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    You'll Be Bitter You've Been Drinking Coffee Without The AeroPress For So Long

    This gadget will brew delicious American or espresso coffee in a few minutes!

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    Does the mere thought of drinking coffee make you giddy with excitement?


    V relatable.

    Well do I have some news for you. This gadget is called the AeroPress and it's a fave amongst coffee obsessives for whipping up 1–3 cups of coffee when your resources are limited (like when you're camping or if you work somewhere with terrible office coffee).

    But what are all those pieces?!?! Working from the top right, we have the funnel; coffee scoop; stirrer; chamber, seal, filter cap, and plunger assembled together; and the filter holder.

    And did I mention that it's phthalate- and BPA-free?! Yes, girl.

    So here's how it works: You assemble the parts with two scoops of ground coffee inside the chamber, put it on top of a mug, pour in some hot water, let it sit for 20–30 seconds, and presssssss.,

    This works for a double espresso or 10 oz. cup of American coffee. But I am no barista. I am merely an EXTREMELY casual civilian whom LOVES a strong cup of coffee. You can check out some very detailed instructions on the actual product listing — and there's a cottage industry of YouTube videos instructing how to create the perfect cup using the system.

    If you think it seems like a lot of trouble, check out the 8,000+ customer reviews from self-professed coffee snobs and start drinking the sweet caffeination of AeroPress devotees.,

    "I'm a total coffee snob. I buy the right beans, use only tested methods to brew my coffee (using Bialetti exclusively for years now) and think Starbucks is subpar coffee. I learned about this from Tim Ferriss, an internationally know biohacker. He recommended it so I took a chance. IF YOU LOVE DEEP, RICH, NON-BITTER coffee then look no further. It's for those satisfied with 1–2 8 oz. cups of delicious brew to sip on, not the Venti drinkers who gulp it down. This is like a fine liquor that you sip and enjoy. You can use regular ground beans too. No special grind or beans. It's super easy to clean. Yes, super easy." —Knesebeck

    "I use this at work and when camping. I use high-quality espresso bean coffee (ground just before making a shot) and then add hot water to make a caffè Americano. Very good! I have a $2,000 professional espresso machine at home and a $600 grinder. I'm a bit of a coffee snob. So, if I think it's very good, it is. Is it identical to a shot from my home machine? No. But considering it comes from plastic and hot water, it's amazing. And FAR better than the total *crap* coffee they have at work and the crappy drip stuff I've tried while camping. I HIGHLY recommend this! And thanks to the guys over at Flying Rhino Coffee for suggesting it!" —Tim Eckel

    "After reading reviews I somewhat skeptically bought this for my backpacking trip. I was wary, and did not fully believe how this item could produce such good coffee. Well call me a convert. I love this. I now take it with me to any hotel I travel to. It's so much better than those terrible little coffeemakers they supply you in the room. SO simple, it makes no sense that it is so good, but it is. Scoop in a couple of tablespoonfuls of ground coffee, add water, mix once with a spoon, press the water through, and bingo. Delicious coffee. When backpacking I add Sweetened Condensed Milk 200g - Handy Travel Tube and it's practically better than my home espresso maker. I'm a coffee snob. This passes with flying colors." —Amazon Addict

    "I have used both stovetop espresso makers and French presses, not to mention my good old reliable percolator over the past 60 years, but this thing beats all. I've been drinking coffee since I was 12 years old and am a bit of a snob, but doctor's orders are decaf now. This thing makes my decaf taste fantastic! I can only imagine what it could do with the real thing." —Mamaiguana

    For some, it won't replace an expensive home espresso machine, but it's lightweight and the next best thing to use while camping or backpacking!,

    "This might make some of the best, fastest coffee I have ever had. I visited my cousin in Alaska and she used one EVERY day for her coffee, and I was intrigued by the fact that she used it religiously. When I left, I forgot completely about it until it was time to take this camping trip, randomly found it on Amazon while searching for camping kettles, and I am so glad I did. It is super compact, durable, and easy to use. You can have a real quick cup in 30 seconds, or you can wait a couple minutes and let the flavors meld, the choice is yours." —Gordon Leonard

    "We bring this camping because it's so small and light. Everyone else is making nasty instant and we sit down and watch the sunrise with the same great coffee we get at home. I'm not supposed to have coffee as it gives me some riotous heart palpitations, but I CAN'T STOP WITH THIS THING. It's so good! So my husband makes coffee and then I sneak it when he turns around. Bad for my health, good for my soul. MMMMMM STOP READING THIS ORDER IT AND MAKE SOME COFFEE." —Nikki Trost

    "Bought this as a gift. I have one I travel with that I've owned since 2011. I have a second that I camp, hunt, fish, hike with, whatever the great outdoors requires. One of the best flavors from coffee you will ever taste. Makes even ground can coffee sitting on the shelf for a year taste drinkable. Weighs nothing, takes up little space. If you carry some fresh grounds, all you need is hot water and a solid cup anywhere you go. I find the finer the grind the better the taste." —Scott C.

    Grab one for yourself from Amazon for $29.95 and a replacement pack of 350 filters for $4.95 while you're at it.

    Now that you understand *why* folks love the AeroPress....


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