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23 Dorm Room Meals You Can Make In A Microwave

No stove? No problem.

1. Instant Mac 'n' Cheese

In the Battle of The Instant Macs, let it be known that Parmesan will always beat ~cheese powder~. Get the recipe.

2. Upgraded Instant Ramen

Learn how to cook ramen noodles without a stovetop here, then just add veggies, drop an egg into the hot broth, and let it poach. (Or, even easier? Crack an egg, break the yolk, and slowly stir – you’ll get instant egg ribbons, like in egg drop soup.) Full recipe here.

3. Pizzadilla

This version heats things up on the stovetop, but there's no reason you couldn't swap that for the microwave. Get the recipe.

4. Mug Breakfast Four Ways

Take your pick from cheesy eggs and bacon, a veggie omelet, blueberry French toast, or banana bread with chocolate. Get the recipes.

5. Egg White Bagel Sandwich

6. Easy Omelette

Megan Prendergast /

Breakfast for dinner, anyone? Recipe here.

7. Broccoli & Cheese-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Get the recipe here — and learn how to swap the oven for the microwave here.

8. Broccoli Edamame Quinoa Bowl

Tons of protein thanks to the quinoa and edamame — and you can start with frozen broccoli to save yourself some chopping. Get the recipe.

9. Margherita Quesadilla

Because even quesadillas want to get ~dressed up~ sometimes. Recipe here.

10. Microwave Nachos

11. Spinach & Feta Mashed Potatoes

There's greens in there so this counts as dinner, right? Get the recipe.

12. Sausage and Tomato Pasta

Marie Telling / BuzzFeed

Protein-wise, sausage is a great pick because it's cheap relatively speaking to other meats, and it lasts a long time unopened in the fridge. Get the recipe.

13. Easy Egg & Cheese Burritos

Portable protein FTW. Instructions here.

14. Single Serving Lasagna

15. Red Beans & Rice

Find the recipe at PopSugar.

16. Brown Rice & Edamame with Pineapple

Filed under: Filling Eats That Won't Leave You In A Food Coma. Get the recipe.

17. DIY Pita Pizza

If the question is "Can you pita it?", the answer is almost always yes. Get the recipe.

18. Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole

Praise be to Cheesus. Get the recipe.

19. Microwave Enchiladas

20. Couscous Greek Salad

Megan Prendergast /

No reason why you can't make a bigger batch of this and space it out as leftovers. Get the recipe.

21. Pizza Mug Cake

Ready in all of two minutes. Get the recipe.

22. Egg Fried Rice

23. Sausage & Cheese Spaghetti Dinner

Two is always better than one. Get the recipe.