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Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes

What The FBI’s New Report Actually Says About The Rise In US Hate Crimes

The FBI's annual report on hate crimes shows that anti-Muslim attacks jumped 19%, the biggest rise in the religion category, but analysts say this can't necessarily be tied to Trump's anti-Islam rhetoric.

Why A 15-Year-Old Boy Is Fighting To Be Seen As A Hate Crime Victim

Indiana is one of five states without hate crime laws. A brutal attack and the frightening aftermath shows how the absence of this legislation leaves victims feeling abandoned.

Philadelphia Might Start Cracking Down On Cops With Racist Tattoos

The Philadelphia bill, introduced weeks after BuzzFeed News reported on a local police controversy, would prevent public employees from displaying racist symbols on the job.

“Imagine Being Surrounded By People Who Hate You And Want To See You Dead”

College campuses haven’t been immune to a surge of hate speech and violence over the past year. BuzzFeed News found 154 incidents at more than 120 campuses nationwide.

A Cop With A Tattoo He Swears Isn’t A “Nazi Tattoo” Says A Lot About Police Free Speech

What beliefs disqualify someone from working as a cop? A Philadelphia officer with a tattoo strikingly similar to a Nazi symbol shows how free speech is being put to the test in police departments.

The Hate In Charlottesville Isn’t Surprising To Immigrants Who’ve Lived It Since 9/11

When Balbir Singh Sodhi was killed in a hate crime days after 9/11, his family didn’t lose faith in the United States. They didn’t expect the violence to only get worse.

Charlottesville Cops Showed Restraint At First, And People Are Wondering Why

An eruption of racist violence in Charlottesville has people wondering how things got so out of control.

16 Students Tell Us About Experiencing Racist, Trump-Inspired Bullying

The first time these 16 students experienced racism? When they were bullied by classmates inspired by Donald Trump's words. “Everybody in the school was super nice — until President Trump won.”

We Found 81 Incidents Of Trump-Inspired Bullying That Happened Last School Year

BuzzFeed News has verified 27 more incidents of white students using Trump’s words and slogans to bully classmates, bringing the total to 81. Will the bullying resume when kids go back to school?

A Man Who Died After A Fight Might Have Been Targeted Because Of His Sexual Orientation

Police are investigating whether a 35-year-old man who died after a fight this week was targeted in a possible hate crime because of his sexual orientation.

Someone Left A Burned And Bacon-Filled Qur'an At A Mosque During Ramadan

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department's hate crime detectives are investigating.

Here's What Happens When Someone Burns Down Your Mosque

Hours after Trump’s travel ban took effect, someone burned down a small-town Texas mosque. Since then, the mosque has drawn $1 million in donations and countless rosy headlines — so why are its members still terrified?

Kids Are Quoting Trump To Bully Their Classmates And Teachers Don’t Know What To Do About It

BuzzFeed News reviewed more than 50 reports of school bullying since the election and found that kids nationwide are using Trump’s words to taunt their classmates. If the president can say those things, why can’t they?

The White Supremacist Accused Of The Portland Train Stabbings Ranted About Patriotism In Court

"You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism," said Jeremy Christian, who is accused of killing two men who tried to stop him from shouting abuse at a Muslim teenager and her friend.

These Are The Victims Of The Portland Train Stabbing Attack

Ricky Best, 53, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23, were killed when they tried to stop a man hurling abuse at two women of Muslim appearance, police said. Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, was injured but expected to survive.

Man Yelling Hate Speech On Portland Train Kills Two Men Who Try To Intervene, Police Say

Two men died and another was injured Friday on a light-rail train when they tried to intervene as a man yelled "hate speech or biased language" toward two young women, one of whom was wearing a hijab, police said.

The Israeli-American Teen Suspected Over Jewish Bomb Threats Has Been Charged In The US

Michael Kadar, 18, was arrested last month in Israeli in connection with a rash of recent bomb threats worldwide, included many to Jewish centers and organizations.

The First Amendment Gave This Neo-Nazi The Right To Be Vile — But Then He Went Too Far

The man behind the internet's most popular neo-Nazi website, the Daily Stormer, is being sued for waging a harassment campaign against a Jewish woman in Montana. Legal experts believe he'll have a hard time defending his actions.

Jewish Woman Sues Nazi Blogger Over Online Harassment, Death Threats

A woman in Montana who became the target of a self-proclaimed Nazi blogger is suing him after receiving scores of threats directed at her and her family.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing And Biting A Man In The Face Tells Police, “I Hate Muslims”

Kelvin Porter, 46, also told police he “tried to stab the Somalian in the neck.”

A Man Allegedly Smashed Glass And Threw A Bible Into A Colorado Mosque

Local leaders condemned the incident, which took place at the Islamic Center of Fort Collins early Sunday morning.

Racist Vandalism In Oregon Is Pulling Residents Into A Free Speech Fight

Oregon's constitution banned black residents until 1926. A century later, swastikas and other racist vandalism are on the rise statewide, but police are struggling with a surprisingly complicated question: What makes a hate crime?

White Supremacist Pleads Not Guilty To Murder, Terrorism Charges For Allegedly Stabbing A Black Man

James Jackson, a 28-year-old Army veteran from Baltimore, was charged with murder after allegedly stabbing a black man to death in Manhattan.

Someone Ripped Several Qur'ans Apart At A Mosque And Tossed The Pages On The Prayer Room Floor

“There is no indication this was a hate crime,” a spokesperson for the Tucson Police Department told local news.

A Florida Man Allegedly Tried To Burn Down A Store To “Run The Arabs Out Of Our Country”

The suspect reportedly told investigators he was “doing his part for America” by burning down the store, which is owned by Indian-Americans.

What Makes A Crime A Hate Crime

As police investigate the killing of an Indian businessman, they're navigating the legally complicated and politically fraught waters of what makes a crime a hate crime. "We don't know that it's not, we don't know that it is."

A Sixth Wave Of Bomb Threats Has Hit Jewish Centers Around The United States

Phoned-in or emailed threats have been received at Jewish organizations in at least nine states and Washington, DC.

Kansas Bar Shooting Suspect Allegedly Asked Victims If Their "Status Was Legal"

Adam Purinton, who is charged with murder and attempted murder, is also under investigation for possible hate crime charges after killing one and wounding two others at bar.

A Sikh Man Was Shot On His Driveway And Allegedly Told, “Go Back To Your Own Country”

The man sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Local police in Washington have reached out to the FBI as they investigate the case.

Many Of The Bomb Threats Called To Jewish Centers Came From Real People, Not Robo-Calls

The federal investigation into the latest wave of bomb threats targeting Jewish centers and schools around the country is believed to have been a coordinated attack.

Federal Cybercrime Officials Are Investigating Jewish Center Threats And If A "Troll" Is Involved

The FBI is exploring multiple angles, BuzzFeed News has learned, including the possibility that an online troll is involved in the latest wave of bomb threats to Jewish centers and schools this week.

Four Mosques Have Burned In Seven Weeks — Leaving Many Muslims and Advocates Stunned

"The short answer is we haven’t seen anything like this in the past.”

911 Audio Reveals Kansas Bar Shooter Believed He Killed Two Iranians

A bartender at an Applebee's restaurant in Missouri placed the call that led police to the suspect in a triple shooting at a Kansas bar.

Wave Of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers Soars To 100 This Year

“The level of threats and incidents is astounding, and must not stand," Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt said.

Meet Ian Grillot, The Hero Of The Kansas Bar Shooting

After a 51-year-old white man fired shots at two Indian men, killing one, 24-year-old Ian Grillot fought back. Hear him describe the harrowing incident from his hospital bed.

Tell Us About Your Experience Of Hate Crime And Harassment

Have you been the victim of a hate crime? Have you seen others attacked for their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, trans status, disability, or sexual orientation? Tell us about it.

Muslims Trying To Get A New Mosque Are Asked, "Anybody Want A Pork Chop?"

A group has been fighting for more than a year for a mosque in Bayonne, New Jersey. After nearly five hours at a meeting on Monday night, no decision was reached.

A Jewish Couple Say They Received A Racist Note After Hanging A Black Lives Matter Flag

Police are investigating the alleged note, which contained a hand-drawn, yellow Star of David and the word "Jude."

We Reviewed 28 Of The Alleged Hateful Incidents After Trump’s Win. Here’s What We Found.

The vast majority of incidents check out, though two hoaxes raised public doubts.

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