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    30 Things That'll Seriously Freshen Up Your Workspace

    "Maybe if I buy cool things for my desk I will want to work more," I say as I gaze out the window...

    1. A bamboo monitor riser designed with tons of compartments for all your office essentials, because it can be a challenge to work among clutter — plain and simple!

    2. A personalized calendar and brass easel stand that'll display your favorite memories. Now you can see a cute new photo each month *and* know what day it is. We love.

    3. A file organizer so you can actually find the one document you're looking for when you need it. *Gasps* — I know, that can really happen!

    4. [Read in Price Is Right's Drew Carry voice] A braaaaaand new deeessskkk! But really, if you work from home frequently, a simple desk designated specifically for work can help your productivity and keep from taking midday naps on the couch.

    5. A customized business card holder that'll do two things: One, make you and your desk feel fancy as HECK, and two, motivate you to actually get updated business cards.

    6. A desk accessory organizer set so every pen, paper clip, and notepad has their very own home that's not the bottom of a messy drawer.

    7. Marble contact paper to transform your dull, dated desk into a luxe space you'll actually want to spend some time at.

    8. A rose gold clock for the sad, lonely wall (or cubicle!) that has nothing on it. I think it's about ~time~ you treat your office space to some new decor...I'm sorry, but you knew that pun was coming!

    9. A notepad ball that'll make you seriously wonder why you've been buying boring sticky pads this entire time.

    10. A pack of sleek, ballpoint pens guaranteed to give you the confidence equivalent to that of Kelly Kapoor, aka the Business B*tch. I mean, these pens! They're so fierce!

    11. An in-depth planner with a marble-pattern cover that'll work double time to keep you organized while also looking incredibly dreamy on your desk.

    12. An inspirational card set and wood stand because we could *all* use some good ol' fashion encouragement...especially when we have to give a giant presentation to a room full of people.

    13. A pair of velvet accent chairs to cozy up your work area whether it's your actual desk or at the breakfast table. (The extra chair will be for your pet, obviously.)

    14. A printed cork board that's about ten steps above the sad fabric in your cubicle. Time to break up all that gray with a bold print and all your favorite photos!

    15. A set of faux succulents in cute' lil bowls that'll add some charm to your desk. Plus, there's no chance of them slowly dying under the dim fluorescent lighting in your office because, well, they're fake!

    16. A llama tape dispenser and do I even need to sell this thing?! It's a LLAMA TAPE DISPENSER, it basically sells itself. 😍

    17. A funky wireless mouse because if ya use one all dang day, it should be as fun and colorful as this guy:

    18. A simple desk lamp you'll appreciate having around on late nights. And hello, the design of this is enough reason to buy it!

    19. A desk letter board you can use to creatively display to-dos, inspirational quotes, or appointments — but really to leave out funny, sarcastic messages for your coworkers.

    20. A crystal-looking bottle with a lock lid and place for a straw that just may inspire you to drink more water throughout the day. It's also just super pretty, and I wouldn't mind leavin' it out on my own desk.

    21. A set of cable clips so you never again have to crawl under your desk in search of the cable that tragically slipped behind it. Not only will it preserve some sanity, it'll keep your desk free from a cord takeover.

    22. Dinosaur erasers that'll obliterate any typo big or small — just like the comet that struck earth 65 million years ago. But on a lighter note, you'll never get tired of having these cuties out on your desk!

    23. Expandable folders to not only liven up your space with fun colors, but to give you some solid organization for the slew of papers overrunning your drawers.

    24. A compact trash can that can easily slip in small spaces under your desk — although this one is so cute (a trashcan? cute?!), you may not want to!

    25. A bb portable humidifier because office air can feel like a desert one minute, and then a tundra the next — and you deserve the finest of air while you work, yes you do!

    26. A monitor memo board for keeping all the things you regularly misplace in one very obvious place. May you never lose your phone or forget an important task again.

    27. And for bigger items, a wall grid that'll give you ample space to hang up artwork so your cubicle feels more personalized, instead of like a sad gray blob.

    28. A corgi butt mousepad with a squishy padding (yay for ergonomic support!!!) because LITERALLY why not? Life is too short to use a boring mousepad — it just is.

    29. A waterproof desk mat to amp up your desk's vibe while providing an easy-to-clean surface that you'll appreciate when you spill your coffee for the umpteenth time.

    30. And a wall-mounted acrylic calendar with a notes and to-do section that's basically art in itself. Not only will you be prepared and organized, your workspace will feel ever so chic.

    May we all one day love to work as much as Leslie Knope.

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