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    Daisy Ridley Was Asked If Baby Yoda Is Cuter Than The Porgs, And Her Response Was Hilariously Shady


    Just in case a Mandalorian was tasked with hunting you down and freezing you in carbonite in order to take you in alive and you've been off of the internet for a few weeks...allow me to catch you up on a few very important nerdy things.

    Basically, the appearance of "Baby Yoda"* in Disney+'s The Mandalorian series is absolutely, positively, the only thing holding the entire Star Wars fandom together right now.

    can not bELIEVE that it took one green 50 year old baby to unite the entire star wars fandom for one cause

    *Yes Carl, we all KNOW that this isn't ACTUALLY Yoda because the real Yoda died before the events of this series. You're very smart, now go back to enjoying our lord and savior, Baby Yoda.

    No exaggeration, Baby Yoda is the cutest goddamn thing I've ever seen in my life. Like, would you LOOK. AT. THEIR. GOD. DAMN. NOSEY-WOSEY. They are a tiny angel sent to us straight from the Star Wars god and also Jon Favreau.

    But — as with anything involving looks — there's been a fierce debate over which canon Star Wars creature is CUTER (because we can't have nice things): Is it Baby Yoda or the Porgs from The Last Jedi?

    Porgs walked so baby yoda could run

    Well, this week while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Rey herself — aka my radiant space-wife, Daisy Ridley — weighed in on the debate:

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    After speaking for a little bit about the highly anticipated final film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Jimmy came right out and asked Daisy the ultimate question:

    And Daisy — in all of her greatness — didn't even PAUSE before answering. While Jimmy seemed a little shocked by her immediacy, the audience roared their approval.

    Which was when Daisy offered the funniest, shadiest reason I've ever heard someone give about their dislike of a fictional animal and, TBH, I support it:

    So, there you have it. Rey has spoken and, to paraphrase the Mandalorians, "That is the way." Still, who do YOU think is cuter?! Sound off in the comments below!

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