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    19 Cute Earmuffs That Will Make You Look Put Together, Even When You're Freezing

    What's that, can't hear you over how warm my ears are.

    1. A set of basic fluffy earmuffs you'll agree will upgrade your winter wardrobe to an elite level, as well as making you more snug and stylish than everyone else at the bus stop because obviously it's a competition!

    2. A pair of 100% sheepskin earmuffs that are the equivalent of receiving a fluffy, warm hug around your ears you'll never want to step out of.

    3. A pair of furry earmuffs to eliminate the annoying, shooting ear pain you get after just five minutes in the cold — and zhuzh up any drab outfit that needs some winter cheer.

    4. A pair of adorable cat earmuffs that'll make trekking through the sleet and slush a whimsical affair: on top of being the warmest, fluffiest things to ever grace your ears, they're also foldable and washable!

    5. A pair of faux fur earmuffs you’ll thank goodness you had in your bag for that extended train wait, the unexpected snowstorm, or the late-night winter snack run you predicted would be five minutes but isn’t.

    6. Some cable knit earmuffs so you can ~top off~ your head-to-toe cable knit socks, pants, sweater, scarf, and mittens ensemble.

    split image of two pairs of cable knit earmuffs: black on the left and gray on the right
    Turtle Fur

    Promising review: "I wanted something warm and cushy for my ears in very cold weather. The Turtle Fur muffs are great. I love the size because my ears are fully protected and the material provides significant warmth. They were an accidental find at a local JAX Sporting Goods store and I bought the last pair. They felt so good, I bought a second pair online before the day was done. Thanks, Turtle Fur!! BTW, cute name." –Cathie D.

    Get it from Turtle Fur or from Amazon, both for $28 (available in up to five colors).

    7. A pair of electric heated earmuffs with two different heat settings and rave reviews from people who never knew heated earmuffs were the one thing they needed in their lives until this point.

    8. A pair of fluffy earmuffs in case you're in need of new ways to make bundling up for the winter uber fashionable instead of eminently frustrating.

    9. A pair of shearling-lined suede earmuffs for the hardcore winter lover who can't resist being outside in freezing temperatures, but can't stand feeling like your flimsy hearing appendages are about to snap off like icicles.

    model wearing brown shearling eamuffs

    10. A set of sleek unisex fleece earmuffs meant to be worn behind your head so you won't feel like you've got a pair of dumbbells hanging from your ears — just sheer, unadulterated warmth.

    11. Or some equally splurgy Coach earmuffs whose leather and shearling combo make it a chic (and functional) cold-weather accessory you'll cherish for blizzards to come.

    a pair of earmuffs with a brown leather strap and white fluffy ear covers
    a pair of earmuffs with a black leather strap and black fluffy ear covers

    Promising review: "So I bought these in white shearling and have never been so impressed. First, it's super warm and the actual shearling completely covers your ears. FYI, I use wired headphones, so the addition of this with the mask and earmuffs it gets pretty busy in that surrounding area but what can you expect? So far I've gone through 20 degree weather and I've been so warm throughout it regardless of time outside. This is so cute; I feel super cute like if I'm a ski babe with these. Best holiday gift to myself by far! Definitely recommend. Cannot stress enough." –Cutiegirl

    Get them from Coach for $150

    12. Purple earmuffs because if it's going to be cold, you might as well be colorful.

    model wearing purple ear muffs

    13. Some sparkly earmuffs that'll take every outfit to new heights... and warmths. No more chilly ears for you, stylish friend!

    sequin ear muffs

    14. Earmuffs with a cute knot detail on the band so you don't have to choose between your favorite headband and keeping your ears toasty.

    brown ear muffs

    15. A pair of velvet earmuffs that'll make you look like you just stepped out of a fashion blog.

    pink earmuffs

    16. Faux fur earmuffs that'll make you wish for freezing temps just so you don them on your morning coffee run.

    the cream earmuffs

    17. A pair of plant-based faux-fur earmuffs for anybody who loves a bold pop of color, especially in the winter time.

    the ear muffs in royal blue with black band

    18. A pair of Bluetooth earmuffs you can use if you're simply bursting with winter cheer and wanna listen to your music while walking through the stormy city streets.

    model wearing the gray bluetooth earmuffs

    19. Fuzzy earmuffs the main character of wintry films always seems to be wearing while they walk through their thoroughly decorated small town with a hot chocolate in hand.

    Promising review: "So cozy and comfortable!! They’re exceptionally soft, and they fold up for easy storage! I love them so much. Highly recommend!!" —MS

    Get them from Amazon for $13.95 (available in five colors).

    Prepare to feel like the toastiest bun in the world.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.