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31 Grand Romantic Gestures That Gave You Unrealistic Expectations For Love

I was told there'd be more choreography. (Many spoilers ahead.)

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3. When Mark bought Bridget a brand-new diary in Bridget Jones's Diary.

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He didn't care that she complained about him in her old journal! And she ran out into the snow in just her knickers! True love.

5. When Edward presented Sandra with every daffodil in five states in Big Fish.

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Even though she was already engaged! And they don't know each other! Creepy IRL, but on screen? Swoon.

14. When the men of The Best Man Holiday treated the ladies to a ~private performance.~

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"Why don't you ever learn a choreographed dance for ME?" —You, to your girlfriend

21. When Felicity followed Ben across the country because she was certain they should be together in Felicity.

26. When Harry ran to a New Year's Eve party so he could kiss Sally at midnight in When Harry Met Sally.

27. When Josie apologized to Sam in the city newspaper and then posted up in the middle of a baseball field to see if he'd come kiss her, in Never Been Kissed.

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