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    44 Beauty Products That Are Probably Better Than What You're Currently Using

    Because what are we sick of? Mascara that's smudged by lunch.

    1. A cruelty-free EcoTools set packed with five brushes you'll use on the daily: an angled foundation brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush, an angled liner brush, and a blush brush. All for less than $10? HALLE- and I cannot stress this enough-LUJAH.

    2. A Milani baked bronzer to give your complexion an instant “I just got back from vacation and have not spent a ton of time in this dimly-lit cubicle glow” while also enhancing your cheekbones. Consider this product to be the younger, cooler sister of the whole contour trend.

    3. A Coty translucent powder that will set your makeup for a flawless finish that truly lasts all day long. If you've been contemplating splurging on those high-end, high-budget setting powders for a long time — don't. This is the perfect dupe.

    4. Starface hydrocolloid pimple patches you should slap on a forming zit and et voila! They will a) prevent picking, b) speed up the fluid ~draining~ process, and c) stop bacteria from further inflaming that pesky spot. Talk about out of this world, eh?

    5. A Physicians Formula palette destined to become a staple in your daily beauty routine. Featuring twelve creamy shades infused with murumuru butter, this *one* purchase will give you an endless amount of both day and nighttime looks.

    6. A L'Oreal gel liner for beginners at the whole ~wing~ thing. While liquid eyeliner requires exact precision (What am I? Picasso?), this brush prevents you from picking up too much product thus allowing for buildable shading you can smudge to perfection.

    7. A SHANY liquid blush you'll want to add to your daily beauty routine right meow. Blush is tricky because just one swipe can result in an unnatural cheek modeled after Barbie pink, which is where this cream-to-powder product shines: it’s got a buildable formula that can be manipulated to be as subtle or as prominent as you want.

    8. An Elizabeth Mott eye primer capable of keeping your shadow and liner in tact all 👏 day 👏 long 👏. That's right, folks! No creasing, smudging, fallout, or crying under the watch of this cruelty-free must-have.

    9. A Neutrogena clarifying shampoo because that ten pounds of dry shampoo you used two days ago is still trapped in your roots. But have no fear! This anti-residue wash deep cleans build-up that would otherwise lead to lack of body, excessive grease, and *gulp* stringiness.

    10. A Benefit four-in-one pencil complete with lighter and deeper shades, an edge definer, and an arch highlighter to fill in your brows and make 'em pop. Plus, the formula is easy-to-blend (perfect for *ahem* minor mess-ups), waterproof, and will stay put for hours upon hours.

    11. An Aesthetica contouring kit here to take your hand and lead you into the path of chiseled cheekbones. This vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic palette includes a handy how-to guide (pictures and charts included!) to help this makeup technique seem 10000000x less intimidating to those of us who don't run a beauty vlog.

    12. Grace & Stella sheet masks — because facials are expensive and these are not. Packed with antioxidant-rich green tea, these little luxuries are meant to reduce redness, calm inflammation, and give your complexion a ton of moisture.

    13. A La Roche-Posay gel cleanser with a favorite five-letter word: C-L-E-A-R. This salicylic acid wash targets (and destroys) blackheads and whiteheads while ridding surface oil by up to 47%, which basically translates to clear complexions ahead.

    14. A luxe satin lipstick from the new Zoë Kravitz x YSL collection. If you've spent your entire life searching for the perfect shade of red, then I've got some good news: You're here. You've found it. Your journey is officially over.

    15. An HSI thermal spray to protect your 'do from all that dreadful hot tool heat damage; the bleach you just put in your hair is damaging enough, and it's therefore extra important to provide a protective barrier between strands of hair and straight contact with a 150° curling iron. Extra kudos go to this argan oil formula for working to prevent frizz, add shine, and give some lightweight hydration.

    16. An hypoallergenic Alba Botanica facial cleanser that enlists the help of pineapple enzymes to gently reveal glowing and radiant skin without any harsh rubbing required. Talk about a ~bright~ future ahead.

    17. A buildable L'Oreal waterproof mascara that not only adds volume and length to your lashes, but it also does the unthinkable; that's right. It won't smudge by mid-afternoon and create the dreaded ~panda eye~ effect. (Like, I already have dark circles. I don't need mascara to enhance them.)

    18. A Clinique gel-cream for parched complexions in desperate need of moisture. This blend of hyaluronic acid fragments and activated aloe water keeps skin hydrated for up to 72 hours (even after you've *gasp* washed your face) and can be used as a five-minute mask, as a makeup primer, or as the final step in your skincare routine.

    19. A Stila liquid eyeliner with a formula worthy of the cult-like praise it gets: it dries quickly, won't smudge or budge, lasts 25 hours a day, and the thin tip makes application a summer breeze. Have we just found ourselves a soulmate?

    20. Solaroil to banish the bane of your existence — weak and brittle nails with cuticles that look like they were mauled by a wild animal. Just massage this oil into your nails and cuticles every night before going to bed and, with daily use, your nails will begin to grow and strengthen.

    21. A full coverage Charlotte Tilbury foundation for a weightless, skin-like finish that doesn't feel like you're wearing 75 pounds of product on your face. This stuff is also transfer-resistant, waterproof, and also lasts forever and a day — through both sweat and humidity.

    22. A no-frills O'Keeffe's lip balm for anyone who is ready to bid adieu to dry, chapped, crack-when-you-smile lips. Not only is this formula super moisturizing, but it also has a cooling effect here to give your sinuses a minty, awakening treat that can *only* be rivaled by a large glass of cold brew. Ironically something I'm in desperate need of right now.

    23. A micro needle roller with a MUCH more affordable price point (we’re talking an $80 difference) than other rollers on the market. This is heaven sent for scarring and indentations caused by cystic acne, and it can even improve the effectiveness of all the products in your skincare routine.

    24. A cruelty-free LUMA primer formulated with a bunch of fancy ingredients like crushed pearl powder, grapeseed oil, allantoin, vitamin e, vitamin e, and soybean oil. Wear this under makeup for the ultimate dewy canvas and prepare for some ridiculous glow.

    25. A NYX setting spray to lock in your makeup, because it only took about three hours of blending to get it to look this way. So humidity, sweat, tears: it's all irrelevant when you've topped your foundation with this magic stuff, which works to seal your makeup and prevent it from turning into a greasy mess (no small feat).

    26. A vegan Acure brightening scrub made with argan extract and chlorella gentle enough to exfoliate acne-prone skin without causing further inflammation or redness. It's also an absolute 🌟 superstar 🌟 at fading scars and brightening your skin.

    27. A Remington wand capable of doing the Impossible (yes, Impossible with a capital "I"). This miracle tool allows even the straightest of manes to hold the most beautiful beach waves: Just wrap your hair around the barrel, wait a few seconds, and you're done! Minimal effort required. Several tears shed.

    28. A Revlon eyeshadow palette for anyone who wants to experiment with ~bolder makeup lewks~ (think bright blue on your eyelids!) without forking over a ton of bottom dollar. Seriously, this palette gives you eight pigmented shades for less than $10. *faints*

    29. A vegan Tarte contour concealer here to banish blemishes, redness, and dark circles to the pits of Hades. Say hello to flawless coverage that is crease-resistant, easy-to-blend, and long-lasting — all while looking lightweight and natural.

    30. A Technic highlighting powder you can consider the makeup equivalent of an entire pot of coffee. Just a few swipes on your cheekbones, cupid's bow, brow bone, and inner corner of your eyes will make you look wide awake. Dare I say you'll be able to fool everyone into thinking you actually got enough sleep last night?

    31. An Ecotools makeup cleaner because YES, you need to deep clean your brushes. Not only are your makeup tools a breeding ground for bacteria (and a pimple apocalypse waiting to happen), but applying foundation with a brush covered in built-up foundation? Not ideal.

    32. A Tweezerman curler guaranteed to get you the most coveted compliment of all time: Are you wearing falsies? This curls your lashes in a ~pinch~, is designed with an ergonomic handle that feels sturdy in your hand, and has a hypoallergenic silicone pad to prevent any tugging or pulling.

    33. A coconut sugar Handmade Heroes lip scrub to prep your pout for bold lipstick. This will give you smooth, moisturized lips free of any flakes and the scent itself is best described as divine.

    34. A cult-favorite Fanola purple shampoo that nips brassiness in the bud. The violent pigment in this formula works to wash away unwanted yellow in your 'do, meaning you can extend the time between salon visits meaning you can SAVE A TON OF MONEY. Easy + affordable? Someone pinch me.

    35. A Nars satin lip pencil you can apply in the back of a moving car, no mirror, hand jittery from one too many cold brews — and application will still be easy thanks to the crayon design and creamy formula.

    36. A no-frills, fragrance-free Cetaphil body cream because changing weather = changing skin. If you're in need of some serious moisture and hydration, this jar of ✨ magic ✨ will truly deliver.

    37. A Sally Hansen two-step gel system (featuring a color base and top coat) that provides all the benefits of your typical gel mani; lasts up to two weeks, has amazing shine, no chips after .5 seconds of wear. But the best part? It doesn't require a UV lamp and can be taken off with regular remover — no soaking required!

    38. Garnier Fructis one-minute hair masks available in six different formulas to tackle your specific hair concerns; avocado to smooth, banana to strengthen, coconut to nourish, goji berry to enhance color, and papaya for damage repair.

    39. A paraben-, silicone-, and cruelty-free Honest lip balm with a buildable color that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you'd like. Plus, a blend of avocado, acai, and pomegranate oils work OT to keep your pout feeling nourished and moisturized.

    40. A NYX palette packed with six color correcting hues: green to combat redness, peach to cover up those pesky dark circles (see below), light and medium to make blemishes all but vanish, and purple and pink to brighten your overall complexion.

    41. A Skinfix cleanser that enlists the help of Brazilian kaolin volcanic clay, Canadian glacial clay, and sulfate-free coconut to cleanse your skin while tightening pores and preventing any breakout apocalypses. This clay-to-foam formula truly allows you to wave goodbye to heavy foundation, built-up sweat-trapped-in-pores, and allllll that excess oil.

    42. A Maybelline foundation to answer your callout for medium-to-full coverage that looks both au naturale and has a matte finish to control even the greasiest of t-zones. Now without further ado, let's wave a collective goodbye to all the cake-y textures of your foundations past.

    43. A Malibu-made C & the Moon body scrub about to become a permanent fixture in your shower. This combination of brown sugar, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba seed oil gently hydrates and removes dead cells for skin so smooth, even a baby's bottom would be jealous.

    44. A spring water Avène facial spray that may seem like a regular can of water, but can a regular can of water soothe eczema, calm sunburn, reduce rosacea flare-ups, set your makeup, and refresh dull and tired skin? I think not.

    " find a mascara that doesn't smudge by lunchtime."

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