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    18 Times A Celeb Truly Spoke To My Soul About Being Single

    How to be single according to celebs.

    I gotta say, I'll always love a celebrity couple — but what about those celebs that are proud to declare they're single?

    Just in time for the day of love, these celebrities have spoken up about their lack of relationship status to give us single humans some reassurance. Here's what they've said...

    1. Allison Janney told Drew Barrymore she's more than okay being single, saying, "I really am at this time in my life getting to know who I am and what I want. So I'd love to eventually find someone to share my life with, but if it doesn't happen, I think I'll be just fine."

    Allison Janney at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

    2. Lil Nas X is in the best place he's been and is more focused on having fun, telling WSJ Magazine, "At the end of the day, I want to exist. I want to have fun, I want to cause chaos sometimes, I want a long, legendary, fun life.”

    Lil Nas X at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards

    3. Stevie Nicks is happy to go her own way, telling Vulture in 2013, "People say, 'But you're alone.' But I don't feel alone. I feel very un-alone. I feel very sparkly and excited about everything."

    Black and white photo of Stevie Nicks

    4. Tracee Ellis Ross posted on Instagram to talk about being single on Valentine's Day, writing, "I am reminded that although I don't have one special partner... my life is wonderfully full of so much special love. And one of my favorite parts of being single is how I get to choose who I spend my time with, share my heart with, hang with, giggle with, call, dine across from. I have cultivated a robust tribe around me and today on this designated day of love I hope that all of you in my tribe and all of you remember how lovable we are!"

    Tracee Ellis Ross posing at a photoshoot

    5. January Jones is happy being a single mother, telling Red Magazine in 2017, "I just don't feel I need a partner. Do I want one? Maybe. But I don't feel unhappy or lonely."

    January Jones at a summer event

    6. Mindy Kaling was once relationship-crazy, but now things are different. She told Flare back in 2014 that her priorities have shifted, "Now it's almost the opposite. My work is so rewarding and I'm so self-centered about it that I'm kind of excited about not having to go home and ask someone about their day." she said.

    Mindy Kaling attending the 73rd Emmy Awards

    7. Diane Keaton told WENN in 2001 that she's happy as is, saying, "I remember when I was young I honestly believed in some ridiculous way that you would find someone who would be the person you lived with until you died. I don’t think that because I’m not married it’s made my life any less. That old-maid myth is garbage."

    Diane Keaton at a movie premiere

    8. Taylor Swift once told Seventeen, "I'm perpetually single. Being alone is not the same as being lonely. I like to do things that glorify being alone. I buy a candle that smells pretty, turn down the lights, and make a playlist of low-key songs. If you don't act like you've been hit by the plague when you're alone on a Friday night and just see it as a chance to have fun by yourself, it's not a bad day."

    Taylor Swift performing at the 36th Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

    She also told E! News in 2014, "So I'm really happy about the fact that being single doesn't feel like being alone. I have love in my life, I just don't have a relationship, and that feels really natural right now."

    Taylor Swift attending her short film premiere

    9. Salma Hayek is now happily married but back in 2003, she had some sage advice for those looking for love, telling Oprah, "It's nice to have a relationship, but women have become addicted. You can have a relationship with God. With nature. With dogs. With yourself. And yes, you can also have a relationship with a man, but if it's going to be a shitty one, it's better to have a relationship with your flowers."

    Salma Hayek at a movie premiere

    10. Teri Hatcher is alone but not lonely, telling People in 2019, that she's been single for years following her divorce, "Many women who get divorced will not get remarried. That kind of sounds depressing but it doesn't have to be. Many women are not just surviving alone, they're thriving. They're empowered, they're making money, they're being healthy, they're traveling. You are allowed to be proud of your life when you're not part of a couple."

    Teri Hatcher competing on a game show

    11. Charlize Theron told Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show that in order to impress her, a potential love interest would have to be at the top of their game, saying, "I can honestly say this, on my life, I don't feel lonely. Once I had my children, it's not that it replaces something, or that it makes you less interested in something else," she said. "I'm still firing on all cylinders. I just think your priorities are in a place that is of high demand. It's a lot of work to be a parent. Part of that is at the end of the day I get to bed and I think, 'Oh my God, I wouldn't want this day to be any different.' "

    Charlize Theron at a movie premiere

    12. Comedian and actress Jenny Slate is now married but before that, she hadn't been in a relationship for a bit, telling Vanity Fair in 2017, it's given her time to take care of herself, "Because I'm a person who also likes to keep an eye on my mental health and my body health, I've treated myself nicely."

    Jenny Slate at a film festival

    13. As Rihanna once said, "Guys need attention. They need that nourishment, that little stroke of the ego that gets them by every now and then. I’ll give it to my family, I’ll give it to my work – but I will not give it to a man right now."

    Rihanna accepting an award

    14. Halle Berry told Glamour UK, "A man for me is the cherry on the pie. But I’m the pie and my pie is good all by itself. Even if I don’t have a cherry."

    Halle Berry at an award show

    15. Drew Barrymore told Parade in 2014, "Sexual love is secondary to me right now. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life dedicating myself to love or the pursuit of love or the understanding of love. But for the last few years, my life just hasn’t been about that for me. It’s just not about the mother baggage. It’s not about the boy. It’s about something completely different, and it’s very refreshing. I’m trying to understand it and relish it."

    Drew Barrymore smiling on her talk show

    16. Demi Lovato shared about being single on their Instagram Story in 2020, writing, "The best part about being single is knowing that my happiness is coming from no other person than myself."

    Close up of Demi Lovato

    17. Kourtney Kardashian is now engaged, but at one point she was totally content being single and didn't need anybody, telling a friend on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, "I just feel like I'm in a different place where I just don't feel like I need that, I'm content hanging out with my friends. I just feel like I'm on a different vibe. I feel so content with just myself."

    Kourtney Kardashian at the MTV Video Music Awards

    18. Lucy Hale told Cosmo in 2020, "When I was younger, I was constantly wanting to be with or date someone because I was so deathly afraid of being single or by myself. Now, I’m at the point where if I meet someone, they better really elevate my life, because I love being single."

    Lucy Hale smiling

    What about you? Are you happily single?