential things that can be scratched off when completed.

    4. A bottle of spicy honey your dad can seriously put on everything. You better bee-lieve it!

    5. A Hand of the King pin lapel or Lannister lion cufflinks because competing with your siblings can feel like its own version of Game of Thrones.

    6. A solitary bee condo to bring bees to the backyard. Your dad's garden will be abuzz after installing this sustainable sourced home.

    7. A swanky double zip briefcase that will almost make your dad excited to go to work.

    8. Bombfell — an online styling service that'll turn your dad into a dapper dad. Because let's face it: That ancient "Life is Good" tee from Cape Cod has got to go.

    9. A pair of glasses with digital screen protection to filter out blue light from phones, TVs, and tablets. Your dad will really appreciate these when he's working long hours at the office.

    10. An underwear subscription service that makes a basic gift way more exciting — he'll want to pounce on these!

    11. An entire drawer of clothing — Create-a-Drawer (at Basic Outfitters) lets you customize a whole drawer with socks, underwear, shirts, and a pair of sweatpants.

    12. A golden pothos plant in a snazzy geometric planter for your dad's room or work space.

    13. A swanky electric toothbrush to give your dad an award-winning smile, even before he uses it.

    14. A whiskey and rum making kit that your dad will think is rumbelievably neat.

    15. An essential Kiehl's grooming kit featuring plenty of items from the beloved "Facial Fuel" series.

    16. A subscription box filled with all sorts of gardening goodies perfect for green-thumbed dads (or even just regular thumbed dads looking to get into growing).

    17. A rocks glass featuring the map of his favorite city.

    18. A marvel-ous tee that will make everyone ~green~ with envy.

    19. A subscription to Candy Club — a sweet tooth's dream and a dentist's nightmare.

    20. A set of Lego minifig baseball players so your dad can stop screaming at the television and start making his own calls.

    21. A Mighty Mug Ice with a special grippy bottom so your clumsy dad can stop knocking over his coffee all the time.

    22. A carry-on cocktail kit for jet setting dads who demand better than an airplane bottle of vodka and tomato juice.

    23. A multi-use skillet with room to cook a bunch of food at once, so you don't even have to wake up that early to surprise your dad with breakfast.

    24. A pair of ice pop socks for your pop who might melt when he sees them.

    25. A ~snappy~ set of retro gold coasters you can fill with your own photos, even if you don't have a Polaroid camera.

    26. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription, so your father can feel well traveled while enjoying coffee from all over the world.

    27. A smart photo frame you can load up with pictures of yourself to remind him who his favorite child is.

    28. A basket of gourmet snacks including truffle cookies, cheese straws, cashew roca, brie, mustard, and more. Your dad will have to thank you in between bites.

    29. A tasty crate filled with exotic jerkies and meat sticks for the dad who watches Animal Planet and says "I'm hungry."

    30. A box of Harry & David's legendary chocolate covered fruit for your very sweet dad.

    31. A bottle opener made from genuine baseball bats used in major league games to make up for all the baseballs he didn't catch at a game.

    32. A record frame so your dad can show off all his favorite Springsteen albums.

    33. A pair of matching tees proving that the pepperoni doesn't fall far from the pizza.

    34. A customizable book that asks you about all the things you love about your dad — this is so much more thoughtful than just filling out a card!

    35. A card game like Exploding Kittens or Obama Llama so the whole family will have something to do after dinner.

    36. A French press with a bamboo handle for the dad who won't even acknowledge you until 12 pm.

    37. And a mug to pour his coffee in, complete with a proper dad joke.

    38. A gift set with a bottle of wine and plenty of caramel popcorn to make movie night even sweeter.

    39. A whisky wedge mold that will turn his double old fashioned glass into a work of art.

    40. A mini violin so your dad can actually play the world's tiniest violin the next time he's mocking you.

    41. A beach mat far superior to any beach towel — it keeps the surface sand-free and dirt-free.

    42. A smart light starter kit that connects to smart phones and tablets for the dad who is not made of money — so turn the damn lights off!

    43. A shaving brush that hooks onto most cans of shaving cream so your pop can apply an even coat in a single motion. That means more time for playing catch, grilling, gardening, or other dad activities.

    44. A baking set with Emoji cookie cutters your dad is gonna 😍 over.

    45. An oversized game of "4-in-a-Row" so you can take down your old man in a big way.

    46. A pair of super lightweight sneakers from Toms for your stylish on-the-go dad.

    47. A girolle so your foodie father can turn his legendary cheese plates into the best type of bouquet — an edible one!

    48. A "Guy Set" filled with lots of goodies your pop will love.

    49. A beard charm or two for the dad who doesn't take his facial hair too seriously.

    50. A swanky, Great Gatsby-esque box of candies inspired by all of dad's favorite vices.

    51. A compact key holder to turn his bundle of keys into a sleek, manageable gadget similar to a Swiss army knife.

    52. And a pair of wireless headphones so he can drown out the kids this holiday and get some dad time.

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