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    34 Popular Products That’ll Make You Sing, “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of”

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A trio of intense rescue shots that are like the hair equivalent of an elixir shot at a juice bar. They have Pro-Vitamin B5, strengthening lipids, and natural glycerin that'll bring your dry hair back to life.

    Two hair shots on a bathroom counter leaning against a tile wall
    @pantene / Via

    Get a pack of three on Amazon Canada for $4.97.

    2. A handy AeroPress device that uses total immersion and pressure to make rich coffee and espresso shots, so you can be your own barista in the great outdoors. It takes less than a minute to press coffee, and can make up to four cups at a time.

    A person using an Aeropress in their kitchen
    Amazon / Via

    One BuzzFeed writer says that it's great for when you have limited resources (like on camping adventures).

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $51.99. Also available with a tote.

    3. A classic Carhartt beanie that'll keep your noggin warm during fall and winter walks. You can adjust the fold to give you even more coverage on your ears when it gets frosty out.

    Several hats on a wood bench
    @carhartt_europe / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $17.99+. Available in 15 colours.

    4. A segmented to-do list notepad that'll help you breakdown every task you need to tackle for the day. It has space for your water intake, appointments, and health and fitness goals, too.

    The to-do list notepad surrounded by sticky notes, pencils, and paperclips
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $16.99.

    5. A pair of platform Air Force 1s if you love the classic style, but want a few extra inches. Reviewers say they look great with every outfit, even fancier dresses.

    Nike / Via

    Get them from Nike for $140. Available in three colours and women’s sizes 5-12.

    6. A pancake batter mixer that'll make whipping up flapjacks so easy that you'll probably make them for every meal (no shame in that!). All you do is add your ingredients, throw in the BlenderBall, and shake it up to mix everything together.

    Amazon / Via

    The device also has a spout lid, so you can draw out shapes with your batter.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $23.99.

    7. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has killer sound quality and can withstand even the snowiest and rainiest conditions. This small, but mighty gadget the perfect companion for camping trips and outdoor adventures.

    The speaker taking a dunk in a pool of water
    Amazon / Via

    It can run for ten hours on single charge.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $129.99. Available in 13 colours.

    8. A liquid eyeliner pen from Rare Beauty that'll help you achieve a cat eye that's sharp as a knife (thanks, Selena). It'll stay put all day long, so you won't have to worry about one wing magically vanishing while you're out and about.

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    I wear liquid eyeliner every single day (yes, even in quarantine), so I consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to this stuff. I find most liners fade or bleed throughout the day, but this one definitely does not. The felt tip makes it a cinch to apply, so you can achieve a wing in one easy swoop.

    Get it from Sephora Canada for $25.

    9. A six-pack of slideable webcam covers to make sure no one is spying on you while you're studying (or watching a Real Housewives marathon at 3 a.m., which is important in its own way). They're super slim, so your computer will still be able to close properly.

    A laptop and tablet with webcam covers on them
    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of six on Amazon Canada for $11.99.

    10. A set of crisper inserts that'll extend the life of your produce, so you'll never be stuck with a soggy salad. They'll suction right to the walls of your drawers, so they won't eat up valuable veggie real estate.

    A crisper inset on the wall of  fridge drawer
    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of two on Amazon Canada for $22.09. Also available in a version without suction cups.

    11. A pack of bumble bee string lights that'll illuminate your space and look cute doing it. The cord is totally flexible, so you can wind it around planters, windows, pictures, or anything else in your home.

    Simons / Via

    Get it from Simons for $12.

    12. An adhesive slidable tracker that'll remind you to feed your four-legged friend(s). It’s pretty much a must-have for anyone who shares dog duties with a partner or roommate.

    The slidable tracker next to a lightswitch
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon for $9.95. There's also a version for cats.

    13. A floral tapestry that'll give your room a some serious garden vibes, without giving you the responsibility of becoming a plant parent. You can also use it as a table cloth, if your dining room sitch is looking a little lacklustre.

    The tapestry above a bed
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $24.99. Available in two sizes and three colours.

    14. A Nintendo Switch Lite that'll provide hours upon hours of fun, so you'll never be bored again. It's small enough to pop in your bag, so you can take it with you on road trips and cottage adventures.

    A person holding the Nintendo Switch in front of plants
    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    I love playing games, but I find a lot of handheld systems too bulky for my liking. This model is great because it doesn’t have joy-cons that slide off like the original and is a little less weighty, making it easier to tote around. It’ll also save you a bit of money (it’s over $100 less than the Nintendo Switch!).

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $259.96. Available in four colours.

    15. An electric milk frother to make all your espresso-based beverages look and taste like they've been crafted by a seasoned barista. Flat milk? Leave that for the peasants.

    A person pouring foamy milk from the frother into a mug of coffee
    Amazon / Via

    It runs on two AA batteries (included), but you may want to give them the gift of backup batteries if you're feeling extra generous.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $59.99.

    16. A pair of classic black leggings from Nike that are great for gym sessions, running errands, and everything in between. Reviewers say they wick sweat like a dream, so you won't leave your workout drenched.

    Nike / Via

    Get them from Nike for $110. Available in four colours and sizes XS-2XL.

    17. A bottle of Sally Hansen cuticle gel that'll break down your dehydrated cuticles in a mere 15 seconds, so you won't have to go at them with a trimmer. It's packed with moisturizing aloe and chamomile, and is also great for softening callouses, if your foot file just isn't doing it for you.

    A person holding a bottle of instant cuticle remover
    @sallyhansenca / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $7.97.

    18. A pair of classic Keds that'll give any outfit a pop of colour. They have cushioned insoles, so you'll be able to wear them for hours on end, without getting achy.

    A person wearing Keds with jeans on a lawn
    @keds / Via

    Get them from Keds for $60. Available in six colours and women's sizes 5—11.

    19. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that'll make cleaning up messes in hard-to-reach places a lot easier. They're more flexible than the OG Magic Eraser, meaning you can get them into tinier nooks and crannies.

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    They're great for messes in microwaves, stoves, bathrooms, and pretty much everywhere else in your home. I recently dyed my hair and, because I'm messy, got splotches all over my sink, floor, and walls. You know what helped me get rid of all those unwanted marks? One of these babies.

    Get a pack of eight on Amazon Canada $3.97. Also available in a pack of 16 sheets.

    20. A pair of Revlon facial razors that you can use to shape your brows, shave away fine hairs, and smooth your skin. If your peach fuzz drives you crazy on the daily, this may be the answer to your prayers.

    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of two on Amazon Canada for $6.38.

    21. A double-sided dishwasher magnet that'll tell you the state of what's inside, so you won't even have to exert any energy opening the door (just remember to flip it).

    The dishwasher magnet on the front of a dishwasher
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $11.19.

    22. A set of wallet-sized pastel highlighters that'll fit easily into smaller pockets and pencil cases. As an added bonus, they won't dry out, even if you leave their caps off for hours.

    A person holding a highlighter above several other highlighters on a table
    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of six on Amazon Canada for $13.95. Also available in a pack of eight.

    23. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that's infused with bamboo extract, moringa seed oil, and argan oil to strengthen your locks and minimize frizz. It's thicker than most hair serums, and delivers hydrating results with just a few pumps.

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    When I bleached my hair, it was completely busted. It broke every time I brushed it and basically looked like one of those tumbleweeds you see in an old western movie every time I blowdried it — until I found this. It's thicker than most oils (a bit lighter than the consistency of gel) and combs through hair like a dream. It packs in moisture like nobody's business and also smells freaking amazing.

    Get it from Sephora Canada for $20.

    24. A jar of Lindt dark chocolate spread that's like Nutella, but even more indulgent. You'll want to put it on everything from toast to ice cream, or, ya know, just eat it with a spoon.

    A piece of toast covered in Lindt chocolate spread next to the jar
    Amazon / Via Lindt Dark Chocolate Spread

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $7.99.

    25. A set of rainbow travel flatware, so that you can jump on the low-waste bandwagon and finally stop asking for single-use versions when you order takeout. It comes with a handy lil' case, so you won't get stray bits of food all over the bottom of your bag.

    Rainbow travel flatware in its case
    Amazon / Via

    The set is made of stainless steel and includes a spoon, fork, knife, straight straw, bent straw, straw cleaner, and a pair of chopsticks.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $16.99+. Available in seven colours.

    26. A bottle of moisturizing skin therapy oil that's infused with good-for-you ingredients like cocoa butter, argan oil, retinol, and vitamin C. It has over 4,700 positive reviews and people say it's significantly lightened the colour of their acne scars.

    A bottle of skin therapy oil resting on a rose
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $10.97.

    27. This foam mattress topper, if you want to upgrade the bed you already have, instead of splurging on a whole new sleeping situation. It's packed with temperature-regulating gel beads that'll keep you from overheating in the middle of the night.

    A mattress topper on a mattress next to a nightstand
    Amazon / Via http:////

    It has over 18,000 positive reviews and people say it's huge a lifesaver if you're currently dealing with a too-firm mattress.

    Get it in queen size on Amazon Canada for $124.99. Available in two thicknesses and sizes twin-California king.

    28. A pack of drain-cleaning and deodorizing sticks that'll blast through clogs and keep your pipes in tip-top shape. Reviewers say they're more effective than most traditional liquid drain cleaners and leave their bathrooms smelling great, too.

    Amazon / Via, Green Gobbler / Via

    Get a pack of 12 on Amazon Canada for $12.99.

    29. A bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H2O, a micellar water that's formulated for sensitive skin and will get rid of dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out your pores. Reviewers say that it's especially great for removing eyeliner and mascara because it's so gentle.

    A person holding the bottle of cleanser and pouring it onto a cotton pad
    @biodermausa / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.90.

    30. A pack of tie-free shoelaces that'll transform your favourite sneakers into slip-ons. Reviewers say they make shoes super easy to slide on and off, and won't loosen when you break into a sprint.

    A person wearing running shoes with the tie-free laces in them
    @xpandlaces / Via

    Some colours are reflective, which is great if you like running or jogging at night.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $12.99. Available in 33 colours.

    31. A rose gold tassel lanyard wristlet that you can wear like a bracelet or clip to your belt loop. Reviewers love that it's strong enough to hold keys, fobs, and AirPods all at once.

    A person holding the lanyard key chain with keys on it
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $12.99. Available in three colours, two styles, and in a pack of two.

    32. A mini power scrubber that's basically an electric toothbrush for all your home cleaning needs. Reviewers say it's great for scrubbing gunk out of grout and tiles, and is even awesome for shining tarnished jewelry.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    One BuzzFeed writer says it also busts through soap-scum buildup like a dream. It comes with a one-inch scrubber head, and you can purchase a backup or a half-inch scrubber head to get into smaller nooks and crannies, separately.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.99.

    33. A strawberry-flavoured Softlips lip balm that's infused with argan, beeswax, and mukul to moisturize and soften your lips. Its colour adjusts with your body's natural pH levels, so you'll always be rocking your perfect shade.

    A person holding up a tube of the lip balm
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $4.99. Also available in an unscented version.

    34. And finally, a set of face-cleansing pads that will gently brush impurities out of your pores with their little silicone fronds. Reviewers love how gentle they are and say they can even be used to clean makeup brushes.

    A person holding one of the silicone pads
    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of four on Amazon Canada for $7.99.

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