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14 Forgotten Movie Sets That Probably Have Ghosts, But They're Really Cool Anyway

I want to go play on, like, all of these.

1. Deep in the heart of Alabama, the town of Spectre from Tim Burton's Big Fish stands relatively untouched.

BGSU33 / Via

2. Port Royal in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is situated in St. Vincent on Wallilabou Bay. You can still see props from the movies there.

Disney / Lucianosemprini / Via Twitter: @LucianoSemprini

3. District 12 from The Hunger Games was set in Henry River Mill Village, NC. It was abandoned after filming wrapped.

Lionsgate, tracylynne_1414 / Via

4. Popeye's village for the 1980 movie starring Robin Williams and Shelley Duvall was constructed in Malta. The entire set was abandoned after filming only to be reclaimed by the country and turned into a tourist attraction.

Paramount Pictures, Jose A / Via

5. Five years ago, Redditor u/ohdaesu found this abandoned building, which is the diner from Looper.

ohdaesu / Via, Endgame Entertainment

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly takes place in the American west, but it was actually filmed in "Texas Hollywood" which is in Almería, Spain. You can still visit it today.

Produzioni Europee Associate, pouick / Via

7. The Long Branch Saloon from Gunsmoke still stands in Kanab, Utah.

CBS, 11mommalou / Via Twitter: @11mommalou

8. This is the gas station from The Hills Have Eyes. Though the film is supposed to take place in New Mexico, the gas station is actually in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Abdelkarim Ait belaid / Via

9. Hawthorne Mall in California has been used for many different sets, despite closing in 1999. You can see it used in Westworld and Taylor Swift's "Ready For It" music video.

HBO, trashophilia / Via

10. Splatalot was a Wipeout-esque kid's show from 2011. Despite only lasting two seasons, the course in rural Ontario still stands.

MarbleKids / Terry Wayne / Via /

11. The Bar None Ranch from the Nickelodeon show Hey Dude! hasn't been used since 1991.

Nickelodeon / adamthewoo / Via

12. Year One, the comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera, was filmed in Sibley, Louisiana. You can still see some of the buildings from the abandoned set today.

Sony / Moviesauce / Via /

13. While filming The Fugitive, the scene where the bus collided with the train was a practical effect (meaning they actually crashed a bus with a train). You can see the remnants of the stunt today in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Warner Bros / Adamthewoo / Via

14. Finally, in A New Hope, the scenes on Tatooine were filmed in the Tunisian desert. The set was abandoned until The Phantom Menace, and again after shooting Episode I.

Lucasfilm / Discover Tunisia / Via

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