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    • Morganlizzy

      I’m sorry did you read the article? Literally the first sentence says people of all gender identities can be sexually harassed. The first damn sentence. The article uses gender neutral terms throughout, because we all acknowledge that men and women and everything in between can be sexually assaulted. You took it upon yourself to assume it was just about women, even though multiple men (such as Terry Crews) have used #metoo to talk about their own experiences with sexual assault. Yes #metoo is mostly fronted by women because women do face it more often, but not once in this article did it say “women are assaulted” “men are pigs who sexually assault and leer at women,” or anything along those lines. It told people what not to do to avoid sexual harassment and assault in the work place and outside settings. And just because people can be imprisoned for rape now and we’re ahead of where we were in the 1920’s doesn’t mean we’re in a good place. A lot of work needs to be done in regards to sexual harassment and assault regarding all genders (including transgender and non binary individuals) because it is so prevalent in work environments. That was the whole point of this article. Not to call men pigs and to attack them or tell them they can’t look at or “accidentally brush against” women. It’s a PSA to all individuals to respect boundaries and not sexually harass people by doing things some people deem as okay in the workplace.

    • Morganlizzy

      Okay y’all I’m going to throw out a theory for you about Ariel. She can’t write. She’s not literate. “But she signs the contract!” You say? Yeah she signed her name. You learn how to spell and write your name in like kindergarten, doesn’t mean you know how to read and write. She obviously didn’t read through that contract, so maybe she can’t write out “hey dude I’m the magical voice you heard but an octopus lady took it from me so that I could explore the land with my new legs because I’m actually a mermaid.” The real question about the Little Mermaid is not why she didn’t write it out, by why didn’t she use charades or some shit? Communicate with pictures? She had a lot of options, but I also want to throw out something else about the movie. It’s for children. 3-8 year old children do not think of the logistics of these movies as we do. I think we all need to sit back and reflect on the fact that we are critically questioning children’s movie.

    • Morganlizzy

      Oh for fucks same move on! Like seriously no one cares if you’re stuck on shipping Larry, but stop denying that his baby isn’t real???? Do you know how difficult it is for him regarding his child, specifically that he had to fight to see him, but he’s also got to deal with crazy people saying the baby isn’t real? Even if Larry was real at some point, it’s over. Move on, just like Harry and Louis have. And stop trying to act like his baby is a gay coverup. Harry has acknowledged he isn’t straight and his sexuality doesn’t have a label, so don’t you think he would have acknowledged by now if by some miracle he and Louis were dating? They aren’t under Modest Management so they wouldn’t face backlash, so there’s nothing stopping them. Except the fact that THEY AREN’T TOGETHER. God damn.

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