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These Are The Secret Versions Of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Video

Unless you're a Lamb, you likely haven't seen Mariah save Christmas for Lil Bow Wow.

It's that time of year...

...when we no longer have to feel ashamed that we've been listening to "All I Want For Christmas" on repeat since July.

We can turn it up loud and have the video playing on loop in the background of our desktops...

...because the song is a modern standard and — seriously — how freaking adorable is Mimi in the video??

The video is a classic.

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But did you know...

...there's ANOTHER VERSION of the video?? (Two, actually!)

And, no, we're not talking about her "Extra Festive" version from her 2010 album, Merry Christmas II You.

Or Justin Bieber's "SuperFestive!" take featuring the pop diva.

First, there is this '60s-inspired black-and-white video:

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It features Mimi singing in a retro studio, complete with go-go dancers and background singers.

There's even Christmas tree lights!

And she's the cutest little diva, OBVS.

So diva.

And if you need to see what this piece of pop perfection looks like in color, too, here you go:

The second version was the So So Def remix of the song released in 2000 in Japan, featuring Jermaine Dupri and Lil Bow Wow**. The video is...something else.

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**He was still "Lil" back then.

In this version, Lil Bow Wow doesn't see why he has to go to bed because he doesn't even believe in Santa!

Mariah gets Jermaine's text and checks in with the North Pole, but it looks like Santa is fast asleep...

So, naturally, Mimi heads to the North Pole to save the day, along with her her sidekick pup, Jack.

She tries everything she can to wake him up but dude is OUT. COLD.

Meanwhile, Lil Bow Wow is looking hella skeptical, and Jermaine's like, "Yo, Mariah, just use your magic wand, duh."

And of course it totally works.


And just when Jermaine and Lil Bow Wow gave up hope that Santa would ever show up...

...Mariah appears! With a dazed and confused Santa in tow. Bow Wow is very happy.

She gives Lil Bow Wow some keys to a car...

...and Jermaine some fancy jewelry.

As for herself...she turns a snowman into a hot dude, BECAUSE SHE CAN.

She can do anything.