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    27 Problem-Solving Products For People Who Are Always Spilling On Themselves

    Brb, gotta go order myself an adult bib.

    1. A stainless-steel wine stopper that'll put a nice, tight seal on your half-finished bottle. It's great for keeping your wine tasting fresh and delicious (for up to 10 days!), BUT it'll also prevent disaster from striking when you inevitably knock it over while making cookies or something.

    2. And a suction cupholder, because you've had too many close calls with your nightly glass of vino during bath time.

    glass of wine attached to cup holder in bath tub

    3. Ok, AND some red wine stain remover since you'll undoubtedly celebrate your spill-free bath by excitedly flailing your unfinished glass in the air and... oops, you did it again.

    4. Or a pack of Magic Erasers if that glass of wine makes its way onto the wall instead (this might sound unlikely to a non-spiller but, believe me, staining a wall is NOT hard to do).

    reviewer photo showing before and after photos using the magic erase sponge to clean wine off their wall, revealing no remnants of the stain after using the sponge

    5. A roll of reusable bamboo towels that are more durable and absorbent than the regular kind. 'Nuff said.

    Product photo showing outside packaging as well as roll of bamboo towels

    6. A spill-proof tumbler for literally all your beverages. Coffee by morning, water by day, adult bevvies by night... These are a godsend for the spill prone.

    7. And a table coaster specifically designed to keep your beverages firmly planted and prevent any accidental spillage.

    8. Bissell Stomp & Go Cleaning Pads that'll effectively remove any kind of stain you might happen to grace your carpet with.

    Reviewer photo showing a before-and-after of the effectiveness of Bissell Stomp N' Go strips to clean and restore their stained carpet

    9. A microfiber mop and hands-free wringing bucket perfect for cleaning up that (glass) jar of red sauce you tragically dropped on your (tiled) kitchen floor.

    10. Or, a pair of mop slippers with removable soles great for soaking up more *minor* spills in the laziest way possible.

    reviewer wearing the mop slippers

    11. A set of pour-friendly mixing bowls because you already know what's coming when it's time to add the dry ingredients to the wet: a plume of flour and sugar all over your kitchen countertop and all over you.

    12. An adorable mini vacuum to clean up all those crumbs that ~somehow~ got on your desk or in your bed. 🤷

    13. A cutting board with foldable sides so you can *safely* transfer your veggies to the frying pan.

    14. Easy Off Professional Oven Cleaner to remove all the burnt-on food and grease that's currently coating the inside of your oven (i.e. remnants of the frozen pizza you dropped toppings-side up last week).

    15. Or a nonstick oven liner to catch all those drips and spills once and for all.

    oven liner in bottom of oven catching drippings from a baking pie

    16. Stove burner covers since you, like me, have a reputation for stirring the stir-fry a little too vigorously. These'll make cleaning things up top just as easy as down below.

    reviewer photo showing burning covers

    17. And stove counter gap covers because your haphazard cooking style always results in bits of food and unknown liquids spilling into the abyss between your stove and lower cabinets.

    reviewer photo of stove gap cover placed over the gap between their stove top and kitchen countertop

    18. A set of waterproof adult bibs that there's no shame in wearing. These come in fun patterns and are worth using so you stop ruining all your clothes.

    model wearing adult bib in three different patterns

    19. A chips-and-dips bowl to make the journey from dip to mouth less dangerous for you, your furniture, and your wardrobe.

    chip bowl filled with potato chips and two condiment holders filled with a ketchup and a green dip

    20. And a dip clip that offers similar protection while you're on the road. Gone are the days of trying to balance the barbecue sauce in your lap only to hit a bump and have it spill all over your thighs.

    21. A watermark removing cloth because you're always spilling drinks down the side of your nightstand (that just so happens to be a family heirloom) and you need to get it back in shape before your mother comes over next weekend and discovers your reckless ways.

    22. Grandma's Secret spray, so you can restore all your food-and-drink-stained clothing (including that expensive hoodie you just bought and immediately spilled hot chocolate on) to their former glory.

    23. And a pack of Shout wipes to instantly remove stains wherever you might be (i.e. the mustard stain you got on your shirt because you decided to eat a hot dog 30 minutes before a job interview).

    reviewer's before-and-after photo showing the stains on their white blouse completely removed after using the Shout wipes

    24. A silicone keyboard cover that'll not only protect your keys from pretzel crumbs and greasy-potato-chip fingers, but will also be a lifesaver when you inevitably spill a glass of water or coffee.

    model placing purple keyboard cover onto laptop

    25. OR, a keyboard that is straight up washable. Whether you use it for work, gaming, or just leisure, this'll make sure your computer never suffers water damage ever again.

    model cleaning keyboard in a sink with soap and water

    26. A waterproof mattress protector because that trendy mattress-in-a-box you just ordered is an investment worth protecting.

    model pouring a cup of coffee on mattress protector

    27. And a robot vacuum that every notorious spiller needs in their kitchen. I literally can't think of anything worse than trying to clean up that entire bag of rice you accidentally unleashed all over the floor.

    reviewer photo of the iRobot on their hardwood floors

    Us spillers, attempting to take a *sip* of water:

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