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Here Are Just A Few Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Stand-Alone Projects Immediately

Sometimes the side is just better than the main, TBH.

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We recently asked Pop Culture lovers in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which characters from TV and film they believe deserve their own spin-offs. Here are some of the responses that can take all of my money right now:

1. Princess Leia, Star Wars


I want a coming-of-age film. In all the comics and video games, she's shown as being super-rebellious, and even got KICKED OUT of the Alderaan equivalent of boarding school for spreading Anti-Empire, is there a more timely story to tell?


2. Valkyrie, Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios

There are so many options for a solo film. They could do a prequel about the All of the Valkyrie army fighting Hela in the past or something set in the present. Either way it would be amazing AF.


3. The Mauraders, Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

Everyone wants to know more about James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter when they were teenagers, without having to constantly rely on head canons. No one wants Newt Scamander...we want the marauders!



4. Haymitch Abernathy, The Hunger Games

Lionsgate Films

Specifically a film about his time during the 50th Hunger Games. The mention of his games in the Catching Fire novel was amazing, but unfortunately the story of his Games was not included in the films, and it would be amazing to see his story.


6. Dwight Schrute, The Office


He definitely deserves his own spin-off show. It could be a prequel to the show or an epilogue and either way it would be amazing. Get more backstory on his sister and brother, Mose, the farm, how he and Angela got together initially...all of the other things we love about Dwight.


7. The Aliens, Toy Story


The green guys who imprint on Mr. Potato Head deserve their own spin-off. My cousin mentioned this to me one day, and not to be dramatic, but it was the best idea I️ had ever heard.



9. Tom Riddle, Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

I want to see his descent into pure evil and his hunger for power spin out of control. I’m talking Hogwarts age and after. Seeing his planning of the horcruxes, creating them, his first kill. I want all of it.


10. Bucky Barnes, Captain America: Winter Solider

Marvel Studios

I mean his character is so complex and such a vital part of Captain America as a whole that a spinoff of only him and his perspective of the events in the Marvel universe would be an amazing addition.


11. Schmidt and Cece, New Girl


But also Winston, because he’s hilarious and amazing. I just want more New Girl where the focus is more on the three of them, and less on Jess and Nick. I’m really going to miss this show.



13. Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

Warner Bros.

Even though Margot Robbie has talked about one being made, she needs a movie that shows her abusive relationship with the Joker, and her New 52 and Rebirth relationship with Poison Ivy.


14. Rose Tyler, Dr. Who


I’m about ten years too late for this. She has always been by far my favorite companion from the modern Dr. Who series. She was so witty and fun, and there were so many other characters from her storyline that I loved too. I would watch the heck out of a Rose spin-off!


15. The Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter

Warner Bros.

Something that shows that the Marauders weren't the most important people in the war. Show me Marlene McKinnon, who's family was considered one of the best, but ended up dead all the same. Show me Dorcas Meadows, who was such a threat Voldemort killed her personally. Show me the Longbottoms, who were unbelievably well-respected as Aurors. Just something dark and gritty, I want something that shows the danger and fear and how everyone is affected.



16. Prince's Friends, Cinderella


I really like the idea of there being a Cinderella story from the point of view of the Prince’s friends. And they're like just some normal, smart guys who have to figure out how to find their friend’s true love because the Prince is stupid enough to think trying on a shoe will work. And then he teams up with a local girl who’s like “stop trying to make me put on this stupid shoe, I’m not the one” and they use common sense in a world run by fairytale stupidity to find Cinderella.


17. Storm, X-Men

20th Century Fox

She's got a badass backstory which the movies play down WAY too much. She's a proud African living in America, who's figured out a way to uphold her culture whilst living in a country where she's a double minority (Black AND Mutant). She performs her roles as mother, wife, queen and X-men leader with such finesse it's too sexy to ignore! As a Black African woman, Storm taught me that I don't have choose between a family and a successful career.


18. Forrest Gump and his son, Forrest Gump

Paramout Pictures

This might be an unpopular suggestion, but I would love to see the relationship grow. Especially as his son gets older and goes through similar experiences as his father had.



20. Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls


Liza Weil (who played Paris) originally auditioned for Rory's part, which she did not get, but the producers liked her so much they created the part of Paris just for her. She always stole the show for me.



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