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    15 Bluetooth Sex Toys That Will Blow You Away When Your Partner Can't

    Because it's 2021, and that means we should be able to bone without even being near each other.

    1. An app-controlled Lovense Nora rabbit vibrator with a rotating head so your bae can you give you a blended orgasm from miles away. You can program it to vibrate to custom patterns, custom sounds, and even music...what else could you ask for in a vibrator?

    2. A We-Vibe Chorus couples' vibrator you can wear during sex to pleasure yourself and a partner at the same time. Just insert it, and your hands are available to control the vibration patterns using the Bluetooth app, or squeeze the remote to intensify the vibration pattern.

    3. A Kegel exerciser that provides biofeedback via Bluetooth as you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Yes, you heard me correctly — you can play video games with your vagina.

    4. A wearable Moxie panty vibrator that clips into place using a magnet. Now you can feel secure in spicing up any boring old trip to the grocery store, DMV, fancy restaurant, et cetera, with no slippage.

    5. A luxurious Zalo Queen G-spot vibrator able to TRANSFORM into a clitoral suction toy so you get double the value. On top of that, it connects to the Zalo app via Bluetooth so you or a partner can change up the vibration patterns from afar.

    6. A flexible, wearable MysteryVibe Tenuto that provides super-smooth vibrations all around the penis and perineum area for boing-boing time that encapsulates ~everything.~

    7. A cute bullet vibrator you can program to vibe and rotate by just swiping on an app! The best part is that it can be used internally or externally— it's basically a vibrating sex helper that will make any part of your body feel good.

    8. A powerful vibrating butt plug for any anal newbies (or pros!!!) who want to experience remote booty play.

    9. A high-tech Kiiroo stroker that you can sync up with a partner's device for the most realistic long-distance sexytime you could have. You can match your strokes with a partner's so you can mimic their touch!

    10. A warming vibrator with an adorable rabbit attachment that'll heat up your sex life (literally). If you download the free Svakom app, you can give complete control to a partner across the world, or even sync up the vibrations with the decibel level in your environment.

    11. An OhMiBod Esca 2 internal egg perfect for stimulating the g-spot. It comes with a bunch of cool features, like LED lights that light up with the vibrations and an orgasm tracker through the app (because you're sure to quickly lose count).

    Purple vibrator with watch and smart phones

    12. A We-Vibe clit massager that doesn't suck (har har har). But seriously, this thing uses airwaves to stimulate the clitoris without directly touching it! Science!

    model holding the clit massager and lying down on the bed

    13. A cock ring with 10 different vibration settings, a magnetic charging cable, and app-connecting capabilities — getting freaky over Bluetooth has never been easier.

    the cock ring on a bedside table with books and a smartphone displaying the app

    14. A waterproof internal Egg Vibe with a stem for easy retrieval and a plethora of fun app-controlled patterns. Plus, it can be connected to Bluetooth from up to twelve meters away for hands-free vibrations!

    15. A prostate massager specially designed to sit right on the p-spot and the perineum at the same time. You can even adjust the exact positioning of the head through the app for maximum orgasm efficiency.

    You, getting ready to test out your new Bluetooth-controlled friends: