39 Shows To Watch If You've Felt Like Crap Lately


    We asked the Buzzfeed Community what they were watching to distract themselves from the crazy world outside.

    From heartwarming and lighthearted to badass and empowering, here are some of their suggestions for shows that might bring a little light into your life right now.

    1. Black-ish

    2. Parks and Recreation

    3. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    4. One Day at a Time

    5. Supergirl

    6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    7. The Bachelor

    8. Yuri!!! On Ice

    9. Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City

    10. The Joy of Painting

    11. Nostalgia Critic

    12. Ugly Betty

    13. Big Cat Derek

    14. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    15. Jane the Virgin

    16. Shadowhunters

    17. Voltron: Legendary Defender

    18. American Grit

    19. Sweet/Vicious

    20. The Flash

    21. Once Upon a Time

    22. Bob's Burgers

    23. This Is Us

    24. Pretty Little Liars

    25. The Life & Times of Tim

    26. Gravity Falls

    27. Leverage

    28. The Office

    29. Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and Grey's Anatomy

    30. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

    31. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    32. Steven Universe

    33. Please Like Me

    34. BoJack Horseman

    35. Gilmore Girls

    36. The Magicians

    37. Broad City

    38. Supernatural

    39. The West Wing

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