What Your Disney Man Crush Says About Your Dating Life

Praying for all you Hans types.

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Aladdin, Aladdin


You like the types of guys who were never super popular or A-students in high school but BOY could they make you laugh and show you a good time. Ride that magic carpet all day long.

Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid


You’re into the most basic beautiful men with light eyes and dark hair and you think conversations are overrated. Just look at that smile and SWOON.

NO NAME*, Snow White


You just want a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter who. Like, who even is this guy? Why is he kissing unconscious girls? What’s his backstory? Does anyone care?

*His name is Prince Ferdinand but, like, who even knew that without googling it?

Prince Charming, Cinderella


SO basic. He doesn’t even have a real name! And he can’t recognize Cinderella without the shoe, so he was probably drunk when he met her. You love total frat bros.