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What Weird Or Creepy Facts About Death Freak You Out The Most?

Tell us something spooky.

🚨Warning: This post contains content that some may consider disturbing. Please continue at your own risk.🚨

Death as a general concept is scary enough, but maybe there are a few extra-strange facts about the topic that you know that may actually send chills down peoples' spines.

For example, maybe you already knew that soon after someone dies, that person's eyeballs flatten.

Perhaps your brain is chock-full of tidbits regarding the popular 1800s practice of post-mortem photography, aka the act of taking photos of deceased people in posed positions.

Or maybe you know a very nerve-wracking piece of info, like the fact that accidents like falling and getting poisoned are in the top three leading causes of death.

Whatever weird fact you know about death, we want to know. Tell us via the DropBox below!

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.