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29 Awesome Coffee Products You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

Just a fuck ton of coffee stuff.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about that one product that makes their coffee life better. Here are their energizing recommendations:

1. This Espro travel mug for on-the-go French pressing.

"I'm a graduate student and drink at least two cups of coffee a day. I have an Espro travel press (it's a travel French press!) and it's AMAZING. Instead of using K-cups, I just bring a jar of my ground coffee and sugar mixed together, add a few spoonfuls to the bottom, add hot water, let it brew, and then press. The coffee is so good and each cup feels like a luxury. It was worth every penny." —Tricia Goldberg, Facebook

Price: $29

2. These coffee joulies so you can cool your coffee down to the perfect temperature.

"I hate when my coffee is too hot so I always use my coffee joules. They are steel coffee beans that you put in your coffee and they soften inside, somehow cooling the coffee to the perfect temp and keeping it that way for a lot longer than usual." —buzzfeedunicorn1

Price: $67


3. This Hario coffee carafe that will get you addicted to cold brew.

"I recently received a cold brew coffee maker for my birthday. I grind the coffee, load it into the filter, and let it sit in my fridge overnight. The coffee I get the next morning is so much more flavorful than anything I've ever brewed in my regular old coffee pot. I'm addicted." —Sarah Nichole Loiselle, Facebook

Price: $22


10. The Contigo travel mug so you'll never spill coffee in your bag again.

"They seriously keep my coffee hot for, like, five or six hours. Sometimes it's even still warm if I drink it on the way home from work, which is usually an eight-nine hour day." —Alexandra Boyer Coffey, Facebook

Price: $13


12. The Aeropress for quick and easy espresso-style coffee.

"I discovered the Aeropress this year and am basically an evangelist now. It's easy, quick, and efficient for making one or two cups and running out of the house without a) having to make a big pot that'll get cold and stale or b) using a Keurig, Verismo, or other one-cup maker that makes only half-decent coffee at best. I'd gone through a lot of the aforementioned options, getting tasteless, not-so-cheap results." —Emily Ambash, Facebook

Price: $30


20. This Bodum vacuum coffee maker that extracts all precious oils of your favorite coffee.

"A vacuum pot... seriously the best you’ll ever have... better than French press... better than Chemex... It has the flavor extraction of a French press without the fine grounds in the bottom." —aaronrodriguez23

Price: $64

22. This Breville grinder/brewer combo so each cup is made from fresh grounds.

"It’s a coffee maker and grinder in one. It grinds fresh beans for each pot or cup of coffee. It will make the coffee in an insulated carafe or directly into a mug. It’s not cheap, but definitely worth it!" —Christina K

Price: $279


28. This Bodum stainless-steel travel mug that can brew coffee or tea.

"A sturdy travel mug. Personally, I prefer Bodum's stainless-steel travel mugs. I've had mine for almost a decade now, and it's still in perfect condition, plus it keeps coffee hot for so many hours." —Joe Purcell, Facebook

Price: $23

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