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16 Gründe, warum die Iren Fußball Scheiße finden

Fußball? Europameisterschaft? In Irland juckt das eigentlich kein Schwein.

This Is Not A Black & White Photo

It's RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Detox in some serious monochromatic makeup.

9 Reasons Why Everything Is Terrible

Get your comfort food ready.

The True Story Of How I Wrote Someone Else's Master's Thesis

A Libyan student studying in London hired me to write his master's thesis, and then he unexpectedly fled the country. Now I'm working on a Ph.D. for a wealthy Middle Eastern student who barely speaks English.

This Baseball GIF Will Obliterate Your Brain

Breaking down the true wizardry of pitchers.

Uplifting Story Of Woman Who Survived Brutal Attack To Recieve Face Transplant

Thirty surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses worked for more than 15 hours to complete the operation.

Why "The Vampire Diaries" Needs To Ditch Bonnie

Elena's witchy best friend has long overstayed her welcome. Isn't it time we sent her packing?

The World's Smallest Movie, Made With Individual Atoms

A Boy And His Atom is the work of IBM, and it is extraordinary.

32 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Whatever you do, don't look down.

New Hampshire Man Loses His Life Savings At Local Carnival Trying To Win An Xbox Kinect

He did, however, win a stuffed banana wearing dreadlocks.

What It's REALLY Like To Be A Hollywood Assistant

Confessions from actual Hollywood assistants. Including one about how to schedule your boss's vasectomy.

24 Small, Meaningful Acts Of Kindness

It's not always the grandest gestures that make the biggest impact.

The Most Expensive Places To Buy Everything

Ever paid 10 dollars for coffee or 9 dollars a gallon for gas? These are the places where that crumpled wad of bills in your pocket won't buy you squat.

Boston Marathon Tragedy Met With Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness

These Bostonians will restore your faith in humanity.

28 Toys From Your Childhood That Are Now Worth Bank

Are you sitting on a goldmine? The toys you used to play with may be worth something.

Sugar Bush The Squirrel Is The Most Pampered Pet In Florida

Maybe even the world. And now Sugar Bush — along with her owners — are being profiled on the next episode of TLC's My Crazy Obsession.

1993 Vs. 2013

Side by side photos will remind you just how awesome our technology has gotten in only 20 years.

10 Nature Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

Warning: these stunning earth pics will make you want to buy a plane ticket there ASAP.

30 Incredible Once In A Lifetime Shots

Think about all the incredible things you miss each day.

This Guy Is Obsessed With Becoming A Mermaid

And he's the latest subject of TLC's My Crazy Obsession, of course!

20 Plants That Are Totally Confused

These plants can't tell right from wrong anymore! I blame society. Or too many nitrates in the fertilizer. Whatever.

The 28 Most Ironic Things That Have Ever Happened

Black flies in your Chardonnay, rain on your wedding day, a traffic jam when you're already late, and 28 other things that define irony.

21 TV Characters That Could Have Been Completely Different

Some of your favorite TV characters could have been played by completely different actors. Prepare to have your mind blown.

This Real-Life Professional Mermaid Will Blow Your Mind

She wants to be where the people are!

Kevin Ware, National Inspiration/Toughest Man Alive, Is Already Standing On His Broken Leg

A justified wave of support as the brutally-injured Louisville guard begins his recovery.

Amanda Bynes' Heart-Breaking Twitter Rule

Nikki Blonsky learned the hard way.

The 32 Most Absurd Pieces Of Clothing For Two

These aren’t your standard his/hers items. No, these clothes take it to the next level. A very creepy, strange level.

Your Guide To Every April Fools' Day Prank On The Internet

It's the first of April and NOTHING is safe. Here's a guide to help you figure what is real and what is pure hogwash. Together, we can get through this.

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