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    27 Animated Scenes That Made The Whole Movie

    Just because they're animated doesn't mean they can't tear your heart out.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they think the absolute best scenes from animated movies are...not based on visuals (that's another post), but based on the scene itself.

    We got TONS of great answers, and here are some of the most popular ones!

    (Oh, and there will be SPOILERS throughout! But probably not for any very recent movies.)

    1. The ending of The Iron Giant:

    Warner Bros.

    "'I go. You stay. No following. Superman.'

    That smile on Giant’s face gets me every time."


    2. The harsh reality of war in Mulan:

    Li Shang looking at a burned village in "Mulan"

    "In Mulan, right after they sing 'A Girl Worth Fighting For,' and they see the burned village with the little girl’s doll. The tone shifts so quickly from a fun, happy Disney movie and you’re reminded that the movie is about a war and people died from it. That scene gives me chills every time."


    3. When Dash finally gets to use his powers in The Incredibles:

    Dash discovering he can run on water
    Disney / Pixar

    "In The Incredibles, when Dash, who has been told his whole life to hide his powers, finally gets to cut loose and use them."


    4. "Show Yourself" from Frozen 2:

    Elsa transforming her dress with her mothers looking on during "Show Yourself"

    "The song itself is a beautiful song of self-realization, a power ballad for anyone struggling to show their true selves to the world. And of course, Idina Menzel hits those high notes flawlessly.

    Then there’s the beauty of the animation itself. Dealing with ice, that’s slippery and shiny and reflective, and animating it so remarkably is no small task. Then, at the climax of the song, the realism of the glacier is perfectly blended with the magic of seeing her mother and her dress transforming to reflect her true self. The entire scene is the perfect emotional climax of an amazing movie."


    5. When Taki and Mitsuha finally meet in Your Name:

    Taki and Mitsuha meeting face to face in "Your Name"

    "That scene from Your Name where Taki and Mitsuha finally meet atop a mountain after being separated by location, the mystery of the town, and time itself. I just think it's a perfect scene because of how much the audience has been anticipating this moment, and how much Taki had to do in order for it to happen. And we can't forget the gorgeous animation of course."


    6. When Bolt saves Penny in Bolt:

    Bolt and Penny in the hospital after the fire

    "It makes you want to cry so bad, and then when they show the two being carried out on stretchers! It is amazing."


    7. Waiting for the bus in the rain in My Neighbor Totoro:

    Mei and Satsuki waiting for the bus with Totoro
    Studio Ghibli

    "The whole scene is brilliantly quiet, properly paced, and builds up to the hilarious Cat Bus."


    8. When Hiro has to let Baymax go in Big Hero 6:

    Baymax floating away from Hiro inside the portal

    "Baymax was the last thing Hiro had from his brother, but — being the lovable marshmallow he is — he did what he had to do to save Hiro 😭."


    9. When Riley accepts her sadness in Inside Out:

    Riley's parents listening to her tell them about her sadness
    Disney / Pixar

    "When Riley embraces her sadness in Inside Out. As someone who was struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness when I first saw it, this hit me incredibly hard. When I rewatched it recently, I was in awe. A young girl who was struggling and didn't know how to show it, and then eventually breaking down is such a difficult thing to portray in any movie, let alone an animated kids movie. From the bottom of my heart, I have to say thank you."


    10. Ray's funeral in The Princess and the Frog:

    Ray's star next to Evangeline's

    "The scene in The Princess and the Frog when Ray the firefly is being carried down the stream after being killed and he joins his love Evangeline in the sky as a star. It is absolutely beautiful and the light of Ray’s new star hitting the faces of the characters as they realize his love wasn’t imaginary is breathtaking."


    11. The parting of the Red Sea in The Prince of Egypt:

    Moses leading his people through the Red Sea in "The Prince of Egypt"

    "I still get goosebumps when the lightning flashes and you see the silhouette of the whale. The animation, the music...I hold my breath every time."


    12. When Kubo has his realization in Kubo and the Two Strings:

    Kubo looking at the strings he had around his wrist

    "When he's facing his grandfather the Moon King, preparing to have his other eye stolen and has the realization that the greatest magic of memory."


    13. The train scene in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron:

    Spirit seeing a vision of his family in "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron"

    "The scene in the snow where he's on the train. He imagines his family and starts to believe they are actually there. It's heartbreaking, and such an important scene."


    14. The "Tale of the Three Brothers" in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

    Death meeting the last Peverell brother as he gives the invisibility cloak to his son
    Warner Bros.

    "The animation style is excellent; it’s dark, fluid, and looks so unique. The narration by Emma Watson suits it so well and the scene fits seamlessly into the rest of the movie, despite being the only animated scene. I think there’s no better way the movie could have done this little origin story justice!"


    15. When Po remembers his past in Kung Fu Panda 2:

    Po's mother hiding him from danger

    "The scene in Kung Fu Panda 2 when Po finds his inner peace by remembering what happened to his mom. The moment when the animation switches from 2D (representing his dreams) to 3D (representing real life) is so beautifully perfect."


    16. When Ashitaka steps between San and Lady Eboshi in Princess Mononoke:

    Ashitaka stepping between San and Lady Eboshi
    Studio Ghibli

    "I'm really partial to when San tries to assassinate Lady Eboshi, and Ashitaka has to use his demon strength to stop them. He delivers a 'reasons you both suck' speech to the two of them, and it really drives home the theme of technology versus nature. It is a beautifully serious scene."


    17. The "sanctuary" moment in The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

    Quasimodo holding Esmeralda atop Notre Dame

    "In Hunchback of Notre Dame, when Quasimodo holds Esmeralda in his arms and cries ‘Sanctuary!’ over and over again for all of Paris to hear. The bells in the background and just the sheer MAJESTY of the cathedral...chills all around."


    18. The "What's Up Danger" scene in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:

    Miles in mid-air after jumping off the skyscraper

    "When Miles takes the leap off the skyscraper and finally gains the confidence of being himself and Spider-Man. When it slows down and he’s upside down in midair, it just has that moment of clarity...freedom. I love it."


    19. The tense prison break in Toy Story 3:

    Woody and friends attempting to escape
    Disney / Pixar

    "I know that the ending is great, but I love when Woody comes back and this scene culminates in a decently lengthy and elaborate escape (that included Mr. Potato Head in both tortilla and pickle form). Even watching it a decade later, I get so worried that the toys are going to get caught."


    20. The "Adventure Book" scene in Up:

    Carl looking through the adventure book full of photos
    Disney / Pixar

    "In Up, when Carl discovers that Ellie had filled her adventure book with photos of their life together and at the end she wrote 'Thanks for the adventure, now go have one of your own.' I sob uncontrollably every time I watch that part. It's beautiful and the music playing along with it is so moving."


    21. Eugene's "death" in Tangled:


    "In Tangled, when Rapunzel says she will stay with Gothel if she lets her save Eugene, but Eugene cuts off her hair. Right before Eugene dies, he tells Rapunzel that she was his new dream. That whole scene and when her tears bring him back are just amazing."


    22. The famous ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast:


    "The dance scene from Beauty and the Beast is iconic, gorgeous, and sweeping. The camera angles are flowing and masterful, the song is so emotional, the chemistry between Belle and the Beast is fantastic, and the entire piece is a two-minute taste of perfection. It makes my heart flutter every time."


    23. The train scene in Spirited Away:

    Studio Ghibli

    "In Spirited Away, when Chihiro is on the train to swamp bottom. It’s simple, but one of the most gorgeous scenes ever created."


    24. When Hiccup and Toothless first become friends in How to Train Your Dragon:

    Toothless nuzzling Hiccup's hand for the first time

    "It's an absolutely perfect piece of animation in unison with the musical score where no words are said but the emotional connection between the two characters is tangible."


    25. Simba deciding to go back to Pride Rock in The Lion King:

    Rafiki hitting Simba on the head

    "The scene in The Lion King when Rafiki talks to Simba and when he hits him on the head, they go back and forth. It ends with this quote: 'The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.'

    And then, Simba decides to go back. I was so sad when they left this out of the live-action version because it seemed so pivotal to Simba’s growth. Even as a kid, that quote struck deep to learn and know...bad things may happen, but that's okay."


    26. When Miguel sings with Mamá Coco and brings music back into his family in Coco:

    Disney / Pixar

    "The ending scene of Coco. It was so beautiful and I loved how the whole family got together and sang. That whole movie was so amazing, but that ending was simply perfect."


    27. The reprise of "Part of Your World" in The Little Mermaid:

    Ariel singing on a rock with waves splashing around her

    "This one is cliché but it’s a classic: 'Part of your World' reprise when Ariel is singing to Eric at first and then when she is singing on the rocks and the waves crash around her and she looks like the Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen."


    Submissions may have been edited for length or clarity.