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17 Movie Scenes That Never Fail To Frustrate People

"Why are you like this?!" —You while watching all of these scenes, probably.

We recently took a look at a viral Reddit thread that asked, "What scene in a movie really pissed you off?" and, WHEW, people did not hold back. Well, reliving all of those infuriating scenes led to even more great responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few more of the most maddening scenes ever committed to film:

*Warning: Given the nature of this post, there are SPOILERS AHEAD for some of these films.

1. The elder wand, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011)

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Warner Bros.

"When Harry breaks the Elder wand instead of fixing his own wand...that pissed me off. It's still the only time I screamed in a theater, 'That’s not what happened in the book!'”

—Leette Eaton-White, Facebook

2. The "what's this?" scene, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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Buena Vista Pictures

"Jack lands in Christmas Town and starts singing. In the beginning, he's singing 'What's this? What's this?' when looking directly at the snow. One verse later, he comments that the children are 'throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads.' Listen, Mr. Pumpkin King — 30 seconds ago, you didn't know what snow was. You've not talked to a single person and yet you suddenly somehow know what a snowball is?!"

—Tiffany Machelle Lange, Facebook

3. The reception scene, Father of the Bride (1991)

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Buena Vista Pictures

"All he wants to do is see his daughter and talk to her, but everyone keeps getting in the way and he misses his chance to see her before she leaves. It makes me so angry and want to push everyone out of the way so the father can see his own daughter!"


4. The phone call scene, Call Me By Your Name (2017)

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Sony Pictures Classics

"When Oliver says he’s marrying someone else after only five months! Its so sad because Oliver seemed like a dominant person who doesn’t want to lose, so he’s afraid to be vulnerable...but I think he loved Elio."


5. The kiss scene, Clueless (1995)

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Paramount Pictures

"When Cher kisses her ex-step brother. I understand that they’re EX-step siblings, it's less about that and more about the fact that she's in high school and he’s in college!!!"


6. The medal scene, Star Wars (1977)

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LucasFilm Ltd.

"I still get annoyed that Chewbacca didn't get his medal at the end of the original Star Wars. Yeah, The Rise of Skywalker addressed it, but it doesn't make the ending of A New Hope any less annoying."

—Jennifer Donatelli, Facebook

7. The name reveal scene, The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

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Warner Bros.

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character legal name is revealed by some lady to actually be 'Robin,' even though 'Robin' is just the superhero's name...not the literal character's name. I hate it."


8. The "good witch" scene, The Wizard of Oz (1939)

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Warner Bros.

"Glenda was a straight-up bitch to Dorothy. She explains that 'only bad witches are ugly' and then asks Dorothy if she is a good witch or a bad witch — essentially calling her ugly! It's so rude!"


9. The raptor scene, Jurassic Park (1993)

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Universal Pictures

"The scene when the raptors are trying to open the door. Alan and Ellie are holding the door, Lex is trying to figure out the computer system, and Tim is just...yelling at Lex? He's not doing ANYTHING to help and he could have very easily gotten the gun or held the door with Alan so that Ellie could have gotten it. I know he's a kid, but come on. It's honestly one of my favorite movies of all time, but that scene always annoys me."


10. The missing money scene, It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

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RKO Radio Pictures

"When Uncle Billy loses $8,000 because he's an idiot. It's so unbelievably frustrating to watch."


11. The car explosion scene, No Country for Old Men (2007)

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Miramax Films

"Chigurh blows up a car to create a distraction so he can steal items from a pharmacy. Prior to the car's explosion, a man walks by and does not seem to notice the flame protruding from the hatch? ALSO, timing wise, that man 100% should have seen Chigurh lighting up the cloth and could have raised some kind of alarm?"

—Raúl Gutiérrez, Facebook

12. The decision scene, Passengers (2016)

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Sony Pictures Releasing

"Jennifer Lawrence's character decides to stay awake with Chris Pratt's character — who woke her up against her will — instead of being frozen to wake up with the rest of the group. That movie was sold as a horror/thriller, and the fact that they tried to turn it into a love story instead of easily keeping it a horror/thriller was annoying."

—Betty Louise, Facebook

13. The wish scene, Aladdin (1992)

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Walt Disney Studios

"Something that's always annoyed me is that Aladdin wishes to become a prince and genie grants said wish. Then, Aladdin drives himself crazy for 'lying about being a prince.' YOU ARE A PRINCE ALADDIN. YOU WISHED TO BE A PRINCE. YOU DID NOT WISH TO BE A FAKE PRINCE. It's one thing to 'not feel like a true Prince,' but by the genie's rules, he's a Prince now."

—Amber Jones, Facebook

14. The missed opportunity scene, Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

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Marvel Studios

"Starlord misses the chance to kill Thanos because he's sad about Gamora. In the forthcoming film, Natasha kills herself, Tony has to essentially give up being a father to his little girl, Scarlet Witch kills Vision herself, Thor’s whole world is gone, Doctor Strange sacrifices his infinity stone, and they all keep it together...but Starlord was angry. NO! He wasn’t even with her THAT long!"


15. The freezing scene, Saving Private Ryan (1998)

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DreamWorks Pictures

"Upham freezing and sitting on the steps while Mellish is stabbed to death by the German officer. I get that Upham was never meant for combat, and that was the whole point of this scene, but OH MY GOD, it’s infuriating to watch."

—Steve Burant, Facebook

16. The release scene, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

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"When the little girl released all the dinosaurs because, 'They are alive, just like me.' That’s cool and all, but are you expecting the whole of humankind to coexist with dinosaurs — which may sound cool at first, but is just plain dangerous."

—Igi Espeleta, Facebook

17. And finally — the entire movie, The Parent Trap (1998)

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Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

"The whole idea of the movie is maddening. Like, did the parents just decide, 'I'll take this twin, and you take that one and let's never speak of the other!' AND ON TOP OF THAT, they never let the other know they have a sister?!"


Now it's your turn! What's one scene in a movie that never fails to piss you off? What about it makes it so anger-inducing? Share yours in the comments below!

Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity.

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