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Tell Us About The Little Things You Do To Curb Your Depression

Because sometimes it's the smaller things that have the most impact.

Having depression can be a real challenge.

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And because it's different for everyone, some of the things proven to help depression, like diet, exercise, and meditation, might not work for you.

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Or maybe you're just not that interested in all that.

Maybe you find other, smaller things more helpful, like writing in a journal.

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Whether it's just talking about your day in general, writing about your accomplishments, or even just drawing a little something.

Maybe it's a funny TV show or movie that does the trick.

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And maybe, while laughing through it all, you partake in some self-care by painting your nails.

Perhaps it's a routine you keep that gives you peace of mind.

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Or keeping your home clean and organized that makes life seem a little less messy.

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Maybe you make it a point to get some sun every day for just a few minutes.

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Or maybe you make an effort to just get out in general, whether that's going to the park or a nature trail, or hanging with friends or family.

So tell us: What little strategies and tips have you discovered help get you through the daily grind?

Leave your suggestions using the dropbox below and they could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post for Mental Health Week.