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Remote Year

I thought traveling the world while still keeping my job was a fantasy. Never did I believe it would become reality.

If you don't pack up your bags and book a flight to CDMX, you are seriously missing out.

Taylor Swift is SHAKING.

Is there a hidden Wizarding school here or...?

So many unexpected gems!

And it's only an hour outside of CDMX.

Why would anyone travel here?

A city worth visiting.

Can you paint with all the colors of Colombia?

A whole new travel experience.

Lima is the food capitol of South America — and for good reason.

Tell your mom not to worry.

It's a three-hour bus ride from Medellín!

Definitely not worth the trip. Nope.

The good, the bad, and OMG THE FOOOOOOD.

One of the most interesting dining experiences of my life.

You won't regret it.


We'll tell you based on fitness level, budget, and more.

Know the facts before dropping the cash.

Vamos Peru!

I wouldn't consider myself that active, but I was able to conquer one of the hardest hikes of my life.

But you can only get there by a difficult hike.

Explore all the things Cusco has to offer.

As a New Yorker who went from 33 ft above sea level to 11,200 ft above sea level, it's a miracle I survived Cusco illness-free.

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