19 Weird Facts About Death That'll Creep You The Hell Out

    Did you know people used to casually pose and take pictures of dead people?

    🚨The following contains disturbing content. Please read along at your own discretion!🚨Also, not all submissions are from Community users.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which weird facts about death freak them out the most. Here are the strange and gross results:

    1. Your body will most likely make a loud groaning noise — after you've already died.

    2. In the 1800s, photographing posed dead bodies was a very normal practice.

    3. There is a slight chance you could die from spontaneously combusting.

    4. Thousands of people die every year due to doctors' sloppy handwriting on prescriptions.

    5. Forensic scientists can tell when, and sometimes how, someone has died by looking at the types of insects that have begun to gather in and around a dead body.

    6. Your eyeballs will flatten soon after you die...

    7. ...and your eye color will most likely change soon after that, before your eyeballs have completely decomposed.

    8. Speaking of eyes, crime investigators used to believe that the image of a murderer could be captured in a victim's eyes — kind of like film on a camera — and stay there after they've died.

    9. It is absolutely possible to die from "fatal water overdose," aka from drinking too much water.

    10. The leading causes of death include heart disease, accidental poisoning, and car accidents.

    11. Some people suffer from a real syndrome where they believe they are already dead, or that they don't exist at all.

    12. If a body is left to decompose in consistent 50-degree weather, it can reach a skeletal state in as little as four months.

    13. Forensic scientists can easily tell whether a person drowned or was killed and then dumped in a body of water by simply looking inside their lungs.

    14. A corpse can bloat and swell up to almost double in size within a few days of dying, due to a buildup of gases in the body during decomposition.

    15. Your remains can be turned into a vinyl record, a diamond, or even a tree after you've died.

    16. When a body decays in water, a substance that looks like soap buildup can slowly form on the body, called "corpse wax."

    17. Your hair and nails will appear to keep growing a little bit after you die.

    18. In rare instances, women who died while pregnant can still give birth...well, sort of.

    19. And finally, it is likely that your body will twitch or move in a seemingly lifelike way even after you've died.