33 Brides Who Broke Traditional Wedding Rules In The Coolest Ways Ever

    "I'm not a big fan of cake, so we had pie instead."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the wedding rule they broke, and it turns out that many of our readers did their wedding their way:

    1. "I wore a jumpsuit I found on Asos."

    2. "We walked down the aisle together. We were making the biggest commitment of our lives, and we wanted to walk into that moment already supporting each other."


    3. "I’m not a big fan of cake, so we had pie instead."

    —Cait Jacob Denny, Facebook

    4. "I went wedding dress shopping with my mom and found the perfect dress. And I was so excited when it arrived that the first person I knew I had to share it with was my husband!"

    5. "We didn't allow kids or partners during our wedding day — that way, my single friends were absolutely delighted and everyone had a blast!"

    —Emma Loc, Facebook

    6. "We said, 'We do' instead of 'I do.'"


    7. "I wore a lavender dress, and my husband and I both hyphenated our last names so that we could share our identities with one another."

    8. "We didn't have a live band or live DJ — just my wife’s brother with an auxiliary cord, huge speakers, and a guest-compiled Spotify playlist."


    9. "Our cake toppers were Scully and Mulder, and we threw stuffed animals with scratch tickets instead of the garter and bouquet."

    —Kim Forest-Hauser, Facebook

    10. "I slept next to my husband the night before our wedding, and stayed with him the entire day of. I always thought waiting to see each other was sweet, but having my best friend next to me the whole time made it so much better for me."

    11. "We made and drank a 'unity shot' during our ceremony."


    12. "We didn't invite our family — just a few close friends. As great as our families are, every one of them thinks their opinion matters. By not having them there, we were able to do exactly what we wanted without guilt."


    13. "I hate being the center of attention, so I didn't do a grand entrance down the aisle. Instead, we had a receiving line afterwards."

    14. "We got married in the courthouse, then had our first dance in the middle of town while a homeless man on the street sang 'our song.'"


    15. "Instead of having a whole party of people help me get ready and transport me to the venue, I slept alone, woke up alone, got ready alone, then drove myself to the ceremony — and it was so unbelievably stress-free."


    16. "I had geriatric flower 'girls' — the oldest one was my 82-year-old grandma. She looked amazing!"

    17. "We read an excerpt by Justice Kennedy from the Obergefell vs. Hodges Supreme Court case in support of gay marriage in front of our conservative families. We're a straight couple, but it's a beautiful description of all marriages."


    18. "Instead of dancing at our reception, we had board games and crossword puzzles."


    19. "We had a live chef making and throwing pancakes to guests for dinner — so much fun!"

    20. "We made my brother and brother-in-law — who were in the military — into cardboard cutouts, so they could be there in spirit since they couldn't be there physically."


    21. "My sister's not much of a flower person. So her bouquet was vegetables."


    22. "We decided against printed programs and mounted one big one instead."

    23. "Instead of the bouquet toss, we did a 'cake pull,' where you attach charms onto short ribbons and place the charms under the wedding cake so that just the ends of the ribbons are showing. Then all the women who want to participate get to pull one ribbon out, and whoever gets the one with the ring charm is the next to get married."


    24. "We had all our guests write personal messages on our marriage license."


    25. "I had a separate table with nothing but peanut butter, jelly, and bread for the kids who weren't into the fancy food we served. So many adults told me they were grateful for that because they didn't have to worry about hungry kids. And honestly, I saw a lot of childless adults over there eating, too!"

    26. "Instead of serving a big meal to guests, we had our wedding in the early afternoon with an ice cream sundae bar."


    27. "My husband took my last name!"


    28. "We went straight from our ceremony to a tattoo parlor, where we got matching commitment tattoos."

    29. "We nixed the garter toss — no woman should feel forced to have a man touch her for 'tradition's sake'!"


    30. "Our wedding is on Friday the 13th! No superstitions here!"


    31. "We got married in the morning wearing matching pajamas, and had a donut reception!"

    32. "Instead of cheap, tacky favors that people just throw away, we gave away trees for planting."


    33. "I weighed a lot before my wedding, but decided not to do a 'wedding dress diet.' I didn't want to stress myself out with dieting on top of organizing a wedding. Instead, I chose a beautiful dress that fit, and got married exactly how I was — and it was the best day of my life!"

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