20 Plants That Are Totally Confused

These plants can’t tell right from wrong anymore! I blame society. Or too many nitrates in the fertilizer. Whatever.

1. This sunflower that has sunflowers instead of petals.

Yo dawg, I heard you like sunflowers so we put some sunflowers in your sunflowers so you can sunflower while you sunflower.

2. This daisy that looks like it’s squinting.

Oh no, it hasn’t had anything to drink. It just left its glasses at home today.

3. This rose that has leaves growing from its center.

Maybe it forgot to shave this morning?

4. This out of control black-eyed Susan.

Drunk. It’s totally drunk.

5. This daisy growing out of a daisy.

This takes effort, I’m sure.

6. This strawberry that thinks that leaves are better than seeds.

It’s punk rock, you know?

7. This humongous monster daisy.

More is better?

8. This sunflower that is obviously barfing out a new sunflower.

Hang on, I’ll get a mop.

9. Yo tulip, is that a petal or a leaf?

It’s both, apparently. Deal with it.

10. This extremely fancy daisy.

Petals? Who wants petals when you can have tiny flowers instead?

11. This rose that’s budding for a second time.

This is how I might define overkill, I think.

12. This black-eyed Susan with a petal hat.

Petal hats aren’t freaky at all.

13. This strawberry that can’t decide if it’s fruit or a runner.

Might as well be both.

14. This black-eyed Susan that needs to go on a diet.

What have you been eating!?

15. This daisy that doesn’t know when to stop.

Luckily, there’s always a designated driver on hand.

16. These black-eyed Susans went green in an attempt to be eco-friendly.

But I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.

17. This daisy that’s having a bad petal day.

A quick haircut should solve this problem.

18. This coneflower had a broken childhood.

How else would you explain such deviant behavior?

19. This black-eyed Susan with a mohawk.

Two mohawks, actually.

20. This happy-go-lucky daisy.

It actually said “cheese” when this photo was taken.

Want to know more about these mutations?

Read more about phyllody, an plant abnormality that causes leafy growth to spurt from the flower. The related condition that causes petals to grow from the flower organs is called petalody. Are you wondering about the monster flowers and the endless ribbons of fused daisies? That’s called fasciation, an abnormality where the growing tip of the plant produces cylindrical or perpendicular growth. Flowers growing out of flowers? That’s proliferation. All of these conditions can be triggered by fungal, bacterial, or environmental factors.

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