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12 Of The Most Unhinged Moments Of "Terrace House"

There’s so much shade to unpack.

Terrace House is beloved in Japan and, also, pretty much everywhere else. Although we’ve seen its downfall in the past year, it still holds a special place in the reality TV universe.

The houseguest cast looking at the green scenery

Terrace House follows six strangers who live together, working towards their goals and new relationships. It’s a lot more wholesome than a reality TV show on MTV, but the houseguests are far from boring. They deliver the drama, the friendship, the love interests, and of course, the shade.

Terrace House commentators calling a houseguest stupid.

Here are 12 of the most over-the-top, unhinged, and sometimes lovable moments of Terrace House:

1. The ridiculous quest to find love.

Houseguest saying he's recruiting a girlfriend

2. The self-proclaimed “professional” tap dancer who could not mind his own business.

Yuki telling his roommate that she doesn't say anything when she speaks.

3. The girl fight between Risako and Haruka over a wasteman.

Women going back and forth over a boy they like

4. Uchi writing “coward” on the omurice she made for her crush.

A bow of omurice with coward written in ketchup.

5. Literally any time Seina was on.

Seina drinking a glass of wine alone.

6. Yuki getting rejected for Costco.

Yuki's crush friendzone's him by planning a trip to Costco with their roomate.

7. Yusuke gets ghosted.

Yusuke alone at dinner.

8. The secret love affair revealed.

Arman calling out his two roommates for lying

9. The perfect man does not exi—

Ruka says his broccoli pasta has no flavor

10. Uchi going off at his roommates for eating his gifted meat.

Houseguests apologizing to their roommate for eating his meat

11. Shion and Tsubasa finally getting together.

Shion asking Tsubasa to be his girlfriend on Valentine's Day

12. And finally, Shohei confessing his love to Seina at a chapel.

Shohei getting reject by Seina

Share your favorite unhinged moments from Terrace House!

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