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    34 Pajamas For Anyone Ready To Replace Their Ratty Old T-Shirts

    The only clothing that matters anymore, quite frankly.

    1. A pajama set with over 1,000 glowing reviews that scream "Target, you've done it again." This matching top and bottom is made from a buttery soft fabric so lovely, you'll be belting out a Celine Dion ballad at first wear.

    model wearing the black matching set with white piping detail

    2. A loungewear set comprised of a cropped, bralette-inspired top and (more importantly) uber fuzzy shorts. What shall we be wearing to the 90th Harry Potter marathon of the year with our significant others? The below. Obviously.

    the gray top and pink bottoms

    3. A cable-knit two-piece set that will make re-watching The Vampire Diaries for the 90th time this year feel like, well, a luxurious experience. Matching loungewear = a foolproof way to feel fancy.

    4. A pajama set here to nudge your high school gym shorts and old soccer team T-shirt into retirement. Sweaty sleepers, this cool-to-the-touch bamboo fabric is *especially* divine for you.

    model wearing the purple pajama set

    5. A two-piece outfit – it's basically a gazillion options in one: wear this as a matching ensemble, throw on the sweater with workout leggings, pair the bottoms with your favorite band tee, and the list goes on.

    6. A silky robe serving major Emily in Paris vibes to moi. Thoughts for season two: She will drape this on and then proceed to sip coffee, eat a croissant, and gaze out at the entire city with Gabriel by her side. (The obvious romantic choice.)

    model wearing the leopard print robe

    7. A personalized satin pajama set because nothing says "I do" quite like professional photos of you and your matching bridesmaids. 💅👰

    8. A V-neck tunic top reviewers can't stop raving about due to how soft, flowy, and versatile it is. Now that we are adults (yes I'm talking directly to you), 'tis time to finally replace the Twilight tee we've been wearing to bed since '07.

    reviewer photo of model wearing the olive green t-shirt

    9. Ribbed knit boxer shorts (and a matching tank!) because the sun is OUT, the days are LONGER, and the season of bare legs has returned. Treat yourself to PJs that don't require central air being cranked out on full blast.

    10. A velvety pajama set probably worn by Blair Waldorf herself. Wearing this will evoke feelings of padding around a Fifth Avenue penthouse, mimosa in hand and Chuck Bass in mind. *buys every color*

    A reviewer in the green velvet tank and shorts set with black lace

    11. A sleeved jumpsuit that has "comfortable chic" down to a science. Forget the headache that comes from matching a top with a bottom: simply slip this on instead.

    12. A cami top and matching shorts available in several fun designs, from dainty feathers to the text "let me sleep" — the latter of which has been my life motto since 1994, tbqh.

    the blue satin set with feather design

    13. A buttery soft button-down and pant bundle available in a lovely shell pink hue. One reviewer even went so far as to say they ~never want to get dressed again~ due to how comfy this set is and wow, my mood since March 2020.

    the matching striped top and bottom

    14. Lightweight drawstring joggers for a definitive upgrade to the fleece rubber duckie pajamas you've been wearing for the past century. These pocketed pants feel supremely comfy, but still look put-together enough for errands.

    model wearing gray sweatpants

    15. An off-shoulder Victorian nightgown — because if my sleepwear isn't inspired by a Jane Austen character, then I DON'T WANT IT. 10/10 would wear *this* if I were to ever become a ghost.

    16. A two-piece lounge set so you can add a little ROY G BIV to your wardrobe (heaven knows we're not getting enough sunshine these days). This lightweight sweater and shorts combo will have you feeling trendier than thou in no time.

    reviewer wearing the tie dye set

    17. Sherpa-lined sweats to make your legs feel as if they're being enveloped by a large, fluffy bathrobe. If you are perpetually cold (#me), then these babies are great — bonus points for a tapered leg that sets these apart from your oversized pajama bottoms.

    18. A plush V-neck jumpsuit complete with pockets, which means remote controls and cell phones no longer have to be lost in the abyss that is your couch.

    model wearing the jumpsuit

    19. A satin nightshirt labeled as pajama-wear (valid!) but honestly? Throw on high-waisted denim, your go-to black booties, and your look will be worthy of an Instagram photo. On the grid.

    model wearing purple satin shirt with leopard print

    20. Drawstring linen shorts for a chic upgrade to your pajama bottoms. The high-rise elastic waistband ensures a comfy fit, plus large pockets mean you won't have to carry your cell around in your hand as you go from Point A (your couch) to B (your bed).

    model wearing camouflage olive green linen shorts

    21. A 100% washable silk set worthy of all the Instagram hype it's gotten. Over 1,000 reviewers praise this set for providing ultimate comfort, a no slip-or-slide design that stays firmly in place, and a second skin feel that won't have you waking up in a pool of your own sweat.

    22. A lounge set for anyone whose style icon was, is, and will *always* be Sporty Spice. This is comfy enough for dreaming but still très chic, which means morning strolls and coffee runs will be worthy of that #ootd from now on.

    model wearing the taupe set with white stripes on side

    23. A two-piece loungewear set to take care of those annoying ~but what will I wear this weekend~ internal debates. This is the perfect Saturday attire! Saturday in this context = a day-long date with Netflix.

    24. An oversized 100% organic cotton sleep dress for anyone who wants to go pants-less but lives with a ton of people. Here I am, presenting you with the perfect solution.

    model wearing the blue shirt dress

    25. Cotton lounge pants that will oh-so-perfectly complement the Calvin Klein bralette you've been wearing since ::checks calendar:: last year. And of course, hats off to the no-strings design — you'll be able to chuck these in the wash with full confidence knowing they won't be ruined due to an irksome drawstring waistband.

    the model wearing black pants with the Calvin Klein logo

    26. A short set made from a signature bamboo linen that's got a *ton* of awesome factors going for it: It's antibacterial, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, thermoregulating (a fancy phrase that means it keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter), and is sustainably processed.

    27. A ribbed top and short shorts if the landlord controls the heat in your apartment, consistently keeping it at a temp appreciated by Hades. This no-frills set is the closest one can get to being in the nude (without actually, you know, being nude).

    model wearing the gray tank top and shorts

    28. A breathable and static-resistant onesie that is — what I imagine, anyway — what sleeping in a cloud would feel like. The ethically-sourced MicroModal material provides superior softness that will have you adding *all* available solid hues and bold prints to your cart.

    model wearing the black onesie

    29. A V-neck satin romper because who says lingerie has to involve underwire and itchy lace? This piece of sleepwear provides comfort, affordable style, and a bit of ~va va voom~.

    30. Track joggers – they're everything the world needs in a pant. The tapered silhouette means they don't feel as bulky as your fleece pajama bottoms; the delightful material means you will feel extremely snuggly with every click of the "skip intro" and every sporadic grocery run.

    model wearing the gray joggers

    31. A no-frills sleep set serving Big Adult Energy. After multiple decades spent on this earth, it may just be time to invest in the unthinkable: a matching pajama top and bottom.

    32. A ribbed nightie that strikes me as something I'd end up wearing morning, afternoon, and night, at least six days a week (I'd say seven but I'm taking into account that I'll probably have to launder it every so often). Presenting your new favorite ~nap dress~.

    model wearing the black and white striped nightie

    33. Fold-over waist pants about to become the ~little black dress~ of your loungewear drawer. These supremely comfortable modal bottoms go with everything in your wardrobe, whether that's a silk tee or the promotional tee you got for free from a sweepstakes once.

    34. An impeccably cozy V-neck romper ideal for lounging... but can you also throw on heeled booties, red lipstick, and a leather jacket for more dressy occasions? Absolutely.

    model wearing the leopard jumpsuit

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