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    17 Netflix Hidden Gems That'll Stretch Your Imagination

    Because good shows make you think.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite hidden gems on Netflix in the sci-fi and fantasy realm. Here are their recommendations:

    1. In Your Eyes

    Bellweather Pictures

    In Your Eyes: an indie film about two people who discover that they can telepathically see the world through each others' eyes. One of my all time faves.


    2. The Almighty Johnsons

    South Pacific Pictures

    The Almighty Johnsons! Such a great idea for a show. The show is from New Zealand and so dang good I binged on the entire series in one weekend. Based on the idea of a family of reincarnated Norse gods in modern day, they do not have entire use of their powers until Odin finds his real-life Frigga. It's a fun series, well written, and the characters are awesome! My type of comedy-drama!

    —Kris Marie

    3. The OA


    The OA. It's so amazing, and it made me cry so hard. I'm not really into sci-fi but it has very minimal amounts of it and it tells the story in such a beautiful way.


    4. iZombie


    iZombie is a really great show. Horrible name, but it's a great show about a doctor who goes to a party for the first time and accidentally gets turned into a zombie. To retain a moderately normal life, she must eat brains, but the brains give her visions from the person's point of view. She goes to a morgue and eats brains there and helps solve murders.


    5. Travelers


    Travelers. It's a Netflix original series (one season so far) about futuristic government agents overtaking the bodies of people about to get killed and their mission in the past (current times). It's extremely high quality, well written, and appeals to all genre fans. I don't want to give away too much, but it's a lot of action, a lot of sci-fi, and a lot of great characters, some of whom are quite attractive.


    6. The Silenced

    Lotte Entertainment

    The Silenced / 경성학교: 사라진 소녀들! It's a super creepy, genre-bending horror/historical/science fiction movie set in 1930s Korea. It's visually stunning, too!


    7. The 100


    The 100. Hands down the best show I've ever watched and I'm not usually a TV person. SO GOOD!

    —Meredith Ganley

    8. Sense8


    Sense8! It has everything you want in a great show: love, drama, action, intellect, uniqueness, and an awesome cast. It's so good, you can't help but binge-watch!


    9. Hemlock Grove


    Hemlock Grove! It's a perfect mix of artsy, bizarre, and fantastical all wrapped up in sci-fi and mystery! It's well acted and beautifully shot. Definitely worth the watch.


    10. Glitch


    Glitch is an interesting Australian show. Without giving away too much, think about people mysteriously rising from the dead...and no, they're not zombies.


    11. Trollhunter

    Film Fund FUZZ

    Trollhunter! The Norwegian documentary—not the kid's movie.


    12. TiMER

    Present Pictures

    TiMER: a film set in the not-so-distant future where most people have a tiny timer that tells them exactly when they'll meet their soulmate.


    13. 3%


    3%. It's a dystopian miniseries that takes place in a world where only 3% lives in paradise and the only way to escape poverty is to pass a series of tests. It's in Portuguese, I believe, but can be dubbed in English. I really enjoyed this series, if you love The Hunger Games or The Giver I highly recommend it.


    14. The 4400


    The 4400. It's a great sci-fi show about people who were abducted 50-plus years ago and suddenly return in a giant ball of light.

    —Rebecca Seidmon

    15. Voltron: Legendary Defender


    Three words: Voltron Legendary Defender.

    If you're into a series with beautiful animation, amazing voice talent, action-packed episodes, hysterical comedic timing, and compelling characters, this is the show for you! It is a reboot of the older cartoon, Voltron, but this takes it in a very new direction and gives the characters individual and distinct personalities and backstories that are so satisfying to find out about. If you feel like getting invested in a very character-heavy show that has a great balance of comedic to serious moments and a lot of brilliantly written and animated action scenes, this is the perfect match for you! It's on Netflix and currently has two seasons up!


    16. Dollhouse


    Dollhouse. It has so many different parts to it! There's the science side, the psychological side, and parts where the characters are completely badass. Really cool to see so many of the characters have basically an unlimited number of personalities! It's an amazing show, and you could honestly see it actually happening. Plus, it's by Joss Whedon, so you know it'll be fantastic.


    17. Merlin


    Merlin. It's a show not many people have seen. It's about Merlin being the servant to prince Arthur. It is really well written and it has John Hurt as a dragon, so enough said.


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