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    19 Desk Pads That Will Actually Make You Happy To Send Emails

    A desk pad is one of those things you don't think you need, but once you get one you'll wonder how you ever worked without it.

    1. A dual-sided desk pad that's basically two adorable, functional desk pads in one, so if one side gets dirty you can just flip it over — no one needs to know.

    2. A marble desk pad so pretty you might have to be careful buying it because it might distract you from doing your actual work.

    3. A classy felt-and-cork desk pad that would make a fantastic gift for the high-powered executive, polished supervillain, or lover of all things luxurious in your life.

    4. A genuine leather desk pad that'll elevate your workspace enough to consider pulling out a snifter of whiskey when your workday is through.

    5. A desk pad with an apt message for those among us who need a little boost of motivation in order to get through the day.

    lifestyle image of beige desk pad that says, "work."

    6. A sturdy glass desk pad that'll double as a dry-erase board, so you can write yourself encouraging reminders, like "meeting at 5!" or "only two more hours until you can clock out."

    7. A thick, high-density gaming desk pad with a stitched edge designed to elevate your gaming experience so that your mouse can move with complete accuracy, and your wrists can get some relief too.

    8. A clear desk pad to protect your desk from the inevitable onslaught of coffee spills you'll subject it to on a weekly basis.

    9. A Graf Lantz merino wool felt desk pad to add a touch of ~class~ to your workspace because I know you've become all too familiar with the mountains of random papers and candy wrappers that currently make up your desk.

    10. A micro-weave fiber desk pad colorful enough to brighten up your workspace and soft enough to give your sore wrists some rest as you click your way through the day.

    11. An LED light-up desk pad with 14 different colors options to turn your home office into an instant rave space. Just think of the money you'll save on glow sticks!

    12. A faux-leather desk pad that comes in 15 different colors and will protect your workspace from your own clumsy self, all for under $10 — why are you still depriving your desk of this treat?

    13. An L-shaped desk pad providing the ultimate solution for all the corner desk users of the world who have been excluded for far too long.

    14. A black desk pad with a lift-top clear sleeve so all your important papers will no longer be covered in water rings and weird, unexplainable stains.

    15. A bonded-leather desk pad with side rails destined to boost your power from within. Once you buy this bad boy, you might find yourself wearing a suit to work, buying fancy pens you don't need, and demanding that people call you by your last name. You've been warned.

    16. An extra-large waterproof desk pad so every part of your desk is covered and you can eat the messiest snacks possible and not even worry.

    17. An ultimate desk pad complete with a built-in calendar, ruler, and clear sleeves to help keep you on track. Best of all, you can just fold it up and carry it around with you!

    18. A nonslip leather desk pad to hold your laptop and mouse steady through the fiercest of tap-tapping and click-clacking.

    19. And a KeySmart Taskpad that's a total steal for a desk pad that has a built-in phone charger, because we all know that looking at our phones' tiny screens to take a break from our laptop screens takes its toll.

    This is going to be you sending emails with your new desk pad:

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