23 Insults That Are Masterfully Creative And Devastating

    "My closest friend once told me I dressed like an accounting major going through her second divorce."

    1. This dig from Usain Bolt, with a callback to the Olympics:

    2. This retort from James Blunt:

    3. This comment that Ryan Reynolds left on Hugh Jackman's anniversary post:

    4. This deep burn over text:

    5. This creative way to say "Stop it":

    @TheTodayShow Hi there. It woukd take a team of 300,000 engineers working for nearly 10 years to design a vehicle to plumb the crushing depths of my disappointment in you right now.

    6. This response to a slight math error:

    7. This insult that can only come from a sibling:

    8. This two-for-one by the same person on the same thread:

    9. This casual atom bomb from a passing teenager:

    10. This insult from a shocking post about men failing to wash their hands pre-corona:

    11. This string of words that would make vampires cry, if they existed:

    12. This metaphorical one-hit KO:

    13. This dark but effective burn:

    14. This poetic response to dick pics:

    15. This comment that goes way beyond "Hey, 2003 called...":

    16. This total roast of a lizard:

    17. This subtle insult from Justin Trudeau:

    18. This post-breakup own:

    one time in middle school i dated a girl for 4 days and when she broke up with me she posted on facebook “sometimes your knight in shining armor is really just a loser in tinfoil” and to this day that the sickest burn i’ve ever gotten

    19. This explanation on an interesting art history post:

    20. This REAL insult that only a best friend could deliver:

    21. This response to anyone who tries to bring you down:

    22. And finally, this insult thrown at Bob Odenkirk that's actually kind of a compliment:

    H/T: r/rareinsults.