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Which Amor Real Character Are You?

We can't all be Fernando Colunga...unfortunately

ashbrp • One year ago

15 Times Coldplay Lyrics Predicted How You’d Feel During Exam Season.

Sometimes Coldplay just gets you...oddly enough especially during exam season.

ashbrp • 4 years ago

The "Ikea Monkey" Needs Your Help!

The Ikea Monkey's new home, Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, is being evicted and it needs your help to stay open!

ashbrp • 4 years ago

Signs You Are 1st Generation Canadian

I don't think I'm Canadian enough for all of this.

ashbrp • 4 years ago

What If Game Of Thrones Took Place In Canada?

Winter is coming...and it'll stick around for most of the year. Invest in snow shoes now!

ashbrp • 4 years ago

Which Canadian Actor Is Really Your Soulmate

Oh Canada, our home and native dating pool!

ashbrp • 4 years ago

Why This Winter Is Like A One Night Stand That Wont Go Away

WTF winter? We did our thing, now please LEAVE!

ashbrp • 4 years ago

When You Finish Your Exams...

The rollercoaster of emotions that takes place when you hand that last exam in!

ashbrp • 5 years ago

Signs You Can't Cook

Your friends are growing up to be chefs in their own right, and you aren't allowed near the stove.

ashbrp • 5 years ago

10 Reasons We Want To Be Invited To Scott And Tessa's (Imaginary ) Wedding

So they aren't engaged, they aren't even dating. However, let's face it, we all want them to be! And we also want to be their best friends. Here are just a few of those reasons why...

ashbrp • 5 years ago

Why We Don't Care That Reign Isn't All That Historically Accurate

Okay so we care a little bit, but we've gotten over it for these reasons...

ashbrp • 5 years ago