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Signs You Are 1st Generation Canadian

I don't think I'm Canadian enough for all of this.

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You're dinners have a little more embellishment...

Wait everyone doesn't eat empanadas for dinner?

You thought Beaver Tails were actual beaver tails for a while...

That makes so much more sense. Now I get why there's always a long line

You're not really sure what you're first language is

i technically learned Spanish first but I speak English more...

People assume that becuase you know another language French should come naturally to you

I wish it worked that way but it doesn't. We have to learn the same way you do.

Or if you don't know another language people expect you to because your parents are immigrants

You get comments like: "So you must hate the cold then..."

First off, Canada isn't the only cold place in the world.

Second, I've lived here since I was born,

And Third, Pass me a coat it's freezing out here!

And "But you're not like Canadian, Canadian, where you from?"

I was born here just like you were.

And if that's not Canadian enough for you may I remind you that the only group of people who can call themselves Canadian, Canadian are first nations people, since everyone else came from somewhere else?

There's whole other set of celebrities that you know about...

WAIT! You don't know who Gael Garcia Bernal (Or other culture version of him) is...HOW DO YOU LIVE?

You may prefer other toppings to your pancakes and not Syrup...

I know, I know! DON'T KILL ME! I like syrup just not every time. Whipped cream and fruit..or nutella are also good.

You consider Soccer an important sport, and were probably forced to play it as a child.

I'm not even a sport person but don't diss Futbol or my foot will go in your balls.

During international games you may feel conflicted as to who to cheer for....

Canada or ______?

Whoever wins? Yep that's the plan!

You're friends come over and are surprised you're eating pizza...

Umm Pizza is an international food.

My parents would just never let me take it for lunch cold.

You're automatically part of any school function that has to do with different cultures

Even when you weren't asked.

Can you bring like a 100 tomales? Kay thanks.

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE TOMALES...Time for a trip to Costco!

Overall, we're not that different! Except wait you leave your front door unlocked?

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