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31 Grand Romantic Gestures That Gave You Unrealistic Expectations For Love

I was told there'd be more choreography. (Many spoilers ahead.)

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1. When Jake met Sam at her sister's wedding to remind her that someone was thinking about her in Sixteen Candles.

Universal Pictures / Via

2. When a rain-soaked Mr. Darcy proposed to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.

He insults her in the process (the original neg) but!! "Most ardently"!!!!!!!

3. When Mark bought Bridget a brand-new diary in Bridget Jones's Diary.

Universal Pictures / Via

He didn't care that she complained about him in her old journal! And she ran out into the snow in just her knickers! True love.

4. When Amélie orchestrated a whimsical scavenger hunt to lead Nino to his lost photo album (and, eventually, to her) in Amélie.

Claudie Ossard Productions / Via

5. When Edward presented Sandra with every daffodil in five states in Big Fish.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Even though she was already engaged! And they don't know each other! Creepy IRL, but on screen? Swoon.

6. And when Max presented Lorelei with exactly 1,000 yellow daisies in Gilmore Girls.

FOX / Via

Not 1,001. Not 999.

7. When Ennis jumped Jack in a fit of passion, even though he was in FULL VIEW of his wife, in Brokeback Mountain.

Focus Features / Via

*fans self*

8. When Frank took a bullet for Rachel in The Bodyguard.

And they still didn't even get their happy ending!!!
Warner Bros. / Via

And they still didn't even get their happy ending!!!

9. When Dre popped up during Syd's Hot 97 interview to ask a very important and LONG OVERDUE question in Brown Sugar.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

10. When Jim made Pam a video montage of their very own love story in The Office.

If only we all had documentarians following us around for years.
NBC / Via

If only we all had documentarians following us around for years.

11. When Monica turned the tables on Chandler's proposal and surprised him in a candlelit apartment on Friends.

NBC / Via

They both got on their knees! A mutual proposal!!

12. When Patrick serenaded Kat in front of the entire soccer team in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

How did he rig up the sound system? Who cares?

13. When Danny learned the dance to "Try Again" and performed it for Mindy on The Mindy Project.

FOX / Via

Best gift ever.

14. When the men of The Best Man Holiday treated the ladies to a ~private performance.~

Universal Pictures / Via

"Why don't you ever learn a choreographed dance for ME?" —You, to your girlfriend

15. When Kip offered Hana exclusive late-night access to the artwork in an old Italian cathedral in The English Patient.

Miramax Films / Via

16. When the Beast gave Belle his ENTIRE MAGNIFICENT LIBRARY in Beauty and the Beast.

Disney / Via

Was he holding her as his prisoner? Yes, technically. Is that library still a dream? Duh.

17. When Darius reworked a poem upon meeting Nina and dedicated it to her in Love Jones.

Addis Wechsler Pictures / via
Addis Wechsler Pictures / via

18. When Ned brought bees to the roof of The Pie Hole so Chuck could pick up her beloved hobby on Pushing Daisies.

ABC / Via

Oh, also, he brought her back from the dead, so. Pretty romantic.

19. And when Idgie dipped her arm into a beehive just to get Ruth some wild honey in Fried Green Tomatoes.

Ugh, bees. Not enough bees in your love life.
Universal Pictures / Via

Ugh, bees. Not enough bees in your love life.

20. When Noah built Allie her dream house with his own two hands in The Notebook.

New Line Cinema / Via

21. When Felicity followed Ben across the country because she was certain they should be together in Felicity.

Touchstone Television / Via

To be fair, he wrote a pretty great yearbook note.

22. When Edward overcame his fear of heights to woo Vivian on the fire escape in Pretty Woman.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

23. When Seth got on the kissing booth to announce his feelings for Summer on The O.C.

"Acknowledge me now or lose me forever." Seriously, just watch it.
FOX / Via

"Acknowledge me now or lose me forever." Seriously, just watch it.

24. When Rachel climbed a car in the middle of a traffic jam to shout her love to Luce in Imagine Me & You.

BBC Films / Via

Climbing is key in romance.

25. When Sam ran past airport security to bid Joanna good-bye in Love Actually.

Universal Pictures / Via

He also learned the drums to be in a band with her. The kid is good.

26. When Harry ran to a New Year's Eve party so he could kiss Sally at midnight in When Harry Met Sally.

Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

Running, like climbing, is also necessary in love.

27. When Josie apologized to Sam in the city newspaper and then posted up in the middle of a baseball field to see if he'd come kiss her, in Never Been Kissed.

Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

(He did. Duh.)

28. When Johnny interrupted a live performance just to get Baby out of the corner in Dirty Dancing.

Great American Films / Via

29. When Anna bought Will an original Chagall painting (of which he had a print hanging in his apartment) in Notting Hill.

Polygram Filmed Entertainment / Via

30. When Robbie enlisted Billy Idol and some flight attendants for an in-flight song and proposal to Julia in The Wedding Singer.

New Line Cinema / Via

31. And when Lloyd stood outside Diane's window in Say Anything, playing the song that they listened to on their first night ~together~.

The epitome.
Twentieth Century Fox / Via

The epitome.

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