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43 Small Things People With Depression Do Every Day To Feel Good

Here's a shit ton of tips and tricks that can make it easier getting through the day.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who deal with depression to tell us about the tiny things they do to keep it at bay. Here are some of their excellent tips.

And just a reminder: These tips are not meant to replace professional help. They're only tricks that have worked for some people, and they might work for you, too.

1. Take note of all the small things you've accomplished today.

2. Try the "5-4-3-2-1" trick.

3. Immerse yourself in another world by reading a book.

4. Allow yourself a moment to cry and let it all out.

5. Think about getting an animal companion.

6. Or if you have one already, cuddle with them!

7. And if you don't have a pet, there are plenty of cute/funny/happy pet videos online.

8. Keep a gratitude journal.

9. Or write down your feelings on a piece of paper, then tear it up.

10. Clean and organize your home.

11. Think about trying some yoga.

12. Cook or bake something yummy.

13. Watch something funny on TV or the internet.

14. Try the #100HappyDays challenge on Instagram.

15. Get up and move — it doesn't matter where you go.

16. Exercise. Focus on what you're doing and how your body feels to distract yourself.

17. Make someone else's day a little better.

18. Write little positivity notes to yourself, and leave them where you'll see them.

19. Cut out substances that may be toxic to your depression.

20. Listen to music that makes you feel good.

21. Or go to a live music show.

22. Get out into nature.

23. Sing. Belt it out till you're feeling better.

24. And definitely try dancing like no one's watching.

25. Draw/paint what you're feeling.

26. Or find another creative outlet to devote your time to.

27. Take your time solving a jigsaw puzzle.

28. Make yourself feel good by painting your nails.

29. Or treat yourself to a quality skincare routine.

30. Or take a warm, comforting bubble bath.

31. Put together a "coping box."

32. Or a positivity jar.

33. Have a mantra on deck that'll help you feel better.

34. But also acknowledge that the depression is there.

35. Stay organized by sticking to a routine.

36. And adopt a "no-guilt" policy if you end up not following through on something.

37. Make your bed every. single. morning.

38. Wrap yourself up in a warm, cozy blanket.

39. Make a list of anything and everything to get your get your mind off your depression.

40. Break up larger tasks into smaller ones.

41. Play a video game to distract yourself.

42. Drink water whenever you get the chance.

43. And if anything, just masturbate.

Note: Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

To learn more about depression, check out the resources at the National Institute of Mental Health here.

And if you need to talk to someone immediately, you can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Suicide helplines outside the US can be found here.

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