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    19 Things I Learned From Living And Working Abroad For Four Months

    I thought traveling the world while still keeping my job was a fantasy. Never did I believe it would become reality.

    Hi! I'm Arielle, and from September through December, I lived in Latin America while working remotely at BuzzFeed.

    I did this through a program called Remote Year, and each month, 25 of us lived in a new city/country. Here are all the things I learned from my travel experience!

    1. Remote Year is essentially study abroad for working professionals.

    2. Normally you pay for the program yourself and ask your employer to approve it. BUT in rare instances, you can potentially build a case for your employer to front the bill.

    3. And once you apply and put down a deposit, the RY team will help you try to convince your job to let you do the program.

    4. You don't actually have to do RY for an entire year — you can participate in the 4-month program.

    5. Included in the cost is housing, a co-working space, flights/transportation between each city, and several local activities.

    6. But you DO have to pay for your initial flight out and your flight home.

    7. All the housing was actually way nicer than I was expecting. I figured it would be like a questionable hostel situation, but it was nothing like that.

    8. And the co-working spaces were generally nice and similar to (if not) WeWork.

    9. You spend one month in each city on your itinerary, and each place has a city team to guide you.

    10. And if you want friends to come stay with you? No problem, but you do have a limit of 10 days visitation per month.

    11. Remote Year has something called "tracks," which are weekday and weekend activities planned for the group (at no cost).

    12. And they also have "plus events" which ARE an additional cost, but not mandatory.

    13. You can buy SIM cards from Remote Year per month, which is about $30.

    14. If you live in the US, download Venmo on your phone BEFORE you leave!

    15. Lay out all the clothes/items you plan to pack for Remote Year, and then cut it in half.

    16. You are not BOUND to a city. If you want to take a trip to Paris, go ahead. If you want to do a solo side trip to Brazil, no one is stopping you. If you need to go home for a week, enjoy your break!

    17. One of the coolest things about doing Remote Year is getting "citizenship status." Essentially, if you complete the program you become an alumni and get benefits.

    18. And another plus is having access to the Remote Year network and connecting with other nomads and travel enthusiasts.

    19. If you have the means and opportunity to commit to a program like Remote Year, you should 100% do it.

    Learn more about Remote Year here!

    If you want more insight on my personal experience, feel free to DM me on Instagram.