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Signs You Are 1st Generation Canadian

I don't think I'm Canadian enough for all of this.

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You get comments like: "So you must hate the cold then..."

First off, Canada isn't the only cold place in the world.

Second, I've lived here since I was born,

And Third, Pass me a coat it's freezing out here!

And "But you're not like Canadian, Canadian, where you from?"

I was born here just like you were.

And if that's not Canadian enough for you may I remind you that the only group of people who can call themselves Canadian, Canadian are first nations people, since everyone else came from somewhere else?

You're automatically part of any school function that has to do with different cultures

Even when you weren't asked.

Can you bring like a 100 tomales? Kay thanks.

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE TOMALES...Time for a trip to Costco!

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