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    27 Summer Beauty Products That Actually Do What They Say They Will

    Before and after photos that'll prove they're keepers.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Essence Lash Princess Mascara volumizes lashes beyond belief. Even if you don't wear as much makeup in the summer, you still want your lashes to be lifted and curled to the heavens.

    reviewer before and after using mascara

    2. Glossier Ultralip adds gloss and shine to lips with the perfect hint of color. Achieve a "your lips but better" look all while hydrating them post sunbathing.

    3. Denman Hair Brush cuts down styling time and also helps brush through knotty post-ocean hair without the pain. The evenly spaced bristles will keep curls nicely defined and bouncy.

    4. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay works wonders on hair and skin when mixed with apple cider vinegar. Utilize it as a hair mask, bath soak, foot soak, and even on those pesky bug bites you can get from sitting around the bonfire on the chilly summer nights.

    5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream infuses skin with shea butter and calms with oatmeal so any flaking skin (AKA that sunburn from Miami), can stop, well — flaking. This is thicker than your typical face cream in case that lightweight one you currently own just isn't cutting it.

    6. Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 works to repair damaged hair to a ~like-new~ state. It starts at the cuticle to strengthen and smooth hair so if it's a bit crispy from a lot of sun exposure, you can give it new life again.

    7. Zombie Face Masks minimize enlarged pores and fine lines after just minutes on the skin (15 to be exact)! Invite your pals over for a summer slumber party and go face mask crazy. (Who's bringing the wine?)

    8. Avarelle Acne Patches vanish breakouts overnight. We all know the feeling of sunscreen breakouts (no thank you), so these will be your secret weapon.

    9. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner features a waterproof formula that doesn't budge even through sweaty workout sessions and trips to the pool. A winged liner that lasts all day in the summer heat? Magic.

    reviewer showing before and after a workout class wearing eyeliner

    10. NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel works as the perfect topcoat after you fill in your brows with your favorite pomade or pencil. This will ensure they don't take one step out of place. This is great to tame brows before a trip to the beach!

    11. Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer soothes and smoothes pores so your makeup will have the perfect base for application. This will also feel great on sunburned skin with it's green tea extract.

    picture of the primer's smooth silky texture on skin, then a picture of it blended into skin,  making pores invisible

    12. Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant gently exfoliates skin and impurities — like blackheads and large pores — without the harshness that mass market exfoliators provide (ouch). This will come in handy when that weeks-old tan needs to finally be exfoliated off. Bye-bye Bora Bora bronze.

    13. Elizabeth Mott Eyeshadow Primer extends the longevity of your eye makeup with a few swipes before application. This also makes shadows more opaque and less patchy so if you're headed to a summer wedding, you don't have to worry about your eye makeup melting off before the reception.

    Reviewer's before pic at 7 am and after pic at 5 pm showing little eyeshadow smudging and fading

    14. She Is Bomb Collection Edge Control assists with smoothing and laying your edges (if you want to!) so you can rock top knots all day, every day — and in the summer, top-knots are a must!

    15. Maybelline Concealer conceals dark circles with ease. Simply swipe, pat, and set with your fave powder to look like you didn't stay up all night at the pool party last night...

    Model's before/after pic using the concealer to cover up dark circles and brighten up under the eyes

    16. Grande Cosmetics' Lash Serum promotes lash growth so you can ditch the makeup this summer since your lashes will already look bomb on their own.

    A before/after of a reviewer's lashes, looking much fuller and longer after

    17. Cuvée Beauty Daily Dose Set brings hair back to life with its champagne-infused shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it smell super good, but it's great for adding hydration back into color treated hair (bleaching babes this is for you). Everything you need for travel is in this lineup!

    18. Peripera Lip Stain for that "I just ate a Popsicle" flush that'll last all day. It'll even stay on after eating — so this is perf for barbecues!

    19. Fanola Purple Shampoo brightens and maintains blonde tresses without having to shell out big bucks for toning appointments at the salon. Doing a lot of pool swimming? Invest in this shampoo, you won't be sorry.

    reviewer before and after photo using shampoo

    20. John Frieda Hot Brush supplies salon-status hair without the hefty price tag you can get slammed with at the salon. This'll style dry *and* wet hair and its ~ionic technology~ tames frizz and adds shine at the same time so when you step out the door for your next summer date, you won't worry about your hair immediately frizzing.

    21. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color supplies hair with rich, saturated color while simultaneously conditioning. It even works on dark hair (!!!) so you can spice up your summer tresses for something more fun!

    22. Teddie Organics Rose Water Toner Spray calms the skin while diminishing redness and excess oil. This will breathe new life into the skin especially post unwanted sunburns.

    reviewer before and after photo using toner spray

    23. L'Oreal Voluminous Primer Mascara goes on white and adds additional fibers to lengthen and thicken lashes so you're new summer makeup routine will consist of lash primer and mascara...and nothing else. (If you've been saying you want lash extensions, this is your inexpensive solution.)

    24. OPI Nail Strengthener prevents nail breakage so you can live stress-free knowing that your summer mani won't be flaking off before that two week mark. Or if you're forgoing nail appointments altogether this summer, its wheat protein and calcium formula will have them strong and unbreakable by fall.

    25. Razor Bump Solution helps heal ingrown hairs, rashes, and razor burns from consistent shaving and bikini waxes. Keep this on hand after your next Brazilian — you won't be sorry.

    Before/after pic of reviewer's armpits with significant razor burn and bumps. The after photo shows smooth skin with no bumps or irritation.

    26. Argan Oil Thermal Spray protects hair before heat tools and also doubles as a leave-in conditioning serum. So whether you're letting your hair air dry and want to avoid frizz, or are getting ready to use that blowout brush, your hair will stay smooth and protected.

    Reviewer's before/after pic using the thermal spray. The after pic shows sleek shiny hair after styling.

    27. Dry Shampoo Powder rejuvenates second and third day hair, especially if you've been spending a ton of time outside and it's getting a bit greasy. If the humidity is taking a toll on the longevity of that recent blowout, pop some of this in for taming.

    Reviewer's before/after pic using the powder on their bangs, which shows less shiny/greasy hair

    Your beauty routine just got a summer upgrade.