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    39 Accessories You Might Want If You Take Gaming Pretty Seriously

    Game on, noobs.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Cable clips to attach to your many charging wires to finally form a manageable system that won't have you fumbling to untangle cords every time you want to charge your phone or another device.

    the cable clips with a wire in between

    Promising review: "I used these to stick to the side of a table in my gaming room. I got tired of picking up charging cables off the floor in a tangled mess. Now I just reach over, grab the correct charging cable and plug in my phone, controller, etc. All nice and neat." —IssysDad

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $6.97.

    2. A thin bar light that'll brighten your gaming area so you can happily continue to play hours and hours (AND HOURS) of World of Warcraft without your partner asking "are you still sitting in the dark?"

    a reviewer's monitor with the light above
    another reviewer's monitor set up with the light bar above it

    Promising review: "It's a good option for a streamer that has an overhead camera that shows-off their custom keyboard, gaming mouse, or artisan desk mat. Highly recommended and for the price, it's worth every dollar you spend." —MarkusTechCorner

    Get it from Amazon for $99+ (available in three sizes).

    3. An ultra thin electrical cover so you can finally enjoy full access to the outlet behind your dresser — plug this bad boy in and *poof* you'll have not one, not two, but SIX new outlets at your disposal.

    reviewer before and after photo of plugs on top and the thin outlet on bottom
    reviewer holding the power strip

    Promising review: "The design of this is great. I always hated putting plugs behind furniture and either not using the plug, or the furniture being inches away from the wall. This is the perfect solution. I have a few of these now behind couches and dressers in the house and they are great. This is more expensive than some other flat extension cords but I think the look and quality of these is worth it." —Adam C.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95.

    4. A mini tower with 10 outlets that'll act as a battery backup so you'll never lose all the progress you made building your multiple-story mansion in The Sims.

    the tower

    Promising review: "I am the proud owner of three of these (so far). They're quiet when on AC power. They have great customization. I've muted the beeps and warnings so if the power kicks off, they just take over without distracting me further. I LOVE the two front USB plugs. I charge devices from them all the time. The LED screen is off by default until you press a button, so other than the dimly lit power button on the front, there's no distracting lights or sounds under normal use on AC power. So, how well do they work? Well, I've owned a lot of UPSes. These are by far much quieter than any I've purchased from APC. They have a true sine wave output (which is amazing!), and the 1500VA is perfect for most electronics. The front screen will tell you how much of a load you have plugged in and even an estimate for how long the unit should run given that load if you lost power. So, no surprises!" —Ramze

    Get it from Amazon for $162.92+ (available in four styles).

    5. A splurge-worthy mouse designed for serious esports gaming with special features — it's extremely lightweight, has programmable RGB lights, and is ambidextrous.

    a black mouse with light-up features

    As my husband says, this mouse is "the best you can get for the money." Enough said.

    Promising review: "The model D is everything you could ever want. If you want a lighter mouse to get those easier flicks, this is for you. One thing you need to know is that this mouse is an ergonomic mouse. That means this is for fingertip players. If you play claw while gaming this might not be for you." —Rowan

    Get it from Glorious PC Gaming for $49.99 (available in two styles).

    6. Logitech G PRO X Superlight gaming mouse, a must-have for any gamer who is sick and tired of being bogged down by yet another wire.

    My husband is obsessed with this mouse — and he's tried many (many!) mice out. It's lightweight and was designed with help from actual professional gamers. It moves super fast on the screen and glides very smoothly. 

    Promising review: "Honestly, there's no better way to say it, this is my endgame mouse. At 59g on my scale, this is by far the lightest mouse I've ever owned. The grip is amazing for claw grip, and I consider myself to have rather medium to large-sized hands. If you have the old GPW, even if it doesn't seem like it, the upgrade is well worth it, especially if you're just gonna sell the old unit as I did. One of the best purchases I've made so far." —Gabriel

    Get it from Amazon for $149.98 (available in two colors).

    7. An HDMI splitter, so you won't need to fumble with any cables when you want to switch between your PS4 or Xbox.

    a reviewer photo of the cable splitter
    the cable splitter with two hdmi cords plugged into it

    With a single click any gamer will be able to cycle through two different devices without having to unplug ANYTHING. Convenience is key, people.

    Promising review: "I purchased this splitter for use with my television and a PlayStation Vita TV console and Nintendo Wii U console. I ran out of ports, so a splitter seemed to be the perfect solution, much better than unplugging devices every time I needed to switch. This product is simple to use: plug the two sources into one side and the output location in the other, and you're done! It can also be used to split one device to two locations, like displaying a video game or television show on two different monitors. There is a small button you press in the center of the splitter to switch between the output selections. The video quality was good on the display even though it is going through the splitter. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone who runs out of HDMI ports on their television. I didn't find any flaws with the product. 5/5 stars." —Zero Ehxe

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    8. A steering wheel accessory for the Nintendo Switch that'll make you feel like a real racer and be a bit more supportive for your hands so you can truly crush all the kiddos in your life who *think* they have what it takes to be a Mario Kart Champion. Psh.

    two black steering wheels with a joycon fitted inside each

    Promising review: "I bought this after watching a review on YouTube. This item allows my wife that has arthritis to play and enjoy Mario Kart. Normal controllers hurt her hands but the motion control and these wheels make the game enjoyable to play for her. The paddle buttons on top of the unit work very well." —Charles C Coogler III

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    9. carrying case to keep your Switch protected when it's not sitting in the charger and to prove to yourself you are, in fact, a responsible adult who takes care of their belongings.

    a model taking their switch out of the simple black carrying case

    My husband has this case and is a big fan — it's super convenient when traveling, as it has a spot to store all the essentials you need for Switch gaming.

    Promising review: "Great to carry around your Switch without fear of damage. I have a USB-C cable, Samsung power adapter, HDMI cable (6ft), Joycon wrist straps, and the FastSnail HDMI Type C Hub Adapter so I can play on the big screen. I think I can fit one more pair of Joycons (and straps) so i can get 4 player Mario Cart. With all that stuff in this case, there is little to no pressure on the Switch. But you can't just throw it all in, you need to purposefully place the items to make sure there is no pressure on the screen or joysticks." —DanA

    Get it from Amazon for $12.96+ (available in 10 colors).

    10. A PS4 controller charging dock you can use to keep *both* of your controllers juiced-up and ready to go in a mere two hours without taking up a ton of space.

    Promising review: "Not only does this dock work awesomely, it looks pretty cool next to my PS4! It is very convenient and an accessory that I have been missing out on. I really love that it charges using the bottom headphone ext port, rather than struggling to use the micro USB port at the top. I highly recommend this dual charging dock for those looking for a sleek looking space saver!" —Dan Flanagan

    Get it from Amazon for $14.66.

    11. A 24-inch curved monitor that'll make you feel like you've left your boring corner of the house and immersed yourself right into the world of your favorite game.

    the curved monitor

    Promising review: "This 24-inch curved VA panel looks really good after playing with the colors and settings. Buttery smooth 144Hz is yours on either the DP (cable included) or HDMI 2.0 and it is amazing just like everyone says. The logo on the back glows red and the system menu is OK but not bad. The stand is very sturdy and has a good snug tilting mechanism. The bezels are a tad wider than you're led to believe but still not bad. It does have speakers but they are not great. There is only one screen protector and it peels off very easy. The other layer is the anti-glare layer. Everything but the stand is plastic but if $159 gets you a clean 24-inch curved, 144Hz, 3ms, egde design, VA panel in a solid package then this is worth plugging into any budget gaming build." —Steven

    Get it from Amazon for $212.95+ (available in three sizes).

    12. An Oculus Quest VR gaming system so you can feel like you're venturing outside of the house without actually leaving your living room.

    a gif of someone playing with the oculus on their face
    the oculus headset and controllers
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    From the moment I put the headset over my eyes I thought "Wow, I never have to leave the house again!!!" From finally getting a chance to live within the Star Wars universe (for free via the Droid Repair game) to adventuring in nature via National Geographic (also free!) there is so much at-home fun to be had thanks to this system. I'm personally more introverted, but I still enjoy spending time with family and friends. The Quest has been a great way for me to have a good time interacting with my loved ones without feeling overwhelmed by TOO much chatter. I brought it to Thanksgiving and we had a blast taking turns playing with it. My sister and her boyfriend also came over to try it and we spent hours giggling watching one another play. Super fun!

    Get it from Amazon for $349.99.

    13. A backlighting kit, perfect for anyone whose gaming screen is in your shared bedroom so your partner can turn off the overhead lights and get some shut-eye while you play 'til your heart's content.

    imagery showing how the backlights are set up behind the screens and showcasing the different color options
    a reviewer's computer with the blue backlighting

    Promising review: "Do you want to add lights to your monitor, television, or just around a display? Then this is the product for you! Multiple sizes, easy to use, and perfect to add that extra something to whatever it is your working on! Purchased mine for behind my computer monitor and the amount of light is perfect when playing games or using my computer at night as the red setting helps keep me from having a bright light going on. Also great to add when watching videos or movies as you can color-match the screen to add a new layer to your experience. For the price and quality, you can't beat it!" —Timothy S. Smith

    Get it from Amazon for $36.49 (available in four sizes).

    14. A gooseneck mount you can attach to your headboard (or wherever!) and insert your device in so you kick back, relax, and unwind for a bit while also screaming at your friends/playing Fortnite.

    the long winding mount with a phone in it
    a reviewer's mount set up so they can watch tv in bed

    This lil' gadget is compatible with phones, tablets, and the Nintendo Switch. So, no matter how you choose to relax after a busy day, it'll support you!

    Promising review: "This is exactly what I was looking for. I had been wanting to play my Nintendo Switch in bed without having to hold up the entire console. This mount allows me to have the screen hover above my head while my arms and neck can relax. This is the ultimate in laziness and I love it. :)" —Michael K.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    15. A set of interchangeable key caps, perfect for any gamer who wants to take both their gameplay and their aesthetic to the next level. There are a handful of fun color schemes to choose from, good luck trying to narrow it down!

    a purple and pink ombre keyboard set
    Glorious PC Gaming

    Promising review: "Seriously, I own a lot of keycap sets. Entirely too many. And I would buy every single one. Glorious offers because they're just that damn good." —Rohan R.

    Get it from Glorious PC Gaming for $49.99 (available in six styles).

    16. A wireless charger that'll open up to reveal an array of cords to ensure you'll be able to charge any device anywhere at anytime. Welcome to the future, my friends.

    the inside of the card with different wires and adaptors

    Promising review: "I know everyone says this, but I REALLY don't usually write reviews — really! I generally order from Amazon and once the purchase arrives I forget about it. But this is truly a great item to have around. It's compact, has all the connections I need, has built-in wireless charging, supports micro SD cards so it can be used as storage, has a built-in light that's pretty bright — it's just so freakin' handy! Order an extra one for a buddy so you can nerd out." —Alex

    Get it from Amazon for $36.

    17. A Poké Ball Plus for Nintendo Switch that'll light up and vibrate as you catch all your fave creatures in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!.

    the pokemon ball next to a nintendo switch

    You can also connect to the Pokémon GO app and it'll vibrate when you're near a Pokémon or at a Poké Stop.

    Promising review: "Childhood dream realized! Works perfectly, taking your Pokémon out into the world and walk and play with them is so cool. The LED is a different color depending on the Pokémon you put inside, cries out in its unique call, and getting rewards when putting them back in game is awesome. I have six of these so I can take six out of my game when I’m away and using two as controllers for me and my daughter to play together in game is cool. Battery has never died on me as I charge when away and not taking them out on a run around our lake. My daughter uses one with Pokémon GO also." —Guru

    Get it from Amazon for $64.95

    18. A perfectly themed storage system to store all your Switch games and make you feel like Link each time you unsheathe it to pull out one of your favorite Zelda games.

    master sword with sheath that has indents to fit six games
    Otaku3DPrints / Etsy

    Otaku3DPrints is a small business that sells fun 3D printed items.

    Get it from Otaku3DPrints on Etsy for $44.99.

    19. A microphone to provide crystal clear audio if you're a gamer who moonlights as a YouTuber, streaming your gameplay for all to see. Who knows — maybe this'll be your ticket to internet fame!

    a reviewer photo of the microphone in black
    a reviewer photo of the microphone in white

    Promising review: "Love, love, love it!!! I purchased this microphone when I upgraded from a laptop to a desktop gaming console (which did not have a built-in microphone like my laptop did). I needed this microphone for gaming and video editing purposes. My main concern from other reviews was that I would not have a crystal clear voice unless I was very close to the microphone. This is NOT true. I sit comfortably in my chair, a good 2 feet away from the mic and people online say my voice sounds crystal clear!!! I even tested playing music in the background while talking and my friend could not hear any background noise! Amazing!" —Brandon

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in black and white).

    20. A Snorlax case that'll turn your Nest Mini or Google Home into a piece of Pokémon art and provide you with the way to play your pump-up playlist.

    a gray 3d printed snorlax over a google nest speaker
    Chrisp3DPrints / Etsy

    Chrisp3DPrints is small business is run from Orlando, Florida.

    Get it from Chrisp3DPrints on Etsy for $14.87.

    21. An ergonomic attachment for the Nintendo Switch that'll improve your grip and ensure your hands are nice 'n' comfortable so you can continue venturing around in Breath of the Wild for as long as want.

    the attachment under a switch
    a model playing nintendo switch

    Promising review: "I've logged thousands of hours playing shooters across all systems (my poor eyes). So, while I would never claim to be a pro, I'm never playing on easy mode. That said, when I picked up a Switch and played Doom and Wolfenstein 2 I was shocked at how crazy my aim was. I knew I was better than this, so I tweaked all the settings and still found it difficult to get a bead and stay on target. This grip has changed that.

    If you get hand cramps from the Switch, particularly in your base of your right thumb, this will be a huge help. If you play shooters, this will completely change your accuracy for the better. Great build. Easy docking in and out. If you have a Switch and play mainly in portable mode, especially shooters, just get this!" —James

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

    22. A colorful skin to add to your Microsoft Surface Laptop, because why not give one of your go-to gaming devices a new aesthetic?

    the two sized microsoft laptops with colorful designs on them

    I have a Microsoft Surface Book 3 and it's one of my favorite gadgets. I use it primarily to play The Sims — which is a *big* deal as most of my other computers had never been able to handle it. In honor of Pride 2021, Microsoft has released an array of colorful products that are part of their Pride campaign and are donating $150,000 total to nonprofits around the world to in honor of it.

    Get it from Microsoft for $14.99 (available in two sizes).

    23. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, because if you're gaming as much as I think you are, you should definitely have a pair of these to help prevent eye strain.

    a reviewer wearing the glasses
    a reviewer photo showing how the glasses prevent eye strain

    Promising review: "These glasses are perfect for working on the computer, playing video games, and even watching movies! I love the pale pink color, they’re very feminine and fit my face just like I’d hoped. I recommend them for anyone that spends time on phones or computers" —Kelly Stagg

    Get them from Amazon for $8.49+ (available in 13 styles).

    24. A personalized LED lamp featuring your gamer tag — it'll motivate you to keep going and growing. I don't even need to mention how awesome it'll look with your gaming setup.

    three glowing gamer tag lights
    BelvedereCollections / Etsy

    BelvedereCollections is a small business based in Birmingham, UK that sells customized gifts for the home.

    Promising review: "Great little piece that has now been added to my boyfriend's PC set up! He loved it, the range of color selection is good and the gamer tag is easy to see and read." —Michaela Riordan 

    Get it from BelvedereCollections on Etsy for $36.94 (available in 16 fonts).

    25. A splurge-worthy gaming chair co-designed by Herman Miller and Logitech, so incredible you won't know how you ever lived without it — it was literally designed with science-backed ergonomics to ensure you'll experience the utmost comfort while sitting it in for hours (and hours, if we're being honest).

    the back of the chair which has a specific curve and blue detailing
    a model sitting in the chair at their computer desk
    Herman Miller, logitechg / Via

    My husband had been complaining about back pain and his tendencies to slip into terrible posture habits while sitting at his desk. Now that he's working from home he's spending even MORE time in his computer chair (seriously like...13+ hours a day including working and gaming) which makes the investment in a serious chair feel a bit more justified. Since getting this chair he feels like he's sitting up straighter and not feeling stiff by the end of the day. He is forever talking about how comfortable this chair is and how much more his back feels supported since switching from his old chair. This chair is pricey but if you're someone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk (like many of us these days) it's definitely worth it.

    Get it from Herman Miller for $1,595.

    26. heated massager pillow you can add to your current computer chair to loosen up the knots you've acquired from sitting far too long.

    the massager pillow on the back of a chair
    a close up of the massager

    Promising review: "I just received this and I LOVE it. It adequately relieved the knots in my neck, the base of my skull, and my legs. I'm going to try my feet also. I've been wanting something like this for quite some time and I'm thrilled with this product. This item definitely delivers. I highly recommend it. The price for this item given the relief provided is wonderful." —Stephanie T.

    Get it from Amazon for $49.95.

    27. A pair of Modern Warfare-themed performance thumbsticks you can use to increase the comfort and grip on your PS4 controller.

    the grips
    the grip on a game controller

    KontrolFreek sells thumb grips that are compatible with Xbox controllers, the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, and PS4/PS5 controllers.

    Promising review: "It's octagonal and has a skull on it so I was a bit skeptical at first. I run a concave high on my right stick and wanted a convex mid for the left. The skull design feels really good and the octagonal shape does not get in the way. It feels and plays great. Kinda surprised! I put these on the left of both my controllers and put my highs on the right." —Bill Jenkins

    Get them from Amazon for $28.48.

    28. A set of "Palmeez" to help you get a better grip on and hopefully stop accidentally dropping your Joycons while playing aggressive workout games.

    a purple and a black grip for the nintendo joycons
    InnovationThreeD /Etsy

    These special grips are designed to help gamers' Joycons fit more comfortably in their hands. I've personally incorporated Nintendo Fitness Boxing 2 into my workout routine and constantly live in fear that one day one of these controllers is going to fly right out of my clutches and directly into my TV. Excuse me while I place an order. Additionally, InnovationThreeD is a small. business based out of Utah that sells Nintendo Switch grip accessories.

    Get it from InnovationThreeD on Etsy for $17 (available in nine styles).

    29. A HyperX gaming keyboard that features a customizable rainbow backlight that'll make anyone say "Ooooh!"

    My husband is the real gamer in this family (I dabble, OK?) and he loves his HyperX Alloy keyboard. The brand allows you to choose which kind of key switch you prefer to game with — for lack of a better term, this is a game changer. The red switches are more linear, the aqua switches are more tactile, and the blue switches are more click-y. You can learn more about all of the switch options here.

    Promising review: "I had no idea a keyboard could be this amazing. Disclaimer, yes I'm a first time mechanical user switching from a standard Logitech membrane. I tried this HyperX board next. And wow! The typing feels like nothing I've ever experienced. I got the aqua switches. The software opens and is pretty much self explanatory. I already started making macros for Photoshop and making certain keys different colors so they stand out. And one more 'wow' for the brightness and clarity. This is so awesome. I'm hooked." —David Soumis

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99+ (available in three sizes and three types of key switches).

    30. HyperX's Cloud II gaming headset, so you can continue to defend your honor while playing Among Us with your friends, who *always* say you're acting sus (and for good reason because, joke's on them, you actually ARE the imposter).

    a black headset with red accents
    a reviewer's photo of the headset

    Promising review: "This headset is honestly the best for the price. Yeah, it may not have 'fancy' little lights or anything like that too flashy but these guys PERFORM! I've had mine for over a year and they're as good as day one. They hold up well to wear and tear, they still look new after a year of them being used just about every day. These are amazing, you can hear so well, the sound is crisp and clear. The mic picks up great too. One of my favorite things is that if you're in a room with other people they won't be heard through the other end unless they're shouting or are really loud. These have reallyyyy good noise canceling. I'd buy the same exact headset if my headset ever gave out." —Diana

    Get it from Amazon for $79.99+ (available in two colors).

    31. A fun tumbler that'll combine your endless love of iced coffee and Pokémon. "Gotta catch 'em all" should apply to both Pokémon and every seasonal Starbucks drink, IMO. Gotta stay hydrated while you're gaming!

    a starbucks cold tumbler cup with a magikarp on it
    another tumbler with jiggly puff on it
    LulusCraftingCorner / Etsy

    LulusCraftingCorner is a woman-owned small business run out of Chicago. Each cup order comes witha. 20 oz cup, a lid, and a straw.

    Get it from LulusCraftingCorner on Etsy for $15+ (available in eight styles).

    32. A double extension cord so you can run an endless amount of power throughout your home without trying to track down another outlet.

    the extension cord

    Each cord is six feet long and has three available plugs.

    Promising review: "I have no idea why these are not sold everywhere. PERFECT for my room! I ended up getting this due to my king size bed being against a wall with only one outlet. I needed a way to connect my two lamps on my nightstand and this is absolutely, without a doubt, the very best solution to connecting my lamps and also not having all my outlets taken up. I recommend this to everyone! Also perfect for outlets connected to a switch to turn on and off both lights at the same time." —Ryan

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two colors).

    33. memory foam foot rest that'll provide pain relief caused by long periods of standing and sitting — great for any gamer or anyone who works from home (even more ideal if you're *both*).

    a model placing their feet on the curved, black, foot rest

    Promising review: "Definitely helps with posture. We game for hours pretty often. Whether you sit at a desk at work or for gaming, school, whatever the case is: 10 out of 10 recommend this thing. It’s super comfortable and provides support for better posture for your legs, back, and shoulders." —Sarah

    Get it from Amazon for $32.95.

    34. A hilarious (but *so* well done) game review of basically any game you can think of so you can decide which to conquer next — while not technically an accessory, it'll certainly be one to your gameplay.

    girlfriendreviews / Via,

    As I've mentioned throughout this post, my husband is the "serious" gamer in our relationship (that doesn't mean you should hate on me and my perfectly curated Animal Crossing island). He introduced me to this hysterical YouTube channel called "Girlfriend Reviews" in which couple Shelby and Matt break down an array of games for all kinds of systems. Shelby does so from the point of view of someone *watching* their boyfriend play, which is so entertaining but *also* informative! If you're on the fence about what title to play next, they've definitely got you covered with some basic info to help make your decision easier.

    Check out the "Girlfriend Reviews" channel on YouTube.

    35. A 64-piece iFixit kit for when your most-used gadget gives out and you'd rather try to repair it yourself than buy a new one. Practical purchases that'll save you money in the long run?! You are an adult, after all!

    My husband is admittedly a "gadget guy" and has one of these kits for as long as I can remember. He's a big fan of the brand and loves that every set comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Promising review: "Seriously, I have been repairing small electronics for decades now, over 30 dang years, and I will say this is probably the best deal and collection you can get for simple to even complicated repairs. It has a crapload of bits, but essentially everything you will need as opposed to the next larger offering, though I am still considering getting that for my dungeon downstairs. I keep this upstairs literally in the kitchen since a lot of impromptu repairs occur at the dining room table, but I have not been let down. This is top notch/quality material and manufacturing. It not only feels comfortable but is very strong and bits do not let go of screws. It has a great deal of bits too, 64 in fact. It pretty much covers all the phone and laptop screws you will encounter and even has some socket ones too. Nice touch." —Riboild

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99.

    36. A miniature finger dance machine to make you feel super nostalgic about the days you used to bop around while playing Dance, Dance, Revolution — this one will take up *a lot* less space.

    a tiny version of the classic DDR game meant to be played with your fingers

    Get it from Firebox for $44.

    37. An extra large gaming mat, complete with glowing LED edges that'll light up your room. It'll also protect your desk from any accidental spills (yes, just like that time you got a bit too excited that you finally outed your bestie as The Imposter and knocked over an entire cup of coffee).

    a reviewer's oversized mat with the edges lighting up blue