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    31 Just Plain Useful Things That Seem Boring, But Are Probably Life-Changing

    TBH, sometimes boring is best.

    1. A silicone dish-drying mat with a textured pattern that’ll keep your glassware ventilated so it’ll actually dry, instead of just fogging up. It's totally heat resistant, so it can serve double duty as a trivet or spoon rest.

    Cutlery and two glasses on the silicone mat

    2. A five-pack of dual-ended scraping tools that'll help you scrub away glue, rust, and caked-on dust. They're hard on messes, but won't scratch the surfaces you use them on.

    A person using both ends of the tool to clean dust out of a window frame

    3. A pair of plantar fasciitis therapy socks that have extra padding to support your arches, ankles, heels, and Achilles tendons to relieve pain and discomfort. The compression design will also help to improve blood flow and alleviate any swelling.

    A person sitting on a yoga mat pulling on the compression socks

    4. A Bissell handheld vacuum designed specifically for sucking up pet hair and messes. Reviewers say that they even use it to remove fur and fluff from their clothing because it's way more effective than a lint roller.

    5. A pack of felt furniture pads that'll save your precious floors from getting scratched up. They'll also help buffer noises, so your downstairs neighbours won't hate you for moving around your tables and chairs in the middle of the night.

    A person sticking a felt pad onto the bottom of a chair leg

    6. A pack of non-stick grill mats that'll save food from sticking to your barbeque or oven rack. They're double-sided, so you can get away with using them a couple of times before they need a good wipe down.

    A person pulling a sheet of buns out of a toaster oven, the sheet is lined with a grill mat

    7. A multi-purpose duster that'll help you remove every last particle of dust from your home, without damaging your stuff. The tapered head will help you get into the tiniest nooks and crannies of your apartment, leaving every inch of your place sparkling.

    A person using the duster to clean a bookshelf

    8. An ultra-thin USB charging hub that's slim enough to tuck behind your couch or bedframe. It has two ports, so you can power up two of your gadgets at once.

    9. A genius door doodad that'll prop your washing machine open enough to let air circulate, so that mould and mildew can't build up inside your washer's rubber gasket. Reviewers say that it's way better than leaving the door wide open because it saves space (essential if your laundry appliances are in a high-traffic area of your home).

    A washing machine doodad propping open the machine's door

    10. An acrylic makeup organizer that'll keep your most-used makeup products, beauty tools, and baubles from cluttering up your countertop. Because it has an open-top design, your holy grail products will be easy to see and snatch (unlike if they were hidden away in drawers).

    Several brushes, beauty products, and pieces of jewelry inside of the organizer

    11. A set of cupcake liners, so that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without buying anything wrappers. They're also great for whipping up individual omelets and egg bites, if you like prepping your breakfasts in advance.

    Several cupcake liners with muffins inside of them

    12. A massive grouting sponge with rounded edges that'll help you get into the crevices between your tiles. It's super absorbent, so you won't have to keep returning to your faucet to dampen it.

    A person scrubbing their tiles with the grout sponge

    13. A cutlery drainer with a closed base that'll keep your kitchen counter from getting covered in a sea of dishwater. It has special slots for knives that'll save you from accidentally nicking yourself on your drying blades.

    Several forks, knives, and spoons inside the cutlery dryer on a counter

    14. A tiny car pocket that'll clip right to your air vent, giving you a bit of extra storage space. Not only will it keep your essentials in arms reach, but it'll save you from filling your cupholders with miscellaneous doodads.

    Sunglasses and a phone in the pocket

    15. A kitchen scrap bin that clips right to your countertop, making it easy to discard your crumbs and compostables. It comes with a brush scraper tool, so you can effortlessly sweep away messes without getting your hands dirty.

    A person dumping salad scraps into the bin with the scraper

    16. An energy-saving vent extender that'll redirect air from under your furniture, so all that precious warm or cool air doesn't stay trapped under your couch. Reviewers love that it's barely visible, so it doesn't mess with their home decor vibes.

    The vent extender underneath a leather chair

    17. A hidden toilet brush holder that'll hook behind your tank, keeping it out of sight and clearing up space on your bathroom floor. Reviewers love that it isn't an eyesore (like most toilet brushes), but still super accessible.

    The toilet brush hidden behind a toilet tank

    18. A pack of mess-free slow cooker liners, so that you won't have to clean your entire appliance every time you make soup or stew. They're super durable and won't break, even when you're making a huge batch of something.

    Two slow cooker bags with different dips in them

    19. An identity theft roller stamp that'll keep prying eyes away from your important information. If you don't have a shredder, this is the most efficient way to block out your name, address, and numbers on documents before you toss them.

    A person using the roller on a DHL invoice

    20. A pair of heavy-duty furniture straps that'll ensure everything stays where it should. Whether you've got rambunctious kids or are just a little clumsy on your feet, these are sure to come in handy.

    21. A container lid organizer for all your food storage stuff, so that no bottom is ever without a top. It comes with five adjustable dividers, so you can give each style of lid its own home.

    Several lids inside the organizer

    22. A set of handy push hooks that'll make your hand and dish towels easier to store (and grab). Thanks to their peel-and-stick backings, you won't even need to bust out a screwdriver to install them.

    23. A set of classic Lodge pan scrapers that'll easily scrub hardened-on bits of food off your cookware, so you're not tempted to continue cooking with a dirty pan. Reviewers love that they can use them while pans are still hot and don't have to worry about them melting.

    24. A trio of recycling bags that'll help you sort your trash before you take it out. They connect together with Velcro bands, and you can easily pull them apart when they're full enough to take to the curb.

    Three recycling bags under a counter

    25. A pair of counter gap fillers that'll block stray bits of food from falling into your kitchen's most unreachable nooks and crannies. Now you won't have to struggle with your broom to try and get that half-cooked piece of penne out from next to the stove.

    A person trimming the gap filler

    26. A petite wi-fi range extender that'll make browsing easy, no matter where you are in your house. Now your internet won't cut out the next time you're trying to watch Netflix in bed.

    A wi-fi extender plugged into a wall

    27. A no-spill snack cup that'll stop your toddler from flinging their food everywhere. It collapses, so you making it easier to store than other containers.

    28. A colour-safe precision stain stick, so that you never have to leave your house wearing a splotch-covered shirt again. The tip has little gel nubs that'll help massage in the product, ensuring it soaks deep into fabric fibres.

    A stain-removing gel stick

    29. A pair of durable cut-resistant gloves that'll keep your digits intact while you prep ingredients. It has grippy tips and palms, making food easy to hold while you slice and dice.

    A person wearing the glove and cutting a lemon

    30. A trio of silicone cord-organizing clips that'll stick right to your desk, so none of your important wires ever go MIA. The adhesive works on all smooth surfaces, so you can apply them pretty much anywhere (you'll probably want one beside your bed, too).

    A cord-organizing clip holding four cords

    31. A set of crisper inserts that'll extend the life of your produce, so you'll never be stuck with a soggy salad. They'll suction right to the walls of your drawers, so they won't eat up valuable veggie real estate.

    A crisper inset on the wall of  fridge drawer

    You to every item on this list:

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