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46 Gifts For Anyone Who Has The Entire "Harry Potter" Series Memorized

Text from Gringotts after reading this post: "Did you spend $900 at Etsy? Confirm yes or no."

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1. A Pensieve memory set in an ornate keepsake box they'll treasure forever and ever (no sorcerer's stone* required). Inside they'll find a deluxe 176-page journal with HP quotes scattered throughout, a Dumbledore wand pen, and two memory vials.

2. A personalized music box so they can listen to the epic glory that is "Hedwig's Theme" whenever they darn well please. I get goosebumps by just humming it...

the music box with Harry Potter engraving

3. A Dobby figurine that one reviewer is using in lieu of Elf on the Shelf this year and in the words of Ron himself, ~brilliant~. This little guy has bendable limbs and can be comfortably placed in any nook or cranny throughout their home.

4. Loose-leaf tea inspired by butter beer (it's actually a combo of leaf rooibos chai and butterscotch rooibos tea) because Hogsmeade is such a trek — this gift brings Madam Puddifoot's to them.

the butter beer tea in packaging

5. Or! If their birthday aligns around the holidays, a Happee Birthdae confetti cake version will certainly grant you title of best gift giver. This creamy orange pekoe loose-leaf tea even comes with rainbow sprinkles.

the tea with rainbow sprinkles in clear packaging

6. A magical cookbook that'll have them sipping on gin and (pumpkin) juice in no time. Picture recipes for treacle tarts, rock cakes, lemon tarts, Irish soda bread, kippers, and so much more that'll have them saying Great Hall, who?

the book

7. Pencil topper figurines that can be used for writing instruments (*the exception being a quill*) and crochet hooks, as decor — one reviewer even used them to DIY ornaments for a tree that I imagine looks nothing short of magical.

8. Winged keys so gorgeous, I literally gasped when I first saw them (and I am sadly not exaggerating). These are the perfect stocking stuffers for HP-obsessed roommates prone to calling you at midnight because they have forgotten their key — yet again. *eye twitches*

the keys with colored wings attached to them

9. A chocolate frog mold for when they're too busy for a Honeydukes run but would like some chocolate treats. Encourage them to eat their creations ASAP — these have a tendency to jump away.

10. A chocolate frog card you can personalize with their name and photo! And unlike the regular old wizarding cards (so boring), their photo will actually last / not disappear after a mere few seconds.

the frog card

11. A Hogwarts Express snow globe because they rode it once at Universal Orlando and have not stopped talking about it ever since. To quote every mean girl in every teen film ever: "Take a picture, it'll last longer" except we're swapping pictures for snow globes.

the snow globe

12. A pop-up advent calendar that contains 25 keepsakes ornaments (ranging from Hermione's time turner to house crests) they can use to decorate the 13-inch tree in the middle. A mini booklet with behind-the-scenes facts is included. Excuse me whilst I cry at the magic.

reviewer photo of the Christmas tree decorated with paper ornaments

13. A Who Is It? game in which each player picks up a card — the objective is to ask their opponent yes or no questions until they've narrowed down which character they've got in their hand. Hack: ask "Does your character say 'Potter' in a disgusted tone?" to immediately clear Malfoy as a possibility.

14. A teeny tiny Felix Felicis liquid vial that brings a whole new meaning to the ~lucky charm~ phrase. You can get the vial on its lonesome or opt for the necklace version; either way, 10/10 recommend giving this to a best friend pre- major Quidditch tournament.

the small gold vial

15. Playing cards featuring gorgeous HP-inspired illustrations: the Sorting Hat, Hedwig, and Scabbers. **takes deep breath** There's also Fawkes, the Nimbus 2000, a Hungarian horntail dragon, the Knight Bus, and so much more!

16. A bracelet set purchased at a shop in Diagon Alley (READ: NOT "diagonilly"). This set includes an adjustable bangle with the Deathly Hallows symbol, as well as a stretchy bracelet emblazoned with the word *sniffle* always.

reviewer wearing the bracelet set

17. A crewneck sweatshirt that pays homage to their favorite eatery and the only place they UberEats from: The Leaky Cauldron.

model wearing white sweatshirt that says the Leaky Cauldron in black

18. A vinyl decal capable of transforming your bathroom into one that Moaning Myrtle would want to haunt. Plus, it provides an express route to your job — which is with the Ministry of Magic, of course.

reviewer photo of the decal

19. Bertie Bott’s beans available in a wide array of delicious, not-at-all-disgusting flavors. Banana! Blueberry! Black Pepper! Booger!

reviewer holding the jelly beans

20. A Quidditch set that makes a more exciting gift than say — oh, I don't know — a Nimbus 2000. This comes with a quaffle, two bludgers, a snitch, and a Quidditch poster for anyone who aspires to be the next Viktor Krum.

reviewer photo of the set

21. A personalized necklace complete with a custom card *and* a gorgeous rose gold chain (lightning bolt pendant included, of course) destined to become their favorite new accessory.

the lightning bolt necklace on a white card with a quote that says "Emma"

22. A Trans pride Hogwarts and book sticker because it's true: the magic truly belongs to *all* of us. You! You! You! Your neighbor! Your best friend's sibling! The acquaintance you don't really know, but still inexplicably follow on Instagram! The person you were friends with in pre-school but have since lost touch with! And you!

23. A tapestry backdrop capable of transforming their Ikea-furnished living room into the renowned Hogwarts library itself. Note: Restricted section not included.

the book-inspired tapestry hanging behind a couch

24. A Snape-inspired heat-changing mug to add a tear, or two, or several to their morning coffee routine. Always. *begins to sob*

the mug with before and after photos in which it's black when cold but reveals an image when hot

25. A doormat that would not be condoned by one Arthur Weasley, who is fascinated by muggles and curious as to what the function of a rubber duck is. I'm personally not a muggle and therefore not sure, but feel free to sound off in the comments if you are A: a muggle and B: know the answer.

the mat with text "Wizards Welcome (Muggles Tolerated)"

26. Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alley and Beyond, a book featuring intricate pop-ups and stunning illustrations so they can feel as if they've just bought a novel from Flourish and Botts and are about to make a quick pit stop at the Gringotts ATM.

the book

27. A midnight blue pillow cover so they can feel like they're taking a snooze in the Gryffindor dormitory even if they are *le tear* not.

the blue velvet pillow with gold tassels and Hogwarts etched onto it

28. Uno cards that provide the perfect consolation game for anyone who straight-up sucks at Wizard's Chess. And unless their name is Ron Weasley, it's likely they fall into this category.

29. An Herbology tee for the person who thinks dogs are cute, sure — but despite the need for earmuffs, it's a mandrake they'd really like to keep as a pet.

the white tee with Herbology printed on it

30. A Gringotts Bank coin collection that includes a galleon, sickle, and knut they'll want to bring along on their next Diagon Alley shopping spree — one never knows when their debit card will malfunction and they'll need cold hard coins.

reviewer photo of the coin collection

31. A Lego building set so they can remake the only home they'd care about on Zillow: Hagrid's Hut. This includes 496 pieces to help them save Buckbeak and ~rebuild~ the iconic scene in The Prisoner of Azkaban.

32. A 2021 boxed calendar packed with difficult trivia questions, fun behind-the-scenes facts, and vibrant images from the movies that turn every morning into a ~magical~ one.

the calendar

33. A personalized teaspoon that's available in a gift box which means *phew* you won't have to worry about tape, wrapping paper, scissors, and all the stress that trio causes.

the purple spoon with engraved text that says "yer a wizard Joel"

34. A wizard-inspired alley book nook for the bibliophile who has more books in their room than...just about anything else. Excuse me while I ~swish and flick~ my credit card from across the room so I can go ahead and purchase this for myself. BRB.

the book nook

35. A hip flask specifically made for polyjuice potion, which I'm hoping they didn't steal from Snape's stash because that is grounds for expulsion and is that really worth it?!?!?!

the flask

36. A Marauder's Map replica so they can walk throughout their apartment and know — before opening their bedroom door — if their roommate's annoying boyfriend is in the bathroom. Yet again. Taking a very long shower.

37. A Hogwarts Express set going ~choo choo~ straight to my shopping cart and underneath their Christmas tree. This includes the train (two C batteries not included) and two track pieces, all three of which are super intricate and detailed.

the red Howarts Express train

38. Cotton socks currently running a special promotion! All proceeds will be donated to S.P.E.W. (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare).

A reviewer's pair of socks; one says "Master has given Dobby a sock" and the other "Dobby is FREE", both in the Harry Potter font

39. A ~birthdae~ cake pop-up card crafted by Hagrid himself. Words and all.

40. An enamel pin so they can represent their favorite treat with pride: Peppermint toads taste better than regular chocolate frogs and they said what they said.

the blue enamel pin with the peppermint toad design

41. A piano sheet music book so that they can replicate the soundtrack of the entire film series. Look at them go! Professor Flitwick would be so proud!

reviewer photo of sheet from music book

42. House crest cookie cutters perfect for their next Harry Potter movie marathon. All they'll have to do is lay out some pre-made cookie dough, give it a couple of stamps, pour themselves a glass of wine while said dough bakes, and voila! It now looks like they catered.

the house crest cookie cutters

43. A super comfy pullover hoodie so that every passerby knows where their Alma Mater is. "Didn't get your acceptance letter? Can't relate." —whoever receives this as a gift.

reviewer wearing the gray hoodie

44. A mint- or vanilla-scented bath bomb that acts as an aquatic sorting hat. That's right! They just drop this into their tub to find out which house they belong in: blue for Ravenclaw, red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, yellow for Hufflepuff.

the white bath bomb

45. Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection boxed set containing the first three books of the beloved series. The books are gorgeously illustrated which makes them perfect gift for new readers *and* massive Potter fans alike.

46. An engraved pencil set for when their quill and ink duo aren't readily available. Standardized testing + these writing utensils = almost FUN!?

the pencils

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illustrated graphic