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These Friends Do A Celeb Group Costume Every Halloween And It's So Good

BFF Halloween costume goals.

Meet Auburn Salcedo and her friends.

For the past six years, these BFFs have been dressing in celeb-based group costumes almost every Halloween. Here they are this year, each dressed as a different Tom Hanks:

"Our first group costume was zombie pageant queens; all the costumes for women at the time were hyper-sexualized and not incredibly interesting," Salcedo told BuzzFeed. "We came up with the seven Johnny Depps the following year, and it was so well-received at our annual Halloween party that we kinda just knew we had something."

Here they are in 2013 as seven Jim Carreys:

Salcedo says that if the group had to pick a favorite, it'd be their 2014 Will Ferrell costumes...which are SPOT ON:

But their 2015 Robin Williams costumes are also great.

Salcedo says the group is "open to suggestions" as to which celebs/characters they should dress as in the future, but personally I think it's going to be tough to top this group of Bill Murrays:

Salcedo even made a grid comparing their costumes with the original characters!

Truly, Halloween queens.