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Here's Everything You Need To Know About College Week

Everything you need to know about posting on BuzzFeed!

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Welcome to College Week! From October 15th — 22nd, we'll be celebrating the "best four years of your life," and we'd love for you to show your college pride and share your experiences with us!

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You'll be able to publish on with the potential of getting hundreds of thousands of people reading your awesome college-themed posts!


You could post a rivalry quiz, write a list about things only your school will understand, round up some awesome dorm-friendly recipes, or write something that everyone can relate to.


Here's the rundown on some important things for you to know:


To get started, all you have to do is sign up for a BuzzFeed account, and then go to!

From there, you will be taken to our CMS (Content Management System, or posting interface tool). This is where you can create all the lists and quizzes.


You can click here for a full step-by-step guide to creating your first BuzzFeed post. You can also click here for more details on how to make kick-ass quizzes.

When it comes to posting photos, GIFs and embeds are your best bet! They are easy to search for, they look beautiful in posts, and they are overall a great way to convey the emotions you're going for.


You can also check out our photo resources guide here.

The more relatable, fun, and original your post is, the more likely it is to get promoted!


And then you can brag to your friends that you got Cat Power. 😺

We hope to see your awesome college-themed lists, quizzes, and other posts!

Check out our FAQ guide here if you need more information on Community or posting in general.