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    32 Products With Before-And-After Photos You Basically Have To See To Believe They're Real

    No one would expect that a toilet could look that clean after months of scum buildup.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A downright magical foot peel that'll shed all the dead skin that's been keeping you out of flip flops for years.

    2. A two-pack of stainless-steel tongue cleaners you'll (hopefully) use as often as your other dental products — because daily oral hygiene can include more than just brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

    a before and after set displaying a reviewer's tongue after using the tongue cleaner

    3. A scratch-free scraper tool so you can remove labels and other sticky things like a civilized person instead of using your nails like some sort of X-Men character.

    4. A cast-iron scrubber that'll help you scrape even the most stubborn bits off food off the skillet without removing the seasoned coating.

    5. A Diamond Dazzle Stik with a twist-to-dispense design that makes cleaning your jewelry so easy you'll do it just for fun.

    A ring looking hazy on the left and the same ring looking cleaner and brighter on the right

    6. And these silver polish wipes that'll revive even your most beat up bracelets and hoop earrings.

    7. An ink remover to get rid of accidental pen stains made by clumsy adults, or Sharpie marker masterpieces made by children who don't respect people's property.

    A reviewer photo of fabric with a name written in marker that was removed using the ink remover

    8. Or this red-wine stain remover for boozier sorts of stains. Your rug, couch, and favorite blanket will thank you.

    9. A shoe shining kit to transform your worn-out boots back to how they looked when you got them. The kit comes with two tins of black polish, a shine brush, a dauber, and a cloth.

    10. A Lip Bar Skin Serum Foundation, which is infused with ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid to make skin appear smoother and more even with every application. It's basically like a genie in a bottle, if all genies were sentient skincare products from heaven.

    11. A bottle of Tend Skin Solution to treat those nasty, irritating, and sometime pretty painful ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

    12. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets for your water bottle(s), which are super simple to use and probably fun to watch if you like seeing fizzy things. The best part is there's no scrubbing required.

    A reviewer photo of the inside of a stained bottle that becomes clean and stain-free after using a tablet

    13. A snout soother, because our furry friend's need to be well-moisturized too! This thing will keep their noses ready for sniffs all day long.

    a before and after set displaying a pet's snout after being treated with the snout soother

    14. And a pet earwax cleaner to clean out all the gunk they've got stored in there. Hopefully this means they'll hear you better when you tell them to pipe down during your Zoom meeting.

    15. A grout pen that'll...well...hide dirty grout. Which is a quick and easy project for lazy people who'd rather not spend an entire afternoon actually *removing* dirty grout.

    Tiles with brown grime in between and then looking cleaner after using the product

    16. And a disposable cleaning wand, because the only thing worse than dirty grout is a dirty toilet.

    on the left a toilet bowl caked with brown crud, on the right the same toilet cleaned and white

    17. A cleanser and polishing powder that'll restore your tarnished cookware, and once again make your most cherished pots and pans presentable enough to post your cooking photos on Instagram.

    18. An itsy-bitsy toenail brace kit to flatten out your curved nails and prevent them from jabbing into your skin and becoming ingrown.

    19. A bitter but harmless clear polish that's so unpleasant you'll chew on a jean jacket before wanting to bite your nails again.

    a before and after photo set displaying a reviewer's nail growth after using the clear polish

    20. And a bottle of CND Essentials nail and cuticle Solaroil so that broken and peeling nails will be a thing of the past.

    a before and after photo set displaying a reviewer's nail growth after using the solaroil

    21. A headlight restoration kit that could potentially save you a trip to the auto shop and make life on the road a lot safer for you and fellow drivers.

    Close-ups showing once-dirty headlights looking cleaner

    22. A bottle of makeup brush shampoo that's so pleasing to use you'll actually wash your brushes as often as you're supposed to (yes, shots fired).

    23. A ceramic-stove top cleaning kit to give each burner that "new apartment" sheen that caught your eye the very first day you moved in.

    24. An anti-dandruff shampoo that'll save you from having to shell out a co-pay at a dermatologist's office. Whether you have a relatively mild case of dandruff or your scalp and shoulders resemble the Swiss Alps during ski season, this thing will become a staple of your shower routine.

    A reviewer with large dandruff clumps that have disappeared after using the shampoo

    25. Or a natural dry shampoo powder if you don't have time for a full wash but would like to LOOK like you had time for a full wash. Think of it as a small bottle of innocent deception.

    A reviewer's bangs looking oily at first but then fluffy and oil-free after using the dry shampoo

    26. A grooming glove that can be used wet or dry to remove excess hair from your furriest friend *and* give them endless belly rubs at the same time.

    a collage of a reviewer using the grooming glove to groom their dog's hair

    27. A six-pack of nontoxic moth traps that'll deliver results you'll be thrilled and absolutely disgusted by.

    a photo set displaying the moth traps being used over the course of 13 days

    28. Glossier Exfoliating Skin Perfector to gently remove dead skin cells and gradually reveal that picture perfect complexion you always knew was there to begin with.

    A person's cheek with some brownish-red post acne marks and then four weeks later, the marks look lighter

    29. An ultra soft cradle cap comb that'll safely remove any dry skin from your baby's head. Those rough patches may shock you at first, but they're actually more common and less serious than you may think.

    A baby's head with dry scales on the left and the same baby's head looking smoother and flake-free on the right

    30. A tube of Elizavecca's CER-100 Collagen Coating Protein treatment for folks with hair that's become damaged due to excessive straightening and dyeing.

    BuzzFeed editor Bek showing that the product took her hair from dry flyaways to soft, smooth strands

    31. This Briogeo Strengthening Treatment Oil capable of de-frizzing virtually all hair textures — which is partially a result of the brand being Black woman-owned and primarily reliant on natural ingredients.

    32. A bottle of sulfate-free Biotin shampoo infused with tea tree, jojoba, and Argan oils to help treat hair loss. This is a viable option for folks whose hair is thinning a bit sooner than expected, or people simply looking to go a few extra rounds with father time.

    A reviewer photo showing hair that's regrown after looking very thin

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