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    38 Pieces Of Clothing That Are Both Stylish *and* Comfy

    Throw on a blonde wig and start humming ~the best of both worlds~.

    1. A fuzzy sweater lauded by reviewers for being ridiculously cozy and soft. For a more chic version of your favorite fleece pajama top, *this* is just the ticket you've been scouring the internet for.

    2. A turtleneck dress that feels as comfy as your fleece rubber ducky pajamas, but looks significantly more put-together. Who actually woke up more than 10 minutes before work started this morning? You did.

    reviewer wearing black sleeved dress

    3. A two-piece loungewear set to take care of those annoying ~but what will I wear this weekend~ internal debates. This is the perfect Saturday attire! Saturday in this context = a day-long date with Netflix.

    4. A lace trim tank and shorts set crafted with velvet, aka this is the embodiment of luxe loungewear. Wearing this around your apartment takes mundane activities (hello, mindless Instagram scrolling) and makes it feel like an event.

    the burgundy velvet tank top and lace trim shorts

    5. A lightweight jumpsuit about to become the pride of your closet. Good luck explaining to the rest of your wardrobe why you favor this piece so much. "It's just so versatile..." —you.

    6. A boyfriend denim jacket lined with a delightfully soft sherpa material. This versatile BB adds an extra cozy touch to a wardrobe staple you're already obsessed with. This *will* be worn every darn day.

    model wearing light blue denim jacket with white sherpa

    7. A bat-wing sweater complete with an asymmetrical hem you'll want to pair with leggings, combat boots, and a trendy fedora for a look that says "Why yes, this is something you have saved to a Pinterest board."

    8. A cozy loungewear set vying to become a part of your going out wardrobe. Hear me out: pair that button-down with high-waisted jeans and black booties and you are TRENDY, thank you very much.

    reviewer wearing black pants and sleeved button-down with white piping

    9. Pull-on Levi Strauss jeans that look like your typical hunk of denim, but you've been duped! These are just as comfortable as your favorite leggings but look about a trillion times more put-together.

    10. A cotton sweater-blazer one can throw over any old top (cc: the old high school gym shirt you sleep in five nights a week) and voila! You're now chic enough for a supporting character role in Emily in Paris.

    model wearing the black blazer with pockets and two buttons

    11. A band dress that truly ~rocks~ when it comes to a: getting ready in under .5 seconds flat and b: still looking ultra chic. This has all the comfort of an oversized tee and all the style of a thrift store find.

    model wearing the black dress with red Rolling Stones graphic

    12. A drawstring waist romper currently on sale for $39.99 (it *was* $158). This checks off all the boxes when it comes to an ideal WFH outfit: pockets, a lightweight fabric that won't cling, and a drawstring waist to make you look more put-together.

    13. A lace "busty" bralette sung about on an eighth-grade class trip to Rome — in other words, it's what dreams are made of if you wear a D cup. This provides comfort, support, and is available in a ton of colors and designs.

    model wearing the black lace bralette

    14. A tunic dress perfect for grocery store runs, dinner dates, reading a good book in your backyard, etc. In other words, this is Versatile with an intentional capital "V."

    15. A sweater dress that is, and I cannot stress this enough, all I want to wear this fall. That cozy fabric! That twist back! Excuse me whilst I drool.

    model wearing the gray mini twist back dress

    16. A cowl neck tunic beloved by over 8,000 reviewers. If you're looking for the ideal blend of comfort and versatility, this cozy top is probably the only thing you'll want to wear from now until, well, forever.

    17. A chunky turtleneck sweater with pumpkin spice coursing through its veins. Fall festivities, say hello to the only shoe I'll be wearing whilst picking pumpkins and eating my weight in apple cider donuts.

    reviewer wearing the orange sweater

    18. An unlined floral lace bra about to become the pride of your intimates drawer. Gorgeous aesthetics aside, this is equipped with a U-shaped back, soft straps, and lightweight support for a "barely there but still there" feeling.

    Reviewer wearing the mesh and lace bra in black

    19. An oversized button-down currently serving Big Fall Energy. This classic top may as well come with a side order of apple cider donuts because this? This is autumn in wearable format.

    model wearing gray and white plaid shirt

    20. High-waisted leggings, aka the bread and butter of any WFH wardrobe. These provide awesome compression, come in a variety of fab solids and prints, *plus* have over 7,000 positive reviews.

    21. An oversized jumpsuit because the *only* thing you should be choosing is your newest Hulu binge — not which lounge pants to wear with your oversized tee. No more attempting to match an outfit before your coffee has even kicked in.

    reviewer wearing white and blue tie dye jumpsuit

    22. A full-length, button-up dress dubbed the ~spa dress~ because of how cozy it is (you can thank 100% extra-fine Italian merino wool for that).

    model wearing the black button-up dress

    23. A fantastically chunky ribbed cardigan that I'm going to go ahead and assume has some sort of relationship with Taylor Swift. I mean, 10/10 this would be the muse behind a hit single.

    24. A knot-front oversized sweater known for being very go with the flow, aka it can be paired with literally any bottom in your closet. Here's looking at you, culotte pants we got on clearance but have never worn. This sweater may just give you a fighting chance.

    model wearing the black V-neck sweater

    25. Knit rib lounge pants with all the comfort of your favorite sweats, but these babies have the whole trendier-than-thou factor going for them. Heading out for a quick errand? Throw on a fedora and you'll look like you've just stepped off a fashion inspo Pinterest board.

    26. Denim joggers to give you the *look* of your favorite high-waisted jeans but, thank the heavens, none of the discomfort. The year is 2020 and we refuse to wear a belt.

    model wearing denim joggers with white drawstring

    27. A two-piece outfit that is basically a gazillion options in one: wear this as a matching ensemble, throw on the sweater with workout leggings, pair the bottoms with your favorite band tee, and the list goes on.

    28. An adjustable strap V-neck romper made from an unbelievably comfortable MicroModal fabric (which, fun fact, is actually three times softer than cotton). It's static-resistant, doesn't feel clingy, and is crafted from sustainably-sourced beechwood fibers.

    model wearing the black V-neck romper

    29. A striped T-shirt about to become the only thing you ever wear... probably ever again. What do we love? A comfy top that looks effortlessly chic with some lipstick and high-waisted denim.

    30. A fitted T-shirt dress sustainably- and ethically made from cotton jersey remnants. This is basically made from scraps discarded at larger factories.

    model wearing black mini t-shirt dress

    31. A pajama set here to nudge your high school gym shorts and old soccer team T-shirt into retirement. You hated soccer. You sat on the bench. Sweaty sleepers, this cool-to-the-touch bamboo fabric is *especially* divine for you.

    model wearing black V-neck tee and shorts

    32. Sherpa-lined sweats to make your legs feel as if they're being enveloped by a large, fluffy bathrobe. If you're dreading the winter and are perpetually cold (#me), then these babies should already be in your shopping cart.

    33. A square-neck cotton jumpsuit you'll for anyone who detests having to scrounge up a matching top and bottom, plus wants to look peak Instagram-worthy loungewear. "Why yes, I did try this morning" —me to my reflection whilst wearing this.

    model wearing charcoal square neck jumpsuit

    34. A faux suede mini skirt serving Big Fall Energy. Your outfit will have basically attained Pinterest level of perfection — just add some boots and a bodysuit. Glass of apple cider in hand is optional but highly encouraged.

    35. A camisole strap bralette that is (hello, lace) the epitome of love at first sight. Throw in the fact that the below is super comfy *and* can be layered underneath V-neck tops? I mean, someone pinch me. I had no idea this level of perfection could exist.

    reviewer wearing longline V-neck lace bralette in black

    36. A tie front off-shoulder blouse you'll be tempted to purchase in every color (there's 17 of 'em available, for reference). This is here to nudge your old high school gym tee into retirement: not only is the design *chefs kiss*, but the breezy material makes it comfier than what you typically wear to bed.

    37. A velvet shirt dress so gorgeous, I'm pretty sure it inspired the creation of the following emoji: 😍. The cozy fabric is just an added perk.

    model wearing the sleeved black button-up dress

    38. A matching set for lounging around and doing nothing, but the subtle pant pleats also makes the whole thing très trendy. Need to run errands? Have a friend stopping by? Don't want to show up to the Zoom call in your pajamas? This cozy duo is perfect for all scenarios.

    reviewer wearing olive green drawstring pants and matching sleeved crewneck sweater

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