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Community Brand Guidelines

If you are an organization, a brand, or an individual with a political or commercial agenda, BuzzFeed's Community platform is probably not the best place for you.

To advertise on BuzzFeed, go here. To pitch an editor about a product that may be relevant to them, check the mastheads in the appropriate section. And if you're running for office, you can always update our Politics team with your latest shenanigans and/or antics here.

The main thing to know is that BuzzFeed's Community platform is a place for community members to share humor, cool stuff they've found, insights into identity and fandom, personality quizzes, and the occasional ode to Benedict Cumberbatch. We also love it when people post cool stuff that's just for their friends, interesting things they've found, and pictures of their pet cats, hedgehogs, or sloths. For a sense of the kind of thing that you should be publishing, check out what's going on at

Please bear in mind that when reviewing which posts to remove, BuzzFeed's Community team will be asking themselves the following questions:

  1. Is this post trying to sell something?
  2. Does this post have an overt political or commercial agenda?
  3. Could this post be construed as an attack on an individual or an entity?
  4. Does this post appear to use BuzzFeed's brand as an implicit endorsement of a product or a political position?
  5. Is this post bad or spam?

A "Yes" answer to any of the above will likely result in deletion of the post or account in question. Our Community team is also always standing by to help out with further questions - you can reach them here. Be nice!