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    Here Are 21 More Ways Couples Totally Made Their Weddings Their Own

    "I chose to have my mom walk me down the aisle instead of my dad."

    Recently, we had members of the BuzzFeed Community tell us the ways they made their weddings their own, and they definitely delivered:


    Well, here are 21 more of the coolest, most unique ways couples totally broke tradition on their special day:

    1. "I chose to have my mom walk me down the aisle instead of my dad."


    2. "Our wedding cake was three different ice cream cakes from Cold Stone Creamery."


    3. "Instead of having bridesmaids on one side and groomsmen on the other, they were intermixed on both sides to show our friends and family standing up for both of us."


    4. "My husband and I both wore jeans. It really threw our families for a loop."

    dianadiclaire / Via

    5. "Our wedding is the Saturday before Halloween, so I'm getting married at a cemetery, in a black dress."

    "I also asked that all children attending wear Halloween costumes."


    6. "We had guests bring food to share."


    7. "We told our DJ that we insisted on explicit tracks being played at our reception — we'd already put a disclaimer on our invitation that said, 'We love your kids, but we didn't invite them.'"

    8. "Our officiant was a hippie we met on Facebook."


    9. "Instead of a wedding cake, we had tiered wheels of cheese that we cut into in front of everyone that were then served at our cocktail hour. Most of our guests didn't even see us cut the actual cake."


    10. "I went to a job interview the morning of my wedding...and got hired!"

    Universal Pictures

    11. "My husband's mother walked him down the aisle, and I walked in from the side with my dad."


    12. "We didn't stop to visit each table of guests during our reception — my husband made a little speech thanking everyone for coming, and from there we went straight to the dance floor. If people wanted to visit with us, they could join us there!"


    13. "I had my entire wedding party wear all white. And this was in 2009, long before Kim Kardashian did it!"

    E! Entertainment Television

    14. "We didn't have a bridal party. We picked a witness each and that was it."


    15. "We pinkie swore on our vows."


    16. "We got married inside San Diego Zoo, and had the staff present a fox, a lizard, a serval, and a cheetah to us and our guests between the ceremony and cocktail hour. It was absolutely amazing."


    17. "My bridesmaids and I stood on the right side instead of the traditional left because the left side of my face is more photogenic."


    18. "We are friends with a lot of underground DJs, so we asked them each to perform for an hour as a wedding gift to us, rather than hiring an actual wedding DJ."


    19. "We chose to avoid the awkwardness of the members of the bridal party trying to think of something clever to do as they get introduced at the reception and only had the bride and groom announced."

    a_beth8718 / Via

    20. "We chose not to register anywhere, so we didn't get any wedding gifts."


    21. "Our entire bridal party is comprised of actors and musicians, so instead of a traditional ceremony, we're doing a variety show of sketches, improv sets, and musical performances. The last 'act' will be our vows!"


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