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People Disliked These Movies So Much, They Left In The Middle Of Them — How Many Of Them Did You Finish Watching?

Sometimes you gotta "nope" out before the credits roll.

A while back, we took a look (in fact, we took TWO looks) at a viral reddit thread that asked, "What movie did you start watching and then said, 'Fuck this, I'm not finishing it'?"

But now we simply MUST know whether or not YOU — yes, YOU — actually sat through and watched the entirety of these ~seemingly unfinishable(?)~ films! The rules here are simple: We'll present you with a movie that people have said they either turned off in the middle or walked out of the theater without finishing, and you'll tell us if you did or didn't watch the whole thing!*

All righty, ready? Good! Here we go:

How did you compare to everyone else? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below!